IBRV (Novel) Chapter 111

C 111

"Do you want a cigarette? Oh my God... you're only ten years old!

Since cigarettes are not made with very good leaves, Laurent took me in his arms and moved me away from him.

Don't worry... because it doesn't cause any harm to a "normal person." Still, there were many mistakes.

He replied politely and quietly.

At that gentle tone, Laurent's sharp eyes slightly softened.

"She's an amazing person."

After some conversations with Laurent, who was very cautious, she was able to be released like that.

... Please be careful next time.

Of course.

She bowed her head once again and then turned around.

"Where have I smelled this scent before?"

I must have smelled it somewhere, but I couldn't remember because I was dizzy from the smells coming from all over the market.

My lady, are you not hurt anywhere?

No, I just fell a little...

Where does it hurt?

I'm fine.

The two gentlemen, pale, looked at me worriedly.

I'm sorry, it was my negligence.

No, it's okay. On the contrary, I'm sorry. If I hadn't stopped suddenly and done something else...

Miss, this is our fault. The young lady is free to do as she pleases, but since we came here as escorts, we can't take our eyes off her.

Laurent said firmly. I felt strange when he said it wasn't my fault.

"I've always been the one apologizing."

Whether it was my fault or not, I was the one apologizing.

I didn't want to cause a big problem, and when I talked to my family, it always seemed like the problem was with me.

You can do anything, my lady. You're still very young and at an age where you're curious about the world.

I often have thoughts that start with "what if?"

If "Cha Miso," not "Eirin," had parents like that, or friends, family, or acquaintances like that...

If I had just one of all the people Eirin had, would I be happy?

Regardless of rank, responsibility falls on adults, not children.

Laurent said affectionately.


All I could do was calm down and nod.

After Laurent made sure everything was okay, we returned to the pet shop.

The two gentlemen now widened their eyes and began to distrust their surroundings, and Laurent began to walk while holding my hand.

"I feel embarrassed..."

Apart from my physical age, thinking about my mental age made me embarrassed.

However, it didn't feel bad.

After buying a gift for my father, I now visit the shop to look for a pet that can heal Chronos Etham.

The large shop was located on a very large plot of land.

Overall, it was much cleaner than I had thought, and the areas were divided, so the animals ran comfortably.

"... Can I really leave him like this?"

Won't he run away?

Except for the very large enclosures in each area, all the animals played in harmony with each other.

Not only that, I couldn't see any of them properly, and my hair fluttered among the wild animals in all directions.


Ah, yes.

Take your time to look around our store, play with the little ones, and if there's one you like, we'll go through the adoption process. Even if it's an abandoned animal, we receive a small distribution fee in the hope that it will be raised responsibly. For those who have difficulty raising these little ones, we also sell them to the general public.

Ah... is that so?

Yes, but you must not touch them carelessly. The security barrier is watching, so you can't secretly touch them.

The waiter said, pointing to the stones flying around everywhere. I nodded.

If there's a little one you like, of course, I'll give you time to get to know it, so don't hesitate to tell me!

I understand.

I nodded and started to look around slowly.

It was full of strange animals, including cats, dogs, and rabbits. But what caught my attention more than them was another creature.



Is it a black tiger? Its appearance resembles that of a black tiger. When I slightly lifted the black tiger doll I had brought and compared it, the shape and appearance were exactly the same.

"Ah, that child is a child that was given by a merchant who said he brought it by mistake... it's a rare animal called 'Ark.'"


"Yes, I heard that when they grow up, they're as big as an adult man, and they say they live deep in the monster forest..."

He shrugged.

"In fact, there's no proper ecological report..."

"I see..."


He looks incredibly cute while tilting his head. I stood in front of him and looked at the child for a long time.

The child jumped, turned in front of me, and started rubbing its face against my leg.

"He has a very nice personality."

"Whoa... how amazing."


"He tries to bite everyone who comes... In fact, I gave up on adoption."

He bites them? Oh my, how cute is he right now?

I looked at Ark for a moment, then turned around while licking my lips.

"Because I can't take you without permission..."

"Kwaung! Auu! Auuu!"

I worried about the sound of crying that seemed to be calling me sadly, but decided to look around a bit more.

I had been looking at dogs and cats without a problem, but I saw some very unique little ones.

Without realizing it, I stopped walking.

A cat, a dog, and even two rabbits were huddled together and playing with each other.


"You only see very unique children. Haha.

Isn't it a very strange combination? They've been together since they were little, and these children have become especially close. Even if one of them leaves for a short time, they get sick.


"In the past, a cat was adopted, but the adopted cat collapsed and got sick, and the rest of the children cried until they were hoarse, so they finally returned it."

As I watched, I thought that, after all, this was also a form of family.

Although they don't share race or blood, there are families in the world who risk their lives for them.

Even animals.

"There are many people in the world who are worse than animals."

As I thought about it, I slowly approached the four of them.

As I approached, the little ones shivered and their bodies stiffened. Then, they began to look at me with a cautious expression.



The slightly larger dog blocked the way and started growling.

It was soft, tender, and looked like a glutinous rice cake. I laughed and stretched out my hand, and the puppy opened its mouth.

It was very cute, as if it had just started growing teeth.

"It's fierce to anyone but me, so you can't touch it.

Yes, but I want to adopt it.

... Ah, as I said...

Yes, then I'll adopt all four of them together.

At my words, the employee's eyes widened.

All four together?

I couldn't believe the voice I asked again.

Yes, it's good that they are so friendly because they are a family for a somewhat dry person. And I shouldn't separate the family.

If you have about four fluffy little ones, Uncle Chronos will become a bit softer.

Although he looked like that, his heart was weak in important places, so I could see a future where he would take care of them well despite complaining.

In exchange for all of you going together, should they accept my uncle as a friend?


When I didn't touch him, the puppy tilted his head. The corners of his mouth were released.

"I've wanted to raise a pet since before."

There were times when I wanted to fill my loneliness there. I also needed someone to share blind affection with.

My situation wasn't very good, so I could never bring it up. As an uninvited guest, I couldn't choose anything.

"If I bring it up to Uncle Chronos, I'll have to go play often."

I smiled and pointed to the children. When I reached out, a cat stealthily approached me and licked my finger.

"What, are you acting cute?"

He's cute.

"I'll take them."

Ah, I see. I'll prepare the children soon, put them in cages, and bring them to you!


It was the moment I nodded and turned around.


Before I knew it, the black tiger from earlier jumped over the fence dividing the area and was rolling in front of me.

Kwaung! Auuu!

The guy who had been rolling, showing his belly, cried pathetically.

I didn't get permission from my dad...

Uncle Chronos could take care of it, but I still needed my father's permission.

"Of course, I'm the matriarch of the family..."

Can I act on my own?

"Do you want to raise this child? Matriarch... No, miss."

After hesitating for a moment, Laurent knelt down and made eye contact with me.

... Yes.

"Then you can do it. Because you can do anything."

What if dad hates animals?

You don't know how much my father hated animals in my other world.

When I was young, when I brought a stray cat for a while because I felt sorry for it, he threw it outside and scolded me.

"I know my dad isn't like that, but..."

He won't throw this child in front of me like he did with the cat.

"But I think he might quietly inject poison without spreading rumors."


It seemed that even if he didn't throw it away, he could silently kill it.

"If you ask him if you can raise it, he will surely allow it without thinking."

Is that so?

"Can I just take one more picture? I'll keep it for myself."

Laurent, who pulled out a photo stone before I realized it, clasped his hands together.

As I nodded, Laurent quickly took a couple of pictures and put them away.

"But what if he kills it quietly?"

Ah... oh....

Laurent also opened his mouth with a bewildered look, perhaps not expecting me to say such a thing.

"If he kills it secretly... tell him he won't see the duke in the future..."

Then he won't kill it?

You could designate it as an imperial protected creature.

Somehow, I think it's possible.

After hesitating for a while, I nodded. I didn't want to leave the child who was being cute.

"My lady, I've placed the little ones in the cage."

An employee approached and handed me a large cage.

The four of them huddled together, looking at me from the cage. They were calm, not making any fuss, as if they knew they were going together.

Yes, can I take this child too?

I said, holding the black tiger.

Of course, I was worried that he wouldn't follow people well and couldn't make friends.

The employee smiled and said. I nodded, and he reached out to me.

"I'll put him in the cage, my lady."

No, it's okay. I'll take him like this.

This child somehow didn't seem to want to go into the cage.

When I handed Laurent my slightly thinner black tiger wallet, Laurent paid the price.

Returning to the mansion with a group of children in my arms, I let Adam, who had to report, enter first and headed to Chronos Etham's room with Easter and Laurent.

Looking at the tightly closed door, I took a deep breath.

"Shhh, quiet."

As I pressed my lips with my index finger and said, Laurent clenched his fists and nodded.

Laurent opened the door slightly, and Easter opened the cage door and carefully let the animals into the room, one by one.

"Children, you must stick to my uncle. Understand?"

When I clenched my fists and whispered a bit, the little ones jumped and ran into the room, as if they understood.

"Hey, what's this! Who dares to enter my room...?! Remove these things right now!"

With a scream-like sound, I silently closed the door and looked at the two of them.


"Yes, miss."

He replied with a mischievous smile. The corners of his mouth were curved as if he were enjoying my mischief.



I clenched my fists when I met his eyes.

"Let's run!"

As soon as I finished speaking, there was a dull noise from inside the room.

"Damn it, Eirin... Ethaaam!"

As soon as Chronos Etham opened the door, we ran into the room.

"What kind of accident did you cause again...?!"

When I turned my head slightly, Chronos Etham, with a cat, two rabbits, and a dog hanging from his shoulders, head to crotch of his pants, was following me.

"It's time to heal, Uncle Third! Make them grow beautifully!"

"Will you not stop?!"

Chronos Etham looked at me, clenched his teeth, and began to run down the hallway.

"Come closer, my lady."

Easter quickly took me in his arms.

Then he began to run as fast as he could.

"... He, he's very fast!"

"You have to be fast enough to escape."

That's right.

"Laurent, how can you follow us so calmly...?"

"Do not underestimate my 10 years of service, matriarch."

The two of them leaped like swift cheetahs. I looked over Easter's shoulder at Chronos Etham...

He stopped halfway due to his weak physical endurance, clung to the railing, and panted.

"He needs physical training."

I arrived safely in my room as I watched the weak eyes of Chronos Etham who had stopped.

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