TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 455

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Chapter 455 

Raon suddenly got up and approached the window

"Lord Glenn. How did you..."

Glenn didn't respond. After glancing around the room, he flicked his finger, indicating for Raon to follow.

"I understand."

Raon bowed his head, put on his outer coat, which he had taken off, and headed for the door.


Wrath appeared in front of the door and swung his chubby fist.

Didn't you promise the King of Essence that you wouldn't do anything today and go to bed early?

He frowned, asking him to keep his promise.

'I'm sorry, but...'

Raon grabbed Wrath's fluffy head and shook his head.

'If I don't go now, I might not be able to eat for a long time. Do you want to eat Nadine bread for the rest of your life?'

Na, Nadine bread?

Wrath looked out the window and trembled his lips.

Right! That old man only eats Naden bread! What are you doing? Follow him right away! Don't eat the bread if he gives it to you!

He shouted that she must hurry and follow him, not looking pleased.

'Okay, okay.'

Raon smiled faintly and quietly left the annex building.

Glenn, with his hands on his back, was looking at the garden, then slowly turned his gaze. His eyes seemed a little different from when he was sitting on the throne in the audience chamber.

"Follow me."

He left these words and stepped onto the lake behind the annex building. It looked like he was walking towards Mount Bukmangsan, his steps light as if he were walking on solid ground.

'What is this?

It's silent. 

Unlike Glenn, Raon was confident in walking on water, but floating without any ripples like Glenn was beyond his capability

'How did he do that?'

Glenn was not a person who moved without intention. He carefully considered his movements because they also served as a form of teaching.

'Is it the flow?'

Glenn's toes formed the same flow as the lake that had stopped. It seemed that he had harmonized his own energy with the flow of this small lake.

'Come to think of it...'

Both Glenn and Rekhtar mentioned that everyone has their own flow in the world

Just as wind has its flow and water has its flow, they advised to understand these flows well.

It seemed that Glenn was showing him how to use that flow directly.

'He's really kind.'

Thinking as Yua said, Glenn might be a more kinder (gentle) person than expected, closing his eyes as if in contemplation.

He followed Glenn's footsteps, which seemed to blend in with the water.


Although she couldn't completely erase the ripples, the disturbance in the water was significantly reduced compared to the beginning.

Glenn watched this from outside the lake and then moved again. He turned his back in the open space at the entrance of Mount Bukmangsan.

"I greet the lord..."

"You don't need to greet me every time you see me."

Glen raised his hand slowly, closing and opening his eyes leisurely. His fingertips trembled like moonlight in his calm eyes.

"I came because there's something I couldn't give you."

"There's something you couldn't give..."

"You rescued the Warring Steel division and the hostages who were kidnapped by the Black Tower, exposed the crimes of the White Lotus division leader, and captured the warriors of the White Whale and extracted information."

Glenn continued in a calm tone, as if he had no emotions.

"Considering all that, a single golden plate is too little."

He continued in a dispassionate tone, as if speaking on behalf of others who advised him to give additional rewards for what she had accomplishe.

"Um, may I speak?"

Raon bit his lip lightly and bowed to Glenn.


"The rescue of hostages was not solely the work of me and the Light Wind division. If the Warring Steel division hadn't held in the barrier, not a single person would have been saved."

Glen remained silent, indicating for him to continue.

"It might sound presumptuous, but I would appreciate it if you could allocate the reward you give me to the Warring Steel division. They have elevated Zieghart's name, and they are the true warriors who can continue to raise it in the future. I want to help them stand firm quickly."

He expressed what he had wanted to say since his time in the audience chamber.


Glenn looked at him intently and then lifted the corner of his mouth. His lips seemed to tremble delicately.

"You don't have to worry about the Warring Steel division. I've already given them a worthy reward."


"I gave them elixirs that can heal their wounds, make their bodies and energy center stronger, and martial arts books that can take them further. They will become even stronger without you worrying about them."


Raon blushed and lowered his head. Glenn, whom he thought wouldn't care, seemed to be looking at something even farther away.

"I'm sorry! I was too presumptuous..."

"It's okay."

Glenn spoke in a blunt voice. However, unlike his voice, the coldness that had been in his eyes seemed to have subsided a bit.

"How far have you learned the Sky Sword?"

"I barely learned the basics."

Raon shook his head. He had read the swordsmanship book many times, but he couldn't say that he had learned the swordsmanship.

"Did you not use it when facing the Black Tower or the White Whale guys?"

"I thought it would be stupid to use a swordsmanship that I hadn't mastered properly, so I only used my existing swordsmanship."

"I see."

Glenn stroked his beard as if to say that was right. His voice seemed to have softened a little.

"The reward I will give you isn't that significant. Starting from midnight until the day you face Ayad, I will teach you the Sky Sword for an hour."


Raon was speechless and opened his mouth wide.

'Not so great?'

To receive the guidance of a transcendent who is closest to the continent's best, it was a great opportunity that could never be obtained even if you poured out money.

However, there was one thing that bothered him.

"Didn't you suggest postponing the swordsmanship training until Sir Rekhtar returns?"

"The situation has changed. And..."

Glenn turned around and smiled, lifting his chin as if to say that the absence of Sword Demon here was not his concern and it was his fault for not being here.

Whatever the case…

'It's a good thing for me.

Raon nodded and drew out his sword.

"Show me the Sky Sword that you drew after reading the martial arts book."


After taking a deep breath, he focused on the perfection of each move of the Sky Sword rather than speed or power.

"It's just a shell."

Glenn looked disappointed, narrowing his eyes.

"Up to now, the swordsmanship you've learned may have been effective to some extent with just the basics, but Sky Sword is different."

He slowly raised his right hand as if he was bored. With his index finger extended, he pointed to the sky.


Glenn's hand looked like a sword. His index finger, sharper than any famous sword made by the continent's craftsmen, drew a line in the dark sky without a moon.

The clouds parted, revealing the crimson moon resembling Glenn's eyes. It was an overwhelming sight that left one speechless even when witnessed up close.

"The martial arts of ascension have their own methods of operation. If you only focus on the clean moves, it's better to just learn basic swordsmanship for the rest of your life."

Glenn explained while unfolding the Sky Sword with a leisurely gesture. The sky and the earth seemed to roar in response. This space was under Glenn's control.

"As I mentioned before, there are laws with different flows and essences in the world."


Raon nodded as he recalled the underwater walking that Glenn had shown him earlier.

"The essence of the Sky Sword lies in dominating the sky and earth through the swordsmanship you've accumulated."

As Glenn's hand descended, the formidable aura filled with a chilling sharpness vanished as if washed away by water.

"Can you do it?"


He gripped his sword tightly with trembling hands. It wasn't because it was difficult or scary. His heart began to pound wildly with the expectation of being able to go further.

"Of course I can."

Raon raised his eyes with a glowing sparkle, smiling.

"I'll follow you even if it costs my life."

* * *

Advance chapters: 

For Indonesian: 

In the medical department of the Zieghart headquarters.

Ayad, lying alone in the sickroom, chewed his lips while staring at the ceiling.

"Damn it..."

How did things turn out this way?

He didn't do a single thing on the mission, was attacked by Merlin and injured, and was investigated by the Heavenly Blade division leader because of Raon's snitching.

While the White Lotus division executives stepped forward to clarify that they had never sacrificed their members, it became challenging to dismiss the issue due to the testimonies of ordinary members.

'That damn bastard!'

All of this is because of Raon Zieghart.

If he hadn't discovered the Black Tower's barrier and informed Glenn, this ridiculous situation wouldn't have occurred.


Ayad shook his clenched fist so hard that the bed he was lying on shook.

'I will never. I will never forgive him.'

He gritted his teeth, vowing to inflict a fatal injury on Raon, not just win the sword duel.

'But it's strange....'

What is that guy thinking?

His current skill level is right at the doorstep of grandmaster level.

He's different from those Raon has faced so far, and Ayad can't comprehend why he confidently challenged him to a sword duel.

'That, too, at the expense of himself....'

The fact that he challenged the sword duel by betting two golden plate shows that he’s confident in himself.

He's not an idiot.'

Raon Zieghart is no fool.

He’s a guy who is just as good at mocking and ridiculing his opponents as Rimmer. It was clear that he challenged the sword duel because he was confident he would win.

“What os he trying to do… Hmm?”

While Ayad was trying to guess what Raon was thinking, a dark shadow fell over his head.

“You, who are you….”


Without even sensing his presence, a masked man stood behind the bed, gesturing for silence by covering his mouth with a finger.

“We need to finish this before the return of the leader of the Heavenly Blade, so just answer. Nothing harmful will happen to you.”

It was a voice Ayad had heard before. There was no reason for a person skilled enough to hide their presence from the Heavenly Blade swordsmen to foolishly reveal their real voice. It was clear that the voice was intentionally made audible.

"You can't guarantee a definite victory against Raon Zieghart in your current state."

“What kind of bullshit is that….”

“I told you to just listen.”

The masked man shot a sharp glance as he placed a thin book and a vial on the bed.

“Wh, what is this….”

“It’s the wedge that will make you able to crush Raon for sure.”


Ayad licked his lips and picked up the book. It was written White Flawless Immaculate (백잠무결) (Baekjammugyeol) on the front.

"It is a martial art that amplifies your energy by more than 2 times in an instant. If you just use it, you will suffer internal injuries, but the Qingying Pill will protect your body.".

The masked man opened the vial. The refreshing scent of the elixir tickled his nose.

“Qingying Pill?”

It was one of the best elixirs for strengthening the mana circuit and energy center.

It was difficult to obtain, even with money. Ayad couldn't understand why it was given so generously.

“All you have to do is one thing. Break Raon Zieghart's energy center or cut off his right arm. With your strength, those two things are definitely possible, right?”

He looked down at him as if asking for an answer.

“Just for that, you’re giving me the Qingying Pill?”

“You’re more stupid than I thought. Raon Zieghart beating you is a different matter than before.”

A hint of mockery was in the masked man’s voice.

“Although Raon Zieghart has accomplished feats that are difficult at his age, his influence within the house is not significant. He didn't take the initiative and showed little interest in house affairs, only performing tasks. However…”

The cold chill bloomed in his sunken eyes.

“If Raon beats you, the situation will change. He challenged you to a sword duel for the sake of the White Lotus division ordinary members. If he wins, his influence within the house will become so much greater than before that even the executives will not be able to ignore him.”


Ayad swallowed his dry saliva as he listened to the masked man’s words. He was right. He had only been thinking about the guy’s confidence and had forgotten the most important thing.

“I understand why you don't want him dead.”

The masked man in front of him didn’t want to kill Raon, but to ruin him. So that no one other than the direct line members could rise to the top of the house.

“One more thing. The reason I came is….”

“I’m not a fool either.”


Ayad nodded without answering.

“Your master’s wishes will be fulfilled.”

“…I’ll believe it.”

Even though he said “master,” the masked man was not surprised.

As he nodded, a wind blew that made it impossible to open his eyes.

When he forced his eyelids open, the masked man was gone, and the window was slightly open.

“For now, I’ll follow your wishes. But….”

Ayad bit his lip as he gathered the book and elixir.

“I’ll make sure to get revenge for this.”

He had no intention of letting the masked man get away with this.

He would make sure that the masked man would pay for what he had done.

"From now on, you should worry about me, not Raon."

* * *

Raon pointed his sword at the sky.

A majestic wave surged through the tranquil lake, following the eerie energy entangled in the silvery blade.The lake's bottom split as the massive and robust sword aura resonated, causing water droplets to rise into the air.


As if responding to the flow of the sword, the water droplets that fluttered along the sword's edge rose up like a blue tornado and soared up to the dim night sky.

As Raon naturally twirled the sword as if dancing, the rising water droplets fell down as rain and formed the lake again.


The lake that had caused the waves settled down as if nothing had happened, quietly illuminating the world.


Raon sighed and lowered his sword.

It's not as easy as I thought."l'

Controlling the lake instead of dominating the sky with the Sky Sword was exhausting in itself. Expressing one's will in nature was not an easy task.


Raon turned his head and looked at Glenn, who was standing outside the lake.

He had a frown on his face and was covering his mouth with his right hand, as if he didn't like it.

'Is he disappointed?'

His expression was not good, as if he was disappointed in himself for not being able to properly unfold the Sky Sword even after two weeks.

However, unlike Raon's thoughts, Glenn was not disappointed at all.

Glenn was desperately trying to hold back the corners of his mouth that were rising as he looked at Raon, who had slumped his shoulders.

'Is that kid really a genius?'

No, the word genius can't even explain it!

The Sky Sword is a supreme sword art. Unlike other sword arts that only produce great effects by incorporating the secrets of martial arts, it is a true martial art that can only achieve its full power by blending into nature.

Even though Raon was expected to take years of training to climb the cliff, he managed to grasp it in just two weeks.

'It's fun to teach.'

Raon analyzes and calculates ten times what he is taught. I think I can understand why Rimmer didn't let him go and raised him.

'His personality is commendable too.'

If he had that much talent, it would be understandable if he became arrogant or lazy, but he was more diligent than a trainee.

He was sincere when required, warm when necessary—a combination of talent and personality that could excel anywhere, not solely because he was the grandson of the head of house Zieghart.

'I wonder if he'll reach at least the initial level when facing Ayad.'

Glenn nodded in satisfaction. He forced his flapping lips down and approached Raon.



Raon sighed briefly and lowered his head.

"What do you think about the sword duel that will take place in two weeks?"

"What do you mean by 'what do you think'...?"

"As expected, you don't know."

Glenn nodded his chin as he looked into Raon's eyes filled with questions.

You only thought about defeating Ayad and liberating the members who were harmed by him, right?"


Raon nodded awkwardly.

'There's one more thing, but...'

Thinking about Derus Robert and his past life prompted him to take action, but that was something he couldn't talk about.

"You're still young.”


"The most numerous members in Zieghart are ordinary swordsmen. While the executives wield the strongest influence, it's the non-executive swordsmen who shape public opinion."

Glenn continued speaking as he looked at the lake that was shining in the moonlight.

"You aimed your sword at Ayad, someone considered powerful for the sake of those ordinary individuals. If you win, what do you think will happen?"


“That's right. The chances of ordinary people becoming your strength increase. The peoole who have only cheered for you so far will start to follow you. In other words, you will gain influence within the house.”

He closed his eyes and slowly turned around.

“In the future, it will also affect Sylvia's promotion to the direct line, which you desired.”


Raon sighed. He thought there would be an impact, of course, but he didn't think Glenn would point it out to him directly. It seemed that he had done quite a big thing.

“That's why I have something to ask you. I asked you this question before.”

Glenn opened his eyes quietly. The emptiness that had been wrapped around his eyes melted away, and a strange heat filled the space.

“Is your path leading to the top of this house?”

Raon swallowed his dry saliva as he met Glenn's eyes, which seemed like he had never seen before.

“I am….”


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