TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 446

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

Chapter 446


Following Raon, the Light Wind swordsmen fell from the torn ceiling, and they immediately took their positions.

"Get into formation!"

Even though they felt the magic emanating from within the barrier, their expressions remained unchanged as they set up a protective fomation in front of the Warring Steel division swordsmen.

They had reached a high level of situation awareness and readiness.


Re ignited his mana with the flames of the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation and scoured the inside of the barrier.

'Is this the barrier within the icy surface?'

The sky darkened, and wicked mana seeped slowly from the ground. Concealing such a vast and sinister space beneath the icy surface was astonishing.

Using such high-level abilities for mere kidnapping, the people of the Black Tower were truly deranged.

'Is this guy Maryun?'

He saw the old man who had tried to cut Trevin's neck with his wheels.

He was as dry as a fallen tree branch in winter, but his eyes were fierce, and he was operating a magic that was eerily intense. From his shabby appearance and the weapon he was using, it was clear that he was Maryun, the floor master of Black Tower.

'So Binghyang is over there.'

A white-haired woman stood up behind the old man suspected to be Maryun.

She was a beautiful woman with a delicate and beautiful appearance like an elf, but her slit eyes made her look fierce.

She seemed to be at a higher level than Maryun, as she was wrapped in a thicker layer of magic.

'Both are stronger than Black Water.'

The information from the Shadow Agents was correct. Both Maryun and Binghyang had more powerful mana than Black Water.

Strangely, he didn't feel like he was going to lose to them. It wasn't confidence, but it just seemed natural to win.

"Wha, what are you...?"

Maryun stared blankly at the torn ceiling, then lowered his eyes.

"How the hell did you get here!"

He still couldn't believe it, his lips trembling.

"This doesn't make sense."

Binghyang also looked at Raon's face in surprise, stammering.

"Instead of breaking the barrier, finding this place should have been impossible."

Raon ignored Binghyang and Maryun's words and scanned the people behind them.

'Why are there....'

Are there ordinary people?

Right now, there were more ordinary people in this barrier than those from Black Tower and Warring Steel.

ItIt was clear that the Black Tower had kidnapped them (Warring Steel ), but it didn't make sense why they would bring people who had nothing to do with this.

"Ra, Raon. How did you get here...?"

Even Trevin, like the Black Tower magicians, was so surprised that his fingers trembled as he held his sword.

"This barrier is hidden beneath the icy surface."

"It doesn't matter, I'll come even if it's hidden in the demon realm."


His firm eyes flickered with excitement.

"Ra, Raon-nim."

The Warring Steel division swordsmen also realized that Raon was serious and bit their lips

"More importantly, division leader."

Raon looked at Trevin and the Warring Steel division members behind him and asked why there were ordinary people here.

"They're sacrifices."

Trevin wiped the blood from his lips with his sleeve and gritted his teeth.

"They were captured to be offered as sacrifices to maintain this barrier. And..."

He pointed at the collapsed ceiling, where the black currents, which had melted more than half due to the flames of the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation, swirled angrily.

"They tried to curse you by using the grudges emitted when people die."

"Human sacrifice, huh."

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at the concentrated mana (magic) filled with the curse of resentment.

'These are the same guys as Black Water.'

Do the Black Tower people only see others as sacrifices? Those who lived quietly had magic forced into them, Black Tower kidnapped people to feed them to drake, and then Maryun and Binghyang, who are creating a grudge curse, didn't seem any different. There was no need for conversation. They were all just trash that needed to be eliminated.

"So, you're Raon Zieghart."

Maryun revealed a sinister pupil like a snake.

"I don't know how you got here, but I'm glad you did. You saved me the trouble of looking for you."

He raised the corners of his mouth elongatedly, saying that his original goal had come to him.


Binghyang warned with a serious look at Raon.

"You know you're not supposed to kill him, right? We need to find out how he managed to locate the barrier. Keep him alive no matter what. I want to satisfy my curiosity."

She gestured to keep him alive so he could be captured and brought back.

"I know."

"I don't plan on letting you live."

Raon sneered at Maryun and Binghyang, raising Heavenly Drive.

"We don't need long talks, so let's get started."


Trevin grabbed Raon's shoulder when he tried to activate the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation's aura to its fullest extent.

"You can't act recklessly! This is a barrier made of magic, so we need to be careful!"

"I know."

"No, you don't. The magic flowing within the barrier consumes our strength and aura, and it's amplifying the magic power of the Black Tower magicians. If you move like you would outside the barrier, you will be exhausted in no time!"

Trevin frowned, saying that he couldn't fight properly because of the magic used in the barrier.

"You can't feel it even now? You're a lot more dull than I heard."

Maryun raised his two wheels with a confident face, as if he believed in the barrier.

"But it's too late now. You came to your own grave."

"Is that so?"

With a calm expression, Raon swung the Heavenly Drive sword he held in his hand.

'It doesn't feel like anything.'

Although he could feel that Trevin and the members of Warring Steel and Light Wind were being suppressed by the magic, it had no effect on him. On the contrary, he felt comfortable and his body felt light.

It would be strange if you were affected!

Wrath frowned and straightened his back.

You have the power of the three Demon Kings within you, so you wouldn't be affected by this kind of magic!

He shook his head, saying that magic attacks from demon king would be a different story, but this kind of magic from a barrier would have no effect.

This is all thanks to the King of Essence, so buy the King of Essence something delicious later!

'I will.'

You would definitely say no, but... Eek?

Wrath opened his mouth wide.

Y, you're really going to do it? Really?

'Yeah. I'll buy you a set of pearl ice cream when we get back.'

Raon had always intended to repay Wrath for helping him get into the barrier, so he had already decided to buy him some ice cream.

"Light Wind division."

Raon pushed Wrath away, who was clinging to him, and gestured to Light Wind division.

"I heard the magic in this barrier is poisonous. Can you fight?"

"We're perfectly fine!"

"Just give us the orders!"

The Light Wind members, unlike Raon, were affected by the magic, but they did not show it and raised their swords.

Their eyes were colder than ever after seeing the bodies of their comrades.

"Kill the magicians. Leave not a single one alive."


The Light Wind division members, with a roar that shook the barrier, charged towards the magicians.

Of course, Martha was the first to jump out.

"You worthless bastards! I'll tear your heads off!"

She could not contain her anger, and she unleashed a furious attack on the magicians with her sword.


Martha's sword, filled with madness, cleaved the heads of the magicians in half.

"Devilish bastards."

Burren clicked his tongue and created blue aura. The biting wind that bloomed like the wind blowing in the North Sea cut the bodies of the magicians who were holding the hostages diagonally.


Runaan  also looked like she was very angry, her lips tightly closed, and she wrapped a thick, blue frost around the blade of her sword.

The magicians who were touched by her sword were frozen stiff without a chance to defend themselves, becoming ice statues with grotesque expressions.

"Die! You trash!"

"You're worse than demons!"

"Don't leave a single one alive!"

The Light Wind swordsmen also followed their captains and unleashed a fierce swordsmanship with murderous intent dripping from their bodies. Although the number of magicians was greater, they were overwhelmed by the momentum and were killed helplessly.

"As I heard, you're indeed arrogant."

Maryun smiled even as he heard the screams of the magicians.

"But how long will that confidence last?"

He tilted his chin and fired two wheels. The wheels, which was curled up like a full moon, rushed forward with a terrifying sound of breaking air.


Raon looked at the wheels, which was spinning violently, with his sword Heavenly Drive hanging naturally.

'Speed, sharpness, precision, and that crazy rotating power.'

Just by looking at the wheels that was crashing down on his neck and chest, he could feel the tricks and power that were contained within it.


He swung down Fangs of Insanity sword technique at the opening of the wheel that was rushing forward. The red-stained fangs of the beast blocked the wheel's trajectory and lightly deflected its flow.


The second wheel that came towards him was aiming for his wrist like a living snake, but it was within his prediction range.

He twisted his wrist to the right and drew Heavenly Drive from bottom to top.


The second wheel also bounced off roughly with its rotation stopped.

"Is that all?"

Raon smiled mockingly as he shook off his wrist lightly.

"All this talk about the barrier and it's a disappointment?"

"Shut up!"

Maryun waved his hand, and the two wheels that had been buried in the floor and wall were caught in his hand like a thread was pulled.

"Your swordsmanship is quite impressive, but it ends here."

He exploded his magic with his teeth gritted. The blade of the white wheels turned black as if it had been painted with ink, and an astral energy of a different level emanated from it.

Looking at the wheels that become dark, it seemed that now was when Maryun was serious.


Maryun twisted the two wheels and shot them at incredible speed. The wheels's blades rotated so fast that they were barely visible, disappearing into the darkness.


In a fleeting moment, the number of wheels increased, and the field of view was filled with blackened wheels.

'Did he mix them?'

Raon calmed his mind and carefully examined the changes in the wheels.

'It seems like he added variable and illusion to it."

Maryun not only strengthened the power and rotation of the wheels he threw, but also added variable and illusion.

It was a technique with a different level of power and difficulty than the one he had shown before.


He could see it all.

Glenn and Rekhtar's teachings had already become flesh and blood, so he could see all of Maryun's martial arts.


Raon kicked the ground. He moved forward, crushing the ground that was boiling with magic.


Facing the wheels rushing for his neck, he thrust Fangs of Insanity sword technique. The claws of the frenzied beast, crazed with madness, ignored variable and illusions, breaking through Maryun's magic-infused wheels mercilessly.


The flow of magic created by Maryun was completely torn apart, and his weapon, the wheels, crumpled like a piece of paper and rolled on the ground.

"This, this is what!"

Maryun's mouth hung open in disbelief.

'How can he break through my Wheel ring art so easily...?'

He had never imagined that his ultimate technique, which was not just a thrown wheel but a wheel that exploded with magic, would be so easily blocked.

His power, speed, and accuracy of the swordsmanship seemed to be beyond human martial arts.

However, there was no time to admire Raon's martial arts. He was coming running with a fiery heat.

"Damn it!" 

Maryun cursed and backed away.

'I have no choice.'

He took out his cherished weapon he had kept with great care, Bright River Wheel. It was small in size, but its lethality and strength were not inferior to the famous swords made by the continent's best blacksmith.


He not only raised his magic, but also his latent power. The moment a dark flame rose from the tip of  Bright River Wheel, he fired it with all his might.


With a thunderous roar that seemed to split the world, Bright River Wheel flashed like the moonlight of a dark night.

The wheel of magic that covered the entire barrier was the last technique of Wheel ring art, the Golden Demon Wheel. It was a technique that had taken the power, speed, rotation, illusion, and variable to the extreme.


When the magic wave caused by Bright River Wheel tried to tear everything in the barrier apart, a red current rose in Raon's eyes.


Raon read the flow of Bright River Wheel through the ring of fire and swung Heavenly Drive.

The flames of the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation, which were raised to the extreme, rose on the silver blade that was advancing.


The heat that was heating the sword blade formed dozens of flower buds and bloomed.

Bloom. The petals of fire scattered on the wind. A spectacle unfolded like a red line connecting the constellations in the sky.

Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation: Hundred Flames.

Flame Spirit.

It was a beautiful and sharp of the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation technique, but it was different today.

Each petal that bloomed with heat danced as if it were alive and stood in front of the Bright River Wheel.


The fragments of heat and the wheel filled with magic collided countless times, shaking the entire barrier.


The Bright River Wheel shattered and fell, but the petals of flame spirit did not wilt and continued to dance freely in the air.

"Who are you!"

Maryun raised his bloodshot eyes and screamed. He spat black blood due to internal injuries, but he still cursed.

"How can you possess such incredible martial arts?"

He still couldn't believe the situation, gazing at the twisted Bright River Wheel.

Raon raised Heavenly Drive upwards. The fragments of heat gathered and rotated diagonally along the flow of the sword.

It looked as if he was smoothing the sky with a crimson blade.

"You don't deserve to know."

With those words, he lowered Heavenly Drive. The petals of flame spirit that touched the blade fell. Hundreds of forces poured down like a storm.

"Kuaaaaaah! This won't end like this!"

Maryun screamed and ignited his magic. A wall of magic thicker than when he fired the wheels rose.


The concentrated heat of flame spirit and magic collided, and a second explosion erupted, shaking the barrier as if it would break.

Like cherry blossoms after spring, the petals of flame spirit, which had once bloomed, rippled the red pool.

Maryun no longer existed, leaving only a pool of blood in the place where he had stood.

"Sir Ma-Maryun?"

"Could sir Maryun be defeated this easily…."

"This is absurd…."

The people couldn't hide their shock as they looked at Maryun's lifeless body with only his knees remaining.

Raon raised Heavenly Drive, and the sword, without a drop of blood on it, was pointed at Binghyang, who was biting her lips until they bled.



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