TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 447


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Chapter 447

Binghyang was speechless as she looked at the pool of blood that had once been Maryun.

'What have I just witnessed?'

Maryun had fought back in a panic, but his attacks were no match for Raon's. Raon had easily sliced through Maryun's spinning wheel, which was infused with powerful magic.

'He's much stronger than I thought.'

According to the information from the Tower, Raon's martial arts were at advanced master level, but he was now clearly at peak master level.


Even if Raon was peak master level, it didn't make sense that he could kill Maryun, who was also peak master level. Binghyang sensed that something was off about him.

'Damn it.'

She had been too confident in Maryun's abilities, so she had focused on restoring the barrier. She now regretted not joining forces with Maryun to try to stop Raon.

'This is going to be tough.'

She was stronger than Maryun, but not by much. She didn't have the confidence to withstand a single blow from Raon, who had just burned Maryun to ashes.

The only good news was that the barrier had been restored during Maryun's fight. But even that might not be enough to stop Raon, who was resistant to magic.


Binghyang bit her lip as she raised her eyes. The killing intent from Raon's sword was enough to send a chill down her spine. He looked like he was about to strike her down without hesitation, just as he had said he would.

'I need to find a way to weaken him... wait, what's that?'

As she gnawed on her lip and rolled her eyes, she saw the swirling magic in the air above her. The curse of resentment, which had been scattered all over the place when the barrier was restored, was now gathering again.

A lot of it had been burned up by the firestorm Raon had created when he entered the barrier, but fortunately, about half of it remained.

'That's it!'

This was the only thing she could think of to weaken Raon. Even if he was a peak master level, he would still be vulnerable to curses.

"Next? Your arrogance knows no bounds."

She put on a fake angry expression and unleashed the curse she had gathered on the ground.


The curse of resentment, which had been unleashed by the deaths of over a hundred humans, wrapped Raon in a black veil.

"That's it!"

Binghyang cheered and raised her hands.

'Now that he's stunned, I'll... wait, what?'

She was about to strangle Raon, who was pinned down by the curse, but his movements were strange.

"Wha, what is that?"

The curse she had gathered was being sucked into the hilt of the dagger he had drawn from his back.

"What is that dagger?"

The dagger was glowing with a bright yellow aura that was devouring the curse.

"I'm sorry, but your pathetic curse won't work."

Raon sliced through the curse Binghyang had unleashed and held the dagger upside down.

"Because I have a being with a deeper grudge than anyone else in the world by my side."

* * *

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For Indonesian: 

Raon smiled faintly as he looked down at the Blade of Requiem, which was ringing with a clear and melodious sound.

'I didn't expect it to move on its own.'

Of course, he knew that Binghyang was using a curse just a moment ago.

He was going to burn it directly so as not to harm the hostages or the wounded, but the  Blade of Requiem asked him to be drawn

The dagger seemed to know that the curse was born of resentment, and it gently raised its aura to absorb all the curses of resentment emitted by the dying people.

'Thank you.'

The Blade of Requiem must have been the first to come forward because it knew better than anyone about resentment and resentment.

He stroked the blade with gratitude and regret.

"Have I given you enough time?"

Raon raised Heavenly Drive and raised Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation's aura to the extreme. The blade was burning red with power, and Binghyang swallowed her dry saliva.

"I'll finish this now. I don't want to stay in this foul-smelling place any longer."

He drew a cold smile and stepped on the ground with Supreme Harmony steps. Rushing towards Binghyang while shattering the ground filled with curses and blood.

"Get lost!"

Binghyang retreated in surprise, despite the cold smile on her face. She used her cold energy to glide smoothly backward, moving at a speed nearly matching that the Supreme Harmony steps.

"Did you think I'd just stand there and take it?"

She made a face like a demon and stretched out her hand. A storm of cold air erupted from the center of her palm and wrapped around her body like a snake.


The energy was so fierce that it felt like it would tear the skin even with the protection of a master-level barrier. However, except for the stench of magic, Raon hardly felt any pain.

'As expected.'

Raon smiled and swung down Heavenly Drive he raised. The power of the flame from the blade easily cut through the cold air that Binghyang created.


The expression of Binghyang can be seen behind the torn cold air. When he saw her eyes, which showed only surprise and bewilderment, a smile naturally appeared on his face.

‘It was lacking a lot.'

Thanks to being plagued by Wrath and the curse of frost, he was confident in his cold resistance since he was a child.

He could easily withstand the breath of ice that Drake exhaled with all his might, and the storm of cold air that was barely operated was not even a problem.

He was a natural enemy to Binghyang, who used ice as her best weapon.

"This, this is not an ordinary cold, but how..."

Binghyang trembled as she muttered that it didn't make sense. Snowflakes fell from her fingertips and fell to the ground.

"Even if it’s not ordinary cold, it doesn’t matter. It’s still cold, after all.”

He drew a sneer and activated Supreme Harmony steps. In a moment, he dashed towards Binghyang as she continued to be bewildered.

"Damn it!"

Binghyang, who was clearly amazed, nevertheless had a quick reaction. She moved to the left while forming an ice wall in her path.


The red-hot power melted the icy wall created by Binghyang in an instant, but she had already retreated behind.


Binghyang, who did not even realize that her long hair was stuck to her face, took a series of rough breaths.

"Lounging around and just flicking your fingers, but your quick-witted appearance is nice."

Raon smiled as he extended Heavenly Drive and his left foot forward.

"I've seen enough, so let's end it now."

"The one who's going to end is you!"

As Raon stepped ground and a activated the Supreme Harmony steps, Binghyang screamed and reached out her hand.


The air trembled as if it had turned into a lake, and hundreds of ice-crafted weapons sprang forth, each filled with frigid energy. These icy weapons, like eyes, flew towards him, targeting vital points, including the throat and heart, with a force almost as powerful as a gale.

'Seems like she's not a complete idiot.'

As soon as she realized that the cold itself wouldn't affect Raon, she wrapped her magic around the icy weapons and threw them, adapting quickly to combat.


Still, it was futile

Raon drew a circle with Heavenly Drive like a windmill.


The more solid and sturdy Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation: Flame barrier smashed through the rushing icy weapons and moved forward.

Glenn and Rekhtar's lessons not only improved his new swordsmanship, but also his existing swordsmanship beyond recognition.The martial state itself remained the same, but the power he could wield was different from before.


After extinguishing the rain of cold blades like a fire, he rushed straight at Binghyang.

With the acceleration of Supreme Harmony steps and the ferocity of fangs of insanity, Raon swung Heavenly Drive.


Binghyang used a sliding footwork, but he had already figured out the flow after seeing it twice.

He followed her by twisting his ankle with the third step of the Supreme Harmony steps.

"This is ir."

"Not yet!"

As Raon tried to cut her neck, Binghyang put her hand on the ground. Of course, it was not a gesture of surrender.

From her fingertips, an immeasurable amount of cold and magic erupted, and a wave of frost rose up to reach the ground and the ceiling.

'Silver Frost Aurora?'

It was a similar way of operating as Wrath's technique, Silver Frost Aurora. Of course, the power was worlds apart.

'Are you trying to freeze me whole?''

It's a pointless act.

Raon chuckled and operated the heat of Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation in the same way as Binghyang.


A massive blaze, imbued with mana, melted the ground, extinguishing all the waves of cold that Binghyang had created.

"Ah, ah...."

Binghyang's eyes trembled within the white vapor, and she staggered backward. Her back seemed to touch the end of the barrier with a dull sound.

"You mentioned the vice-leader of Black Tower earlier."

Raon approached Binghyang and tilted his chin.

"Is he targeting me?"


Binghyang nodded with her lips bitten.

"Even if you survive here, you will eventually be killed by him... ."

"So be it."

Raon shrugged his shoulders, letting her think whatever she wanted.

"You bastard!"

Binghyang brought her hands together. A silvery radiance emanated from the center of her clasped palms. Cold energy and magic gathered and coalesced into a deep blue beam.

"It's your final struggle."

Raon calmly raised Heavenly Drive. A crimson heat line sprouted from the silver blade, creating a chilling aura.

Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation: Hundread Flames.

Crimson Slash.

One of the sharpest sword techniques in the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation, crimson slash cut through Binghyang's final attack.


The beam of cold and magic that was condensed was split apart, and the red line was drawn across the face of Binghyang, who was standing at the end.

"You, you will never...!"

Binghyang couldn't even utter her last words, and she fell in half.


Raon lightly shook off Heavenly Drive, which was still not stained with blood, and put it back in its sheath.

'I've definitely improved.'

Thanks to Glenn and Rekhtar's one-on-one lessons, his swordsmanship had changed dramatically.

He still hadn't reached the wall of Grandmaster, but he felt like he could defeat anyone at master  level.


"I know all these sword techniques, but I can't see the flow."

"What, what is it? Those two are the floor masters, right? Why did they die so easily?"

"Why doesn't that human stop growing...?"

The members of Light Wind division widened their eyes as they watched Raon effortlessly defeated the two floor masters.

"Ha, how long has it been since we saw each other in Habun City?"

Trevin was also so surprised that he couldn't close his open mouth.


"Is he really human?"

"He's crazy. I can't think of anything but that."

The members of Warring Steel division also looked at the situation in disbelief, shaking their heads in disbelief.

"Did... Did we survive? We're safe?"


"Thank you! Thank you so much."

The people who had been kidnapped by the Black Tower magicians collapsed and wept.

Raon bit his lip as he looked at the people who were shaking with their hands clasped together.

When he saw that innocent people had been brought in as sacrifices, he thought of his past life, and his heart ached.

He wanted to get them out of here as soon as possible.

"Everyone, gather here."

He waved his hand to call the Light Wind members, the Warring Steel members, and the hostages to the center.

"How do we get out? All the magicians are dead."

"You didn't leave a single one alive!"

"It's no use."

Burren, Marta amd Runaan shook their heads, saying that no Black Tower's magicians had survived.

"It's okay."

Raon smiled faintly as he inserted the  Blade of Requiem, which had been released, into the ground.

"This guy will devour all the magic forming the barrier."


Blood Cloud Blade felt someone shaking his shoulder and slowly opened his eyes.


In his blurry, white-tinged vision, he saw a man he never expected to be here.

"Why is sir Baekrang here?"

Baekrangdo, a senior executive at Baekgyeong, who was one level above him, was standing in front of him.

"Are you okay?"

"How did you get here?"

"He sent me."

Baekrangdo (백랑도) (White Wolf) frowned at the sight of Blood Cloud Blade's severed arm.

"The situation wasn't good, so he told me to go, but I didn't expect it to be this bad..."

He sighed, saying that he couldn't have predicted this situation.

"What happened? Your mission was to hide and observe the magicians that would come out of this place, right?"

"Y-yes, that's all it was, but there was a problem in the middle..."

"A problem?"

"Yes. Suddenly, Raon Zieghart appeared and..."

Blood Cloud Blade told Baekrangdo everything that had happened here.

"What the hell is wrong with that guy!"

Baekrangdo frowned, wondering if White Sword Dragon was such a fool.

"It's not the time to be angry. We need to leave for now."

"No, we can't leave like this."

"What? What do you mean?"

"Even if you were hiding in Zieghart's territory, it's too much to cut off your arm. The White Crane's pride is at stake. We can't leave like this!"

He shook his head, saying that it was no longer a matter between individuals, but between faction.

"They need to pay the price for cutting off your arm and threatening you."

"No, no!"

 Blood Cloud Blade shook his head frantically.

"That guy is just insane! Reasoning with him is impossible!"

He didn't mention that he had attacked first, but even if he had, Baekrangdo's attitude didn't seem to change.

"You have to listen to me."

Baekrangdo reached for his sword, seemingly ready to use force, and twisted the hilt in his belt.


Just as Blood Cloud Blade was about to beg him to leave, a bright yellow aura emanated from the center of the icy surface.


The cracked icy surface shook, the black dimension opened, and from within, blood-soaked swordsmen and ordinary-looking people came out.


Blood Cloud Blade stared at the Light Wind division members, his mouth agape.

'Did they really kill both Maryun and Binghyang?'

No magicians were visible, except for the swordsmen and ordinary people. It was absurd that they had come out after entering a barrier that was practically a hostile territory and killing the floor masters of Black Tower. He could only gasp for air.


Blood Cloud Blade found Raon and screamed when he met his dry eyes. They were heavier than when he entered, and he could barely look at them.

Baekrangdo turned his gaze when he heard Blood Cloud Blade's scream. He caught sight of a handsome swordsman with golden hair and red eyes.

'Is that Raon Zieghart?'

He was as beautiful as he could be, according to the information, but the sharp aura in his red eyes was more impressive than his appearance.

'I guess he's as powerful as the rumors say.'

Baekrangdo suppressed his urge to underestimate him, straightened his clothes, and approached Raon.

"Are you the White Sword Dragon?"

"That's right."

Raon nodded slightly, looking into Baekrangdo's eyes.

"I am Baekrangdo of White Crane. You are responsible for what you did to our people, and you must face the consequences."

Baekrangdo frowned, pointing to Blood Cloud Blade, whose arm had been cut off.

"Are you from White Crane?"

"That's right. It's not something you can just ignore if you cut off someone's arm, so I'm going to talk to Zieghart about it..."

"Then you should come with me too."

"What? Why should I follow you!"

"I need to understand how deeply you are involved in this incident. If you don't want to lose your arm as well..."

Raon looked at the White Crane's warriors who were still terrified, and bit his lip. His eyes sank to a chilling level.

"Just follow me."


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