TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 442

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Chapter 442

Raon ran down the road where the Warring Steel division was last seen, flicking his fingers

"They said the tracks suddenly disappeared on the road."

According to the information book that Chad had given him, the Warring Steel had stayed overnight in the Roylan village and then disappeared on their way back.

With a peak master level like Trevin and the entire Warring Steel vanishing without a trace, it became evident that some special power or artifact was involved.

"I need to figure out what it is, but..."

There was no answer for now.

Since the Warring Steel's disappearance was at dawn, there was too little information to solve the mystery.

Raon pursed his lips and frowned, lightly stroking his dry lips.

"Maryun and Binghyang."

The two floor masters of the Black Tower that the Shadow Agents had investigated were both called Maryun and Binghyang.

Maryun, contrary to his name, wields two pairs of wheels that give off a holy feeling, as bright as white light. However, if he uses more than 50% of his magical power, the color of the wheels turns a dark light like the deep sea, and it exerts a power that is different from the previous one.

On the other hand, Binghyang is said to handle the ice element as freely as her body, as is her name (Binghyang literal translation is Ice Fragrance/Essence). It is said that when she opens her true power, a fragrance comes from the cold, and those who smell it die before they can walk five steps.

"Both are higher-ranked than Black Water."

The hierarchy of the Black Tower was determined by which floor they belonged to, and both Maryun and Binghyang were known to be using higher floors than Black Water.

Since Maryun and Binghyang were both infamous for a long time, it would not have been difficult to subdue the Warring Steel. Perhaps even one of them could have annihilated the entire Warring Steel division.


No matter how formidable Maryun and Binghyang were, it was impossible for them to leave no traces and make the Warring Steel division disappear.

"Maybe one of them or both gained new abilities."

Even the elite intelligence officers of the Shadow Agents couldn't figure out how the Warring Steel division disappeared, so they needed to gather information quickly.

"I should start from here."

Raon simultaneously used Ring of Fire and Perception of the Snow Flower.

The resonating Ring of Fire and the Perception of the Snow Flower intertwined like gears, expanding his perception and range. Within the expanded sensory field, he felt numerous signs

In the thickets, the movements of small wild animals and insects could be sensed downstream, and in the snowy expanse above, it was eerily silent as if no one was present, except for the faint sound of animals hibernating underground.

Raon extended his perception range even further and clenched his fist.

'This is strange.'

His range had increased more than before.

The range of his perception had increased by more than 10% compared to before he returned to Zieghart. He didn't know why this happened, as he had only focused on swordsmanship training rather than mana training after returning.

In addition, there was no burden even though he was using his perception of the snow flower and footwork at full power. He felt like he could exert his full strength even if a battle broke out.

'Perhaps they didn't just teach me swordsmanship but also expanded my overall abilities.'

Glenn and Rekhtar seemed to have done more than simply teaching him swordsmanship. In just one week, he had achieved a significant feat.

To create such an achievement in just a week, they were not just the top swordsmen on the continent for nothing.


Even though his perception range had increased in range and sensitivity, he couldn't detect any traces of magic or battle.

Raon frowned and tapped the head of Wrath, who was sitting on his shoulder.


"Do you sense anything?"

There's nothing so far. However, even if the King of Essence knows, do you think the King of Essence will tell you that?

Wrath had a mocking expression and playfully waggled his tongue.

"Well, you're that kind of guy, after all."

Raon furrowed his brow and flicked away Wrath's tongue with his finger.

Ouch! The King of Essence's priceless tongue, the divine tongue!

Raon left Wrath alone and focused his mind on his perception again.

'Still, thanks to that guy, I did learn something.'

Raon thought that Wrath hadn't given any hints, but Wrath had mentioned that there was nothing until now. This implied that there was no need for investigation from the moment they entered the dimensional rifts up to now.

Raon looked at Wrath, who was licking his thick tongue and shedding tears, and smiled faintly.

'Wrath, you're quite generous with your information.'

* * *

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Raon and the Light Wind members arrived in Roylan Village without rest, which was the last place the Warring Steel was seen.

"Wow, what kind of village is this?"

Martha squinted at Roylan Village.

"Exactly, it's so inconsistent."

Burren agreed with Martha and nodded his head.

"High and low."

Runaan looked back and forth between the tall-roofed buildings in the north and the low-roofed ones.

In fact, it was natural for the members of the Light Wind to be surprised. Roylan was a medium-sized village, neither big nor small, and the architectural styles of the buildings on the upper and lower parts were drastically different due to the diverse climates in the north and central regions.

To anyone unfamiliar, it might seem like two villages from different regions had been forcibly merged.

"It's always so unique."

Raon entered Roylan Village, which hadn't changed a bit since he last saw it.

Inside the village, an eerie and busy atmosphere coexisted.

"You've arrived."

As they were about to inspect the village, a middle-aged man with black hair and a yellow garment adorned with small birds on the edge approached, bowing his head.

"I am Rozen, an external agent of the Shadow Agents."

He muttered quietly, but his attire and attitude made it clear, and since Raon had heard that there was someone willing to help from Chad, he nodded his head.

"I'm Raon Zieghart, Light Wind vice-division leader."

"It's an honor to meet you."

Rozen nodded with eyes that seemed to carry sincere gratitude.

"How is the situation?"

"It shouldn't be any different from the information you received earlier."

He had been scouring Roylan Village and its surroundings, but he sighed, saying that nothing had changed.

"I've searched every person in the village one by one and all the buildings, but I couldn't find anything unusual."

"Have the Black Tower's floor masters not been seen in this area?"

"Yes, no one has seen anyone wearing black robes."

The Black Towers were known for their distinctive black robes. Rozen confirmed that the Black Towers hadn't appeared in this area, shaking his head.

"Does that make sense?"

Martha furrowed her brow, scanning the village from side to side.

"Those Black Tower guys were spotted nearby too!"


Rozen nodded as if he already knew about Martha's temperament and wasn't surprised by her stern gaze.

"The last place the Warring Steel was seen isn't far from here, right?"

"That's correct."

"But is it reasonable that only the people in this village don't know?"

Martha, with determined and frustrated eyes, couldn't help but find it strange.

"Surely someone here must know. Let's try to find that person."

"How are we going to find them?"

Raon sighed and looked at Martha, who was tapping her finger.

“Why ask? Of course I’ll beat them up. There’s nothing that can’t be solved by beating them up!”

Martha shouted, proclaiming a phrase she had heard somewhere, while requesting permission.

“As expected.”

Runaan raised her thumb in praise as if complimenting Martha, but she lowered it, tilting it downward as she spoke.

"Such stupid thoughts are only possible for a demoness."

“You little!”


Martha and Runaan started fighting, kicking each other.

Raon shook his head and closed his eyes. He raised the perception of the snow flower to the maximum by drawing up his wrath. Feeling the sensation of his skin spreading through the air, he scratched for traces of the Warring Steel and the Black Tower throughout the village.

‘Still nothing.’

As Ruzen said, there was no trace of the Warring Steel or the Black Tower’s magic. Neither of them left any traces here.

Raon opened his eyes. Martha and Runaan were now wrestling with each other, gripping each other’s palms.


He shook his head after separating the two of them with his palms.

“It’s not a good way to gather information by beating people up because it’s urgent. It doesn’t seem like information will come out even if you beat them up.”



When he said that, the Light Wind members raised their confused gazes.

‘No, that’s what you’ve been doing all the time!’

‘Not just to enemies, but to us too!’

The Light Wind members opened their mouths wide as they recalled Raon’s past words and actions, but Raon didn’t care.

"Enough. We're going out again, so get ready."

Raon gestured to the Light Wind members and then approached Ruzen, who was behind them.

“Can you take me to the place where the Warring Steel’s last traces remain?”

“It’s a bit far from here, but is that okay?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Then let’s go right away.”

Ruzen nodded and stepped out of the village and started walking. His fighting ability didn’t look that great, but his footwork was as fast and leisurely as a master.

Following him, Raon opened his senses once again. He observed the flow of the wind, the movements of animals and people, and any discordant energies.

However, the forest and the snowfield were peaceful. In the end, he couldn’t find anything until Ruzen stopped walking.

“Here it is.”

Ruzen pointed ahead, breathing heavily. A small path veered off the main road, away from the frozen lake above and the sparkling sunlit lake below. The stark contrast between the two lakes was so striking that anyone who saw it would stop in awe.

“The Warring Steel’s traces last ended here. But…”

Ruzen was about to explain but then turned his gaze. Gray-clad swordsmen emerged on the path between the two lakes, the same path he had pointed to earlier.

Their eyes were as sharp and unyielding as finely honed blades, and the burning sword emblem engraved in reverse was present. They were the swordsmen from the White Lotus division, as Glenn had mentioned.

The White Lotus division was always on the outside due to the nature of the leader, so this was the first time he had met them since the raid of Eden branch.

Raon took a short sip as he looked at the swordsmen’s auras.

‘They are definitely strong.’ 

Perhaps due to their repeated battles and missions outside, White Lotus division was exhibited a strength and ferocity that surpassed the Warring Steel division.


They had lost many lives.

Not everyone can be a hero. Those who survive become stronger, but more swordsmen die from not being able to endure it, so the White Lotus division always requests a lot of new personnel. Among the swordsmen present, only one face seemed familiar to Raon.

"It's the White Lotus division."

"They're coming from that direction, too."

"Why are they glaring at us like that? Are they trying to start a fight?"

The Light Wind members also recognized the White Lotus division and responded with sardonic remarks.

"Light Wind? Why is the Light Wind squad here?"

"I heard they applied for additional support for this mission."

"Support? Where are they using them?"

"And they're not Light Wind squad anymore, they're Light Wind division."

"Oh, they got promoted, didn't they?"

The White Lotus division members also recognized the Light Wind division members, narrowing their eyes slightly. There was an air of hostility in their tone.

'What a waste of time.'

Raon sighed briefly and approached the White Lotus division members.

"Where is the leader of White Lotus division?"

"I wonder where he went?"

The member who appeared to be the one in charge blew a whistle and scratched his head

With little time to spare, Raon didn't want to engage in a pointless argument. However, it seemed that the White Lotus division members had no intention of avoiding it. They probably thought the Light Wind applied for this mission to steal their credit.


"Hey, you bastard!"

Suddenly, a string of curses burst out from behind. Of course, it was Martha.


The member in charge was so surprised that he was caught off guard and widened his eyes.

“Even though you know the Light Wind has been promoted, you provoke us like that? You'd better be prepared to die.”

Martha glared at the White Lotus division members with fierce eyes, as if she was about to pounce at any moment.

"Good job."

Runaan rarely gave Martha a genuine round of applause and nodded his head.

“That little rat-looking guy…”

“Let's tear his limbs off.”

"If you don't want to die, watch your mouth."

It wasn't just Martha and Runaan. The entire Light Wind members was glaring at the White Lotus members with eyes full of madness, as if they were about to tear them to pieces. They were about to charge at them if they said anything more.

"That's enough."

Raon would have let the Light Wind members handle it if it were any other time, but there was no time. He had to discuss with the White Lotus leader and move as soon as possible.

"Tell me. Where is he?"

Raon didn't need to raise his aura. The member in charge, who was intimidated by the madness of the Light Wind members, trembled and pointed to the lakeshore below.

Following his hand, he saw a tall man standing in the center of the White Lotus division swordsmen.

His shoulders were broad as a whale, and his jaw was angular. His appearance was reminiscent of a god from mythology, but his true power was his aura. A heavy aura that seemed to have taken root in him like a giant mountain pressed down on his entire body.

Raon did not use his aura. He simply bowed his head, bearing Ayad's aura with his will alone.

"I greet the White Lotus division leader."

"It's been a while, Light Wind vice-division leader."

Ayad nodded slowly. He did not express his dissatisfaction with not being able to monopolize the mission like the other White Lotus members, but from the dark look in his eyes, it was clear that he did not like him.

'Of course, they have no reason to welcome us.'

Now that he just needed to find the Warring Steel, he decided not to worry about it.

“There is no sign of Warring Steel beyond this point.”

He looked at the lakeshore and clicked his tongue.

“No traces of battle, and no bodies floating around the lake. It's strange. However, no matter what force acted, they wouldn't have been able to leave this Hopiren area. We have to search the entire area thoroughly. If the members move individually, we should be able to cover everything before dawn.”

He said this was the only way to find traces of Warring Steel in this land. Raon thought for a moment.

“First, you should go east from here. Starting from the entrance, check everything...”

“Sorry, but no, we can't.

Raon raised his head when Ayad tried to spread the map. At this point, sending people one by one was not a good idea, no matter how quickly they could find the traces. In this situation, he couldn't accept it because the sacrifice could be greater.


"What did you just say...?"

White Lotus members did not expect him to refuse right away, so they glanced at Ayad and trembled their lips.


Ayad slammed the half-unfolded map into a ball and straightened up. His gaze, which was as fierce as a north wind yet heavy, pressed down on the soul.

"Say it again. What did you just say?"

His gaze turned into a fierce aura that crushed Raon's shoulders. His skin felt sore as if a blade had been stabbed, but he stood in front of Ayad, pushing it away with the ring of fire.

"I told you I don't want to."

"It seems you've always liked saying you don't like things."

The confrontation between Raon's calm demeanor and Ayad's resolute stance began to create a deep disturbance in the previously serene lake.


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