TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 441

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Chapter 441

The members of the Light Wind division also knelt before Glenn and bowed their heads.

"We also request your permission."

They expressed their burning desire to participate in the search mission.


Glenn leaned back on the throne and tapped the armrest with his long fingers.

"It's full of danger, and there's no guarantee of returning. Are you still willing to go?

"It doesn't matter if it's dangerous or rewarding. It's just about doing what we have to do."

Raon, as he had mentioned earlier, emphasized that he didn't care about rewards or credit and just wanted to be sent on the mission.

"You're a bunch of fools. However..."

Glenn let out a sigh and nodded his head, a hint of a smile playing on his lips.

"At least... doing what needs to be done. I like that part."

There was a subtle coldness in his voice that seemed to pierce through.

"These days, there are many who either can't keep that promise or don't even know it."

Raon raised his head slightly.

'Will he finally let me?'

Unlike the beginning, Glenn's words and tone did not reveal any coldness. His words continued with confidence that they could undertake the search mission.

"Do you remember what I said when you returned?"


Raon narrowed his eyes and looked down. There was only one suitable response, as they discuss the current situation.

"The chaotic era has begun?"

"That's right."

Glenn nodded his chin calmly.

"Now is a time when more heavenly gates are open than ever in the history of the continent. With the doors of heaven open, it is natural for talents, geniuses, and monsters to emerge, so it is inevitable for a chaotic era to occur."

His voice continued in a plain tone, as if it had never been cold.

"In a chaotic era, many flowers won't even bloom properly; they will wither away. However, the flowers that bloom in that hell are the most splendid and beautiful. Are you prepared to nurture yourselves in this era?"

It seemed as if he was asking whether he could overcome any difficult situation.

"Of course."


Raon nodded, and the entire Light Wind division members roared, close to shouting, causing the dust on the ceiling of the audience chamber fell.

"Good answer."

Glenn nodded with his fist on his chin.

"The mission is not set in stone. The fate of the Light Wind division depends on your judgment, so always keep a cool head."


"When you receive information from the master of Shadow Agents, depart immediately. Even if the disappearance was just last night, time is not on our side."

He waved his hand as if to tell them to leave and prepare.

"Thank you."

"We will not disappoint you!"

Raon and the Light Wind division members  bowed their heads again, stood up, and turned their backs. They left the audience chamber without looking back.


Roenn smiled faintly as he looked at the door that Raon and the Light Wind division members had left.

"It feels like they have grown significantly, not only in terms of strength but also in terms of their minds."

"Hmph, they still have a long way to go."

Glenn shook his head with a pout.

"There's a mountain of things I still need to teach."

"Of course, you'll have to teach them a lot."

Roenn nodded as if it was natural.

"However, I'm just worried about the Warring Steel division. They've gone missing."

He frowned as he thought of Warring Steel, who had gone missing.

"If those kids arrive on time, they'll be able to save them. But…"

Glenn rubbed his chin and his eyes darkened.

"Is it true that the Black Tower's floor master has appeared?"

"According to the information from the Shadow Agents, it is 95% certain."

Roenn bit his lip. It didn't seem to be related to this incident, but the Black Tower's floor master had not been seen in the world for decades.

He could once again feel that the Age of Chaos was about to begin.


Glenn glanced out the window and briefly licked his lips.

"This time, we might not be able to stay idle."

* * *

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Raon stepped out of the lord's manor and looked back. Light Wind members had already assumed a battle stance with sharp eyes and a strong presence, as if they were ready for combat

'I'm impressed.'

It felt like they had already prepared their minds.


Wrath nodded slowly as he looked at the Light Wind members.

Indeed, not bad at all. While their strength remains at an insect's level, their determination is clearly evident.

He said that the Light Wind members was also gradually becoming a thing and licked his lips.

Once their strength increases a bit more, they can serve as the King of Essence's royal guards.

'I can't see. Move aside.'


He pushed away Wrath's belly, which was giggling, and looked at the Light Wind members again. They seemed to have matured mentally. It was worth the effort to take some time out of his busy schedule to train them.

'But how did they get here?'

He told Dorian that he was going to the office building of the Shadow Agents, but he didn't mention that he was heading to the lord's manor.

"How did you guys know I was here?"

"It's obvious."

Martha tilted her head as if to say, "Why wouldn't we know?"


"What would you do if you heard the news of the Warring Steel's disappearance at the Shadow Agents' office building?"

"You would go to the lord's manor and ask for permission to search for them yourself, right?"

Burren smiled as he continued Martha's words.

"Seeing you all these years, we knew you'd do something like that."

He remarked that it was too predictable, and they all came to the lord's manor as soon as they heard from Dorian.

"Raon going to the lord's manor is as natural as a round ice cream ball."

Runaan came over and patted his shoulder. She blinked her eyes, saying that it was strange not to know that.

"Actually, there's no one more predictable than the vice-division leader."

"If someone need to find you, it's either the training ground or the annex building."

"It's completely different from the leader who you can't predict how he will move."

"Ah, but I can't read him during training. He becomes a total monster."

The Light Wind members also laughed, saying that they thought he would definitely come to the lord's manor.


Raon chuckled wryly, looking at the fiery determination in Light Wind members' eyes.

'To be exposed like this... It's a strange feeling.'

Having one's personality exposed was almost as bad as a death sentence for an assassin

In his previous life, he had worked hard to keep himself hidden. But now that Light Wind members knew what kind of person he was, he felt strangely excited, and his heart burned with passion.

'It's getting a little better.'

A small smile came out of him without knowing it, as it seemed that the traces of hell in his previous life were getting a little lighter.

"Everyone, be quiet."

Raon hardened his expression again and gathered the attention of the Light Wind swordsmen.

"From now until noon, finish your departure preparations and assemble at the fifth training ground."

"What about Raon?"

Runaan tilted her head.

"I have something to do."

"Something to do?"

"Yeah. Even if he's a lazy bum, he's still the leader. I have to report."

He might have postponed it earlier, but he needed to inform Rimmer about the situation now.

"Oh, right! We have a leader of our own!"

"That's right. It was so natural that I almost forgot!"

"A presence as unforgettable as a pearl ice cream."

Martha, Burren, and Runaan finally remembered Rimmer's existence and opened their mouths wide.


Raon sighed at the Light Wind members, which had forgotten him so easily.

It was not that he pretended not to know, but he genuinely made people forget his existence, which, in a way, was quite remarkable.

"As I said, it's noon. If you don't arrive on time, I'll leave you behind, so prepare quickly."

He sent the Light Wind members away first and headed to Rimmer's quarters.


When he opened the old door of Rimmer's room, dust began to rise from the floor.


Wrath frowned at the dust.

This ear-topped bastard has no pleasing corner! He eats and sleeps in such a dirty place?

He shook his head vigorously, saying that breathing in this dust would make his appetite disappear.

'I'm curious too.'

I don't know how a patient can live in such a place.

Raon walked into Rimmer's room, fanning himself with his hand. The interior was a mess with scattered bedding, laundry, books, and trash. It looked more like a garbage dump than a room.

It was much dirtier than he had seen it before.



In the middle of the laundry pile, Rimmer, who was more tattered than the Ragged Saint, got up. His entire body was wrapped in bandages, and his eyes were dull.

"What brings you here?"

He shook his hand as if saying it was good to see him after a long time. He seemed to be still recovering, given his lack of strength in his hand.

"We have a mission."

"Did a mission come down, or did you request one?"

He raised an eyebrow as if he sensed the difference in those words.

"I request it."

"Request? Hey, if you want to make a contribution, it's a bit too much, man!"

"It's not like that. I heard today that the Warring Steel..."

Raon told Rimmer everything that had happened today.

"Oh, that's a big deal. But...'

Rimmer lowered his gaze and scratched his nose.

"I can't go"

He pointed to his own body, which was wrapped in bandages.

"It's not just about my body; I also have internal injuries."

"Internal injuries?"

"To be more precise, it's not just internal injuries, but I can't move right now anyway."

Rimmer shook his head, saying that he should go on such a mission, but it was difficult due to circumstances.

"To be honest, I didn't expect much."


"Anyway, time is running out, so even if it's just us, we'll go."

"Will you be okay? There are two floor masters, or there might be more."

He sent a cold stare, worried about the danger and whether they could handle it.

"If I was afraid of that, I wouldn't have picked up a sword in the first place."

His goal was to confront one of the Six Kings leader, Derus Robert, and the likes of Black Tower's floor masters didn't scare him at all.

"Kugh, are you going to a speech academy? Every time you say that, it sounds like a fairy tale hero."

"Leader, you're too naive."

Rimmer couldn't argue and lowered his head.

"Anyway, I understand. I'll come to help when I'm better."

He waved his hand, saying that he would recover quickly and join them.

"All right."

Raon shook his head firmly, looking at Rimmer's excited eyes.

"I don't want you to come at the last minute and show off."


* * *

Raon returned to the fifth training ground after packing his things in annex building. In the training ground, all members of the Light Wind division and Mark Gorton were lined up in front of the platform.


Everyone seemed to have strengthened their resolve even more as they prepared. Feeling the sharp aura of the swordsmen, he climbed onto the platform.

"Are all preparations complete?"


The Light Wind members answered with a response that shook the training ground without any hesitation.

"You might have heard from the Shadows Agents, but this mission is going to be challenging."

Raon looked down at the Light Wind members.

"If you volunteered because of the atmosphere, leave now. This is your last chance."

He asked if anyone wanted to leave, but of course, no one raised their hand.

"Is that a question?"

"It's true that it's scary, but we have to go!"

"Sometimes you sound like an idiot."

"There's no time! Let's depart quickly!"

The Light Wind members waved their hands as if eager to go.

"Even if there are two floor masters of the Black Tower, or even stronger individuals?"

Even though they heard the words "Black Tower's floor masters," the eyes of the members did not waver. They had a look of determination that was even more than their own.

'I like that look.'

Raon smiled. It seemed that the Light Wind members was not afraid at all because the important thing to them was not who the enemy was, but who they had to save.

'The swordsman of Zieghart...'

It seemed that the true swordsmen of Zieghart Sylvia wanted to see were growing right here.

"Well then..."

Raon nodded in satisfaction and was about to announce the departure when Chad entered through the training ground door.

"Vice-division leader!"

"Shadow Agents' master?"

Chad smiled awkwardly and handed over the booklet he had brought.

"It's a summary that I quickly put together, but there should be no errors."

He said that he had investigated the information based on the incident that happened in the early morning, and he was very confident that there were no errors.

"Thank you."


As Chad was about to open the booklet, he took a step closer to Raon.

"Some news just came in, and it seems that the Black Tower's floor masters haven't shown themselves again until now. That means..."

Raon looked at Chad and clenched his fist. A fiery light flashed in his eyes.

"It means they're still fighting."

* * *

Thanks to Chad's preparation, they were able to reach Hopiren through the fastest route without any obstacles.

Given the limited time and information, Raon was impressed by Chad's skill and ability

Raon looked at the strange region where the north was white and the south was green, separated by a single road, and licked his lips.

'It's been a while since I've been to Hopiren.'

Hopiren was a unique place located on the border between the northern and central regions. A few steps to the north, there were snow-covered fields and frozen lakes, while a few steps to the south revealed dense forests and clear lakes.


Burren let out a sigh as he looked at the starkly different terrain.

"There's snow on the right and butterflies flying on the left. What kind of place is this?"

He couldn't help but be surprised by this absurd phenomenon.

"That's right."

Martha also nodded in agreement with Burren, which was rare for her.

"How can this phenomenon occur with just a difference of one road?"

She looked at the snow path on the right and muttered that it would be difficult to search over there.


Runaan ran to the right and took a bite of the snow, then blinked.

"This is real."

"We're not here to play. Focus."

Raon clapped his hands to gather the attention of the Light members.

"I'll say it again. Our top priority is not combat,  but search and rescue. Move in the direction of saving Warring Steel before fighting."


The Light Wind members nodded their heads simultaneously, as if they knew it already.

However, it's also true that we can't just leave the ones who dared to provoke Zieghart go."

He twisted his lips as he gripped the hilt of Heavenly Drive.

"If I give you permission, wipe out all of the bastards in front of you."

"That's what I like!"

"Of course!"

The members clenched their fists, emitting a much more savage voice than before.

"Then let's go."

Raon walked down the strange path where snow was falling on one side and warm wind was blowing on the other, and gestured to the back.

The Light Wind members followed him with their eyes filled with madness.

The fierce aura of the Light Wind, which seemed to have turned into one sword, split the snow and wind of Hopiren.

Chapter 442:


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