TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 440

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Chapter 440

"The Warring Steel division is missing?"

Raon lowered his sword and approached Dorian.

"Where did you hear that from?"

"I, I don't know for sure."

Dorian bit his lip and shook his head.

"I met the guards who were escorting the Shadow Agents on my way here, and they informed me that the Warring Steel has gone missing."

He said that he ran to the training ground as soon as he heard the story of the Warring Steel's disappearance, and he took a deep breath.


Raon bit his lip as he looked at Dorian's shaking pupils.

'If it's information from the guards who were escorting the Shadow Agents, it's probably true.'

Dorian is friendly and has many friends besides the Light Wind members. Since the guards would never lie about a serious matter like disappearance, that was certainly true.

'What kind of mission did they take on that they went missing?'

The Warring Steel said that they had to do a mission at the Arian family as well, so Raon and the Light Wind went back to Zieghart first.

"Do you know why they went missing?"

"I don't know. I only heard that they went missing."


Raon rubbed his forehead and frowned.

'What happened to them?'

Images of Trevin, with his stern yet observant eyes, flashed in his mind. He was meticulous to the point of annoyance, and he wouldn't have overlooked a report, so something significant must have occurred.

"What should we do?"

"We need to gather more information first."

He put Heavenly Drive back in its scabbard. He lightly brushed the dust off his clothes and headed for the exit of the training ground.

"Where are you going?"

"To the main building of the Shadow Agents."

"Are you going there yourself?"

"Yes. I need to go right now."

Raon nodded. Since Dorian had obtained information from the guards escorting the Shadow Agents, the news of the Warring Steel's disappearance would have likely arrived overnight.

If he went now, he might get the latest information about the disappearance.


"vice-division leader?"

When he opened the door to leave the training ground, he met the Light Wind division members who were trying to enter.

"Good morning!"

"You're here first, as expected."

"But where are you going?"

"Are we skipping morning training?"

Members who didn't know the situation greeted him with bright faces.

"Morning training is…."

After instructing the members to train on their own, Raon walked in the direction of the main building.

Thanks to the footwork, which flowed smoothly, he arrived at the front of the Shadow Agents' main building in no time.

There were two guards standing like statues in front of the main gate of the Shadow Agents.

Just by looking at their smooth movements and steady breathing, it was clear they were martial experts.

After tidying up his clothes, he approached the guards.

"I am Raon Zieghart, the vice-division leader of the Light Wind division. I would like to meet the master of the Shadow Agents."

Even though it was an urgent matter, he couldn't neglect proper etiquette. He introduced himself first and then revealed the reason for his visit.

"Do you have an appointment?"

The senior guard standing on the right lowered his head and spoke.

"No, but this is urgent. Please at least relay the message."


The senior guard sent a glance, and the middle-aged guard standing on the left went inside.


Wrath licked his lips as he looked at the closed door.

Can't you just go in? Aren't they both weaker than you?

'No, I can't do that.'

Raon shook his head slowly.

'We don't know how things will turn out from here. For now, we must follow the protocol.'

He couldn't ignore them in order to get information from the Shadow Agents. It is important to be polite, especially at times like this.

As he was waiting impatiently, the main gate opened and the middle-aged guard walked out.

"The master has granted permission."

He said to follow him and went back inside.

Raon bowed slightly and followed the middle-aged guard into the Shadow Agents' building.

"There's nowhere else to go but here! The right side is a sheer cliff! Are you planning to make a death report?"

"Before we go in that direction, shouldn't we first gather information from the people in the surrounding villages?"

"Of course, that's something we have to do, and we have to be prepared in case we don't get any information."

The Shadow Agents' intelligence (informants ) agents were gathered around a round table, unfolding a map and engaging in a heated debate.

From what he could gather, they seemed to be trying to pinpoint the location of the Warring Steel.

"Have you investigated if there were any other possible locations?"

"The Five Divine Rulers guys are just pretending to be neutral. We should locate their position, too."

"Sending a message about completing the mission and then this... What's going on?

"It's noisy, but we need to come up with a clear opinion today."

Raon listened to the cries of the intelligence as he walked inside the Shadow Agents.

'As expected, it was real.'

The realization that Trevin and the Warring Steel were truly missing weighed heavily on him. Seeing the many intelligence agents here, their eyes determined to find them, filled him with determination as well.

As he walked, determined to go out and find Trevin and the Warring Steel, the middle-aged guard suddenly stopped.

"We're here."

The middle-aged guard pointed to the Shadow Agents master's office and bowed.

"Thank you."

Raon bowed back to him and stood in front of the office.

Tock, tock.

When he knocked twice on the thin-looking door, Chad's voice came from inside.

"Come in."

Raon opened the door and went inside. Chad, the master of the Shadow Agents peeked his head out from behind a large desk piled with all sorts of documents.

"It's been a while. Vice-squad leader . No, now you're the vice-division leader."

"Greetings, the master of Shadow Agents."

Raon bowed to Chad and closed the office door.

"I should have congratulated you on your promotion earlier, but I'm a bit late.”

He apologized and extended both hands forward.


Raon shook his head.

"No, what you did in audience chamber is enough."

Thanks to Chad's confirmation of the mission results in the audience chamber, the direct line members were silenced, he was able to easily obtain the golden plate, and had gained recognition from others as well.

"That was just a matter of duty for me."

Chad waved his hand, as if it was nothing.

"So, why did you come to the Shadow Agents?"

"I heard something by chance."

Raon looked at Chad's composed eyes and clenched his palm.

"I heard that the Warring Steel division has gone missing. Is it true?"

"Ah, that's...."

Chad's face, which had looked calm for a moment, collapsed. From his expression, it seemed that he had no intention of lying.

"It seems like the escorting guards informed you. Ah, I haven't properly managed the new recruits..."

He frowned, saying that the new recruits had not been properly disciplined yet.

"Well, it's something that will spread quickly, but..."

"So it was really true?"

"Yes, it's true."

Chad nodded heavily.

"Yes, it is. The Warring Steel division completed a monster subjugation mission in the Hopiren region and disappeared abruptly on their way back."

He scratched his desk with his nails, saying that it took some time to detect the disappearance because there were no signs of a battle at all.

"What does it mean that there are no signs of a battle?"

"Just that. There are no traces of battle left in the Warring Steel's route. It doesn't even look like the traces were deliberately erased. I still don't know how they disappeared."

That reminded him of the arguments he had heard from the informants on his way here. It seems that they were all researching where the Warring Steel went and how they disappeared.

"So you have no clues at all?"

"No. There is a suspicious place for that."

"A suspicious place?"

"Yes. It is said that the magicians of the Black Tower were seen on the outskirts of Hopiren."

"Black Tower...."

Raon bit his lips until they bled, muttering the name of the Black Tower.

'Is it because of me?'

He had heard rumors that Black Tower was after him due to an incident where he had gone to help Dorian's successor test. He killed Black Tower's floor master and the Drake. But he never thought that the grudge would be directed at the Warring Steel.

"It's not just because of you. Originally, house Zieghart and the Five Demons have always had enmity."

Chad, as if he knew what Raon was thinking, told him not to worry too much.

"Did the Warring Steel clash with the Black Tower during their mission?"

"No, that's not it."

He shook his head firmly.

"Then it's because of my actions. Black Tower wants to take revenge for killing their floor master through the Warring Steel."


Chad couldn't argue and took a bitter sip.

"Who was seen on the outskirts of Hopiren from the Black Tower?"

"I'm not sure, but it's Maryun (마련) (Ma: Wheeled, Ryun: Ring or Circle) and Binghyang (빙향) (Bing: Ice, Hyang: Fragrance or Scent)

"Maryun and Binghyang...."

Both were masters who served as the floor masters of the Black Tower, and they were infamous throughout the continent.

"This is the Black Tower's first move to express their intention to target me."

"I think the same. So if you wait, other leaders..."

"No. That's why I have to go."

Raon clenched his fist so hard that it made a creaking sound.

"If they touch Zieghart, I'll teach them firsthand how it ends."

* * *

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For Indonesian: 

After asking the master of the Shadow Agents to gather information, Raon headed straight to the lord's manor.

When he arrived in front of the audience chamber, he met Roenn, who was holding a pile of documents.

"Vice-division leader?"

Roenn opened his eyes wide, as if he hadn't expected him to be here.

"Why did you come here all of a sudden...?"

"I came to see the lord."

Raon nodded respectfully with firm but resolute eyes as he addressed Roenn.


Roenn responded with a faint smile, nodding as he walked into the audience chamber.

After a moment, the door opened again, and Roenn gestured with a smile.

"He has granted permission. Please come in

"Thank you."

Raon bowed to Roenn and entered the audience chamber.

He walked calmly on the red carpet and stood in front of Glenn, who had his back to the throne.

"I'm here to see the lord..."

"It's too loud, you don't need a grand speech in the morning."

Glenn waved his hand, signaling for Raon to skip the formalities and get to the point.

"Let's get to the point."

"I happened to hear about the disappearance of the Warring Steel division."

Raon got up and immediately brought up the main point as requested by Glenn.


Glenn raised an eyebrow, showing no sign of surprise or confusion.

"I want to participate in the search mission."

"You're quite audacious."

He leaned his fist on his chin and sneered faintly.

"Do you think that the situation will change just because you go, when the Warring Steel division left no trace and disappeared?"

Glenn continued, waving his hand.

"I've decided to send the White Lotus division, which was closest to the Hopiren region, so you should pay attention and wait."

"But this time it's because of me. It's clear that it's revenge for killing the Black Tower's floor master, so I can't just sit back."

Raon shook his head. This time, he couldn't back down.

"I told you that nothing will change if you go."

As soon as those words were heard, Glenn's magnificent aura spread. It was a terrifying pressure. It was a weight that seemed to crush the shoulders as if the entire Bukmangsan mountain was pressing him down.


Raon gritted his teeth so hard that it seemed like they would shatter.


He had to endure this.

Trevin and Warring Steel members might not have said anything, but they had come all the way to help the Ariane Family. This situation had arisen because of him, and he couldn't just lie down and do nothing.

Since it his my fault, he couldn't just lie down and do nothing.


Raon raised his head while operating the ring of fire to the extreme.


Raon's fierce determination repelled Glenn's intense pressure, and he stepped forward, extending his left foot. He deflected the overwhelming oppression with his will and raised his voice.

"Even if it's dangerous, if I don't help, it's as good as abandoning family. Just as the Warring Steel came to the Arian family with just one letter, I also want to do so for them. I don't need credit or rewards! Just let me participate in the search!"

He had demonstrated his strength; now it was time to show his sincerity. He knelt, lowered his head, and pleaded.

"I'll do my best to avoid as much danger as possible and focus solely on searching for the Warring Steel division. Please, even if I have to go on my own, let me go!"

Raon shouted, biting his lips.

'If he doesn't grant permission, I'll go even if I have to cross the line.'

Raon was not just making excuses. Since the culprit was determined to be the Black Tower, he was more likely to be of help than others with his divine power.

"Send you alone? You've shown determination, but you didn't realize something."

Glenn removed his hand from the armrest of the throne and twisted his lips.

"Where are your subordinates?"


He gestured without giving an answer, and Roenn opened the door to audience chamber again.


As the massive door opened, the people standing in front of it emitted intense glares. The Light Wind division. All the Light Wind division members, except Rimmer, were gathered

"Where are you going alone!"

Martha rushed over, shaking her fists vigorously.

"Do you really want to get beaten up?"

She raised her clenched fist again, warning that she wouldn't allow him to handle it alone.

"Martha is right."

Runaan pursed her lips as if she was upset.

"We should go together like mint and chocolate."

She shook her head from side to side, saying that she couldn't let him go alone.

"Don't think you're the only one who owes the Warring Steel a favor."

Burren approached him, gripping his sword tightly.

"We've also received a lot of help."

He frowned, saying to stop being cheeky.

"Not only the vice-division leader is connected to the Warring Steel division!"

"Don't try to handle everything alone."

"We should help too, as we've received help.

"We'll go with you too!"

The Light Wind division members also raised their voices, saying that they would definitely go together.


Raon looked at the determined eyes of the Light Wind division members with belief, and he clenched his forehead.

'I was only thinking about myself.'

As they had pointed out, the members of the Light Wind division and the Warring Steel division had developed strong friendships. It was embarrassing to have declared that he would go alone, thinking that his relationship was deep, without considering the feelings of the Light Wind division members.


Raon slapped his own cheek and knelt down in front of Glenn again.

"I will state it again."

A crimson glint flashed in his eyes as he raised his head

"The Light Wind division wants to participate in the search mission for the Warring Steel division."

Only after those words were spoken did a faint ripple appear in Glenn's lips.

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