TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 439

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

Chapter 439

"Is it really too much?"

Yulius pouted and kicked a rock that was stuck in the ground.

"Not even giving a proper farewell, how can they just leave like that!"

He frowned, remembering the departure of Rekhtar and Musten, who had left without proper notice.

Although it was a short time, he had grown fond of the two, and a sense of disappointment surged like waves.


Yulius gestured to Yua, who was finishing her training and tidying up her clothes.

"Why are you so quiet? Are you not sad that sir Rekhtar left?"

"Of course, I'm sad."

Yua nodded gently.

"But they must have their reasons. I didn't hear them tell any bad lies."

"Bad lies?"

"Yeah. Even though their hearts sounded a bit sad, they were calm."

She reassured him that their reasons were genuine.

"I'm not saying they lied. It's just... I'm going to miss them."

Yulius sighed deeply.

"It reminds me of my grandfather, who passed away."

As he got closer to Rekhtar, he felt like he was training with his late grandfather, so the sudden parting was disappointing.

"I feel the same way. But we'll see them again. We just have to be patient."

Yua smiled and walked towards the garden of the annex building.

"Where are you going?"

"It's dinner time, and the young master isn't coming. I'm going to bring him."

Yulius had told her to go in first, so she rushed out of the annex building.

"It's really demanding... Huh?"

As Yua left the garden and turned towards the fifth training ground, a pouch fell from the sky.

It was a high-quality pouch about the size of an adult man's palm, colored in crimson.

"What's this?"

She picked up the pouch that had fallen on the ground and tilted her head. She looked up, but there was nothing to be seen.

"How did this happen?"

She opened the crimson pouch.

Inside the pouch, there were compressed swords, armor, gloves, boots, various books, cooking utensils, and dozens of pineapples.

It wasn't an ordinary pouch; it was a pocket dimension pouch.


Yua closed the pouch and clenched her lips.

"I need to find the owner of this."

If it were an empty, ordinary pouch, that would be one thing. But this was a pocket dimension, and it was filled to the brim. The owner must be looking for it.

She thought she should tell Raon about it and hurriedly ran to the fifth training ground.


When Yua opened the door to the fifth training ground and entered, Raon was standing in the center, reading a book of unknown content.

"Young master!"

"Oh, Yua."

Raon looked at Yua and gave a faint smile.

"Why are you here at this hour?"

"What do you mean, what am I here for? I came to make sure you're not skipping meals again!"

Yua put her hand on her waist and frowned.

"Madam told me to bring you!"


Raon smiled lightly as he saw Yua with her chin out.

"Why are you laughing!"

"Sorry. You're just so cute."

It was natural for him to laugh when he saw Yua's expression of disapproval for the first time in a long time.

He quickly apologized and put the martial arts book of Sky Sword in his arms.


As he was tidying up, Wrath suddenly raised his head and sniffled.

Of course, it's the pineapple girl. The only one who takes care of the King of Essence is that child!

Wrath gritted his teeth, saying that he would have gone hungry for dinner if it hadn't been for Yua.

'It's not you, but me that she's taking care of.'

You're noisy. This is what affection is! Not like your unfeeling heart!

'I prefer someone who gives me a martial arts book over food.'

Raon brushed Wrath' belly with his back and approached Yua, who was standing proudly.

"Alright. Let's go. I'm getting hungry too after hearing you say that..."

He was about to say that they should go back to annex building when he saw the luxurious pocket that Yua was holding in her hand.

"What's that?"

"Oh, I think someone lost it."

"Lost it?"

"Yes. I found it on my way here a little while ago..."

Yua told Raon how she found the pocket.

"Can I see it for a moment?"

"Yes! Please help me find the owner!"

"If I can."

Raon took the pocket from Yua and examined it.

'It's a pocket dimension, of course.'

When he looked inside the bag, it was full of various items.

They were all things that seemed to fit Yua, such as clothes, armor, and weapons like swords, cooking utensils, and pineapples.

'They look like they're for Yua. But why do I feel mana coming from outside the bag?'

He thought it was strange and tried to put some of his aura into the bag.


A faint golden light bloomed from the outside of the bag, and Yua's name appeared.

"Huh? My name?"

"It looks like you're the owner."

"Me? I've never received anything like this before..."

"Since it fell from your head, it must be yours."


Yua opened her mouth wide, as she had never thought it was her pocket.

"I think..."

Raon smiled faintly as he returned the bag to Yua.

"It seems like someone who cares about you gave it to you."

* * *

Advance chapters: 

For Indonesian: 

After Raon finished eating and was resting in his room, he heard two knocks on the door.

"Come in."

He knew who it was from the feeling coming from outside the door, so he said to come in right away.

The door opened softly, and Sylvia came into the room with a small  chestplate .

"Can I come in for a moment?"

"You're already in, you know?"

"I know. I just asked in case."

Sylvia smiled and sat down on the chair next to the bed. She put the  chestplate  she brought on the table.

"Your room hasn't changed at all."

She looked around the room and sighed.

"It hasn't changed?"

"It's just the way I decorated it when you were a baby. There's no difference from when you were little. Don't you want to redecorate your room?"


Raon licked his lips and looked around the room.

There was a time when he was called Sunshine, and the room was a little too bright, unlike his personality because of his name, but it wasn't too bad.

"Not really. Decorating a room feels like too much trouble."

"Ah, it's sad that my son is so uninterested. I'm lucky to have Yua and Yulius."

Sylvia frowned, saying that she sometimes wants him to match her.

"I understand."

Raon smiled faintly and nodded.

"So, why did you come? You didn't say anything at dinner time."

"Do you know what this is?"

Sylvia tapped the  chestplate  on the table with her finger.

"Is it an elixir?"

Most of the time, these chestplates contained elixirs, so it was a reasonable guess.

"That's right. And it's not just an ordinary elixir."

Sylvia swallowed her saliva and opened the lid of the chestplate .

Inside were two small glass bottles, each containing a translucent milky liquid.


He opened the lid of the bottle. A sweet scent that was so dreamy brushed against his nose.

"Milky liquid with a sweet scent? This is... I guess..."

Raon trembled his chin as he looked at the bottle again.

"That's right. It's the Fairy's Tear."

"Of course..."

As expected. The only elixir with this color and scent was the Fairy's Tear.

Despite its name, a Fairy's Tear had nothing to do with fairies. It was an elixir made by the gathering of the energies of the heavens and the earth deep within caves untouched by human hands. A single drop could grant longevity and perfect health.

"Mother, why do you have this?"

"It was left by sir Rekhtar."

"Sir Rekhtar did?"

Raon asked back, his eyes widening. To be honest, he was even more surprised than when he saw the Fairy's Tear coming out of the chestplate.

"Helen found it in the corner of sie Rekhtar's room when she was cleaning it up. I wanted to return it, but he's already gone..."

Sylvia shook her head with a sigh, saying that it was too much of a gift to leave behind.

"Was there a letter or anything?"

"There was. It wasn't anything special, just a thank you for making pleasant memories."

She showed Raon a small note. It simply said, "I had a great time, thanks for making it enjoyable."

"We had a great time too..."

Sylvia sighed deeply, saying that they had received much more.

"That's right."

Raon smiled slightly and nodded at Sylvia, who was biting her lips.

'Mother is right; we received much more.'

Rekhtar had taught swordsmanship to all the members of the Light Wind, and he had given him a deeper understanding of what kind of person Glenn was. He had also brought smiles to Sylvia's and annex building residents.

Compared to what they had given, receiving a Fairy's Tear was indeed a burdensome gift.


Sylvia lowered her voice as she stroked the  chestplate.


"This is just my thought, but..."

She hesitated for a long time, and then slowly parted her lips as if she had made up her mind.

"Sir Rekhtar and your father may be related."

Sylvia stroked her dry lips with her fingers.

"You've probably heard that they're not related, but that sounds like a lie. I think of your father every time I see sir Rekhtar."

"Father comes to your mind?"

"Actually, I've been thinking that since the first time I saw him. I wonder if your father is still alive and returned after aging."

She laughed wryly. She whispered that she knew it would sound absurd, but it was true.

'Come to think of it....'

He remembered how Sylvia had been blankly staring at Rekhtar's face for a long time when she first saw him.

"It's confirmed with the Fairy's Tear. Sir Rekhtar and your father are related. We can't judge it lightly, but there's a high possibility that they're family or relatives."

Sylvia frowned, saying that she wouldn't have left such a precious elixir if it wasn't for that.

"I think so too."

Raon nodded as he looked into Sylvia's eyes.

"And I think he'll tell us directly what kind of relationship they have when he comes back."

"Will he? I don't think he'll tell us..."

"No. He will."

The look in Rekhtar's eyes was not that of a liar. Since he said he would explain it himself, he will come back here and tell us everything.

"Just wait a little longer."


As Raon smiled faintly and reassured Sylvia, Wrath raised a serious look.


It was rare for cotton candy to make this kind of expression.

'What's wrong?'

He tensed up, thinking that some information about Rekhtar would come out, and lowered his gaze.

That liquid.

Wrath licked his lips as he looked at the Fairy's Tear.


It looks sweet and refreshing, so put it in your mouth right now!


I had made a big mistake.

'The only time the glutton gets serious is when he's indulging in gluttony.'

* * *

The next morning.

Raon came out to the fifth training ground after memorizing all of the martial arts books of Sky Sword overnight.

'It's a much more difficult swordsmanship than I thought.'

'I now understand why Glenn chose to teach it personally.'

Sky Sword is not just an advanced swordsmanship, but a supreme swordsmanship that comes with enlightenment. It seemed Glenn had hoped him to complete the Sky Sword and ascend to the rank of Grandmaster.

'I can only be grateful for such high expectations.'

It was not enough to say thank you for teaching him the sword skills in person, and for giving him such a wonderful sword manual. The only way to repay him was to do his best to learn Sky Sword so that he would not be disappointed.


Raon drew out Heavenly Drive. He slowly performed all twenty-six forms of Sky Sword, like a baby taking its first steps. It was not difficult to follow the sword forms thanks to the Ring of Fire, but it was of course impossible to contain the true meaning of Sky Sword.

'Glenn psaid to contain the sky.'

And the sky that I think of.

'The sky, huh....'

In retrospect, I think I looked at the sky a lot to relieve the frustration in my previous life. Because I was tied to the leash by Derus Robert, I quenched my thirst by looking at the sky that contained freedom itself.

On the other hand, the sky I saw in this life had weight. I had made a vow to become like that when I saw the solid sky that was the same no matter where I looked.

'A combination of vast freedom and unshakable weight.'

It was a truly mismatched combination, but there was nothing better to express myself honestly right now.

Raon closed his eyes and clenched his fists.

'I have to contain both freedom and heaviness.'

The important thing when learning a supreme martial art is not to deceive yourself. Because both my previous life and my current life were myself, it seemed that the answer was to take both, not one or the other.

'Thanks to the two of you, I'm learning a lot.'

He began to understand how to learn Sky Sword thanks to the teachings of Glenn and Rekhtar, which allowed him to broaden his horizons.

Just as Raon was about to start practicing Sky Sword again, the door to the training ground opened in a hurry. He thought it might be the team captains, but the person who came in was Dorian, contrary to his expectations.

"Vice-division leader! Something big has happened!

Dorian was breathing heavily with his mouth full of cookie powder, as if he had been eating cookies. Even though he said it was urgent, he didn't believe him when he saw his appearance.

"What happened? Are you trying to cheat to get the supplies...."

Raon thought it was nothing and was about to start practicing again, but his arm froze when Dorian continued.

"The Warring Steel division has gone missing!"


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