TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 438

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

Chapter 438

Rekhtar narrowed his eyes as he received the letter that Musten had brought.

"Did they know we were in Zieghart?"

They hadn't reported to the union about going to Zieghart, and they hadn't spread the word as they moved, so he didn't expect to hear from them so soon.

"It doesn't seem so."

Musten shook his head as he looked at the letter.

"Considering the letter came directly to me, I don't think it has anything to do with Zieghart."

He said that it was a one-time artifact that follows a person, not a place, and that the union still didn't know.

"No, we shouldn't think that simply."

Rekhtar shook his head slowly.

"Ryeonju (union leader) is not just a strong individual. Even if we keeps the doors closed, he's likely aware that we're here."

Ryeonju is a formidable person, and underestimating him would be a mistake.

"Let's see for now."

Rekhtar opened the letter.

'As expected.'

There was no special content in the letter. It simply stated that if they had enjoyed their travels, they should return. The handwriting appeared hasty, as if it had been scratched with a sword or something similar. It was a letter from Ryeonju himself.

"Ryeonju has given the order to return. It seems we have no choice but to go."

While they might have ignored the call from others, they couldn't refuse Ryeonju's summons.


Rekhtar took a short sip of his mouth.

'Too bad.'

He enjoyed spending time with Raon and Sylvia, and he had built up a certain level of friendship with Glenn, and he was sighing with regret that he had to go back.


Rekhtar burned the letter and then looked at his disciple, whose eyes were as clear as a snowfield.



Musten spoke with a lively voice, as if he had been influenced by Raon.

"If I leave the union, what will you do?"

"You're leaving the union?"

He opened his mouth wide, as if he hadn't thought of that question.


Rekhtar nodded slowly.

"I now have something more important than wielding a sword. It seems my path and Ryeonju's won't continue."

He looked at his disciple, who was surprised to hear that he would leave the union when he returned.

'I should be honest with Musten.'

Seeing his bewildered apprentice, Rekhtar decided to be honest with Musten, unlike in the past when he might have hidden his true feelings.


Musten scratched his chin for a moment, then raised his head.

"Isn't there still a pact between you and Ryeonju?"

"There is."

Rekhtar sighed briefly.

"No matter what that request is, once I complete it, I'll leave the union with my own two feet."

He clenched his fists on his knees and raised his serious eyes.

"In that case, I'll come with you."

Musten immediately answered after a very short period of thought.


Rekhtar opened his eyes wide as he looked at Musten, who was so determined and straightforward.

"You must have had a goal you wanted to achieve in the union."

"No. My path is with Raon-nim." Musten replied.

Musten confidently nodded, stating that his goal was to walk alongside Raon.

"If I stay with 'Alliamce', the moment the conflict escalates, I'll become an enemy of Raon-nim. I can't betray him. I will go with you, Master."

Musten shook his head and said that he could not betray Raon. His sincere eyes showed his true feelings.

"I still don't know what Raon did to make you change so much."

"He didn't do anything. He is simply the one I must follow."

Musten didn't seem embarrassed at all, and he kept muttering ridiculous things.

"Is that so."

Rekhtar let out a sigh. He would have preferred his disciple to stand tall on his own, but he didn't feel bad that he was following his grandson.

"Then we'll leave tomorrow."

"Isn't tomorrow too soon?"

"There's no need to waste time if we're not going to see each other again. Prepare yourself."

"I understand."

Musten bowed his head politely and left the room.


Rekhtar let out a sigh of frustration and looked out the window. The waxing moon looked like a distorted beast's eye, watching over the world.

'It won't be easy.'

Since Ryeonju would not give them a simple mission, they would have to walk through a thorny path to leave the union.

However, they had to come back to this place no matter what in order to find the happiness of his daughter-in-law and grandson.

Rekhtar closed his eyes, gripping his sword.

'By any means...'

* * *

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After finishing his afternoon training, Raon sat down and looked up at the darkening sky.

'It's getting harder and harder.'

As Glenn and Rekhtar became closer, they took the best from each other's teachings and eliminated the weaknesses. As a result, he had to swing his sword without a moment's rest during both morning and afternoon training.

He was training more and more intensively than before, and by the end of the afternoon training, he was so tired that he couldn't even move a finger.

"Hmm, did Rekhtar go a bit easier on you?"

Glenn muttered Rekhtar's name as he wiped his forehead, possibly finding room for improvement in Raon's training.


Raon let out a sigh as he looked at Glenn.

'Why did they have to get so close?'

When Glenn and Rekhtar first met in the training ground, they looked like they were going to fight, but now they were talking to each other like old friends, influencing each other in many ways.

"Training is good, but the intensity is increasing too rapidly."

He was grateful for their guidance to become stronger, but the training had become so demanding that he didn't know how to handle it.

"Well, there are some benefits."

The fact that he could also grow the Light Wind members made it worthwhile.

Through the training of Glenn and Rekhtar, he learned how to teach the members to grow quickly.

Thanks to the teachings of the two men, the Light Wind members swordsmanship achievements had improved significantly compared to before.

Disgusting guy...

Wrath shook his head, saying that he truly found Raon to be pitiful.


"What are you talking about?"

Raon looked at Wrath with a puzzled expression.

The King of Essence can't believe you don't see it. You're just selfish, thinking about yourself and disregarding others, Wrath remarked.

'What nonsense is that?'

Raon shrugged at Wrath.

'What nonsense. Don't you understand that I don't want to become stronger alone; I want to become stronger with everyone?'

Raon thought that the upcoming mission would be much more difficult than the previous ones, so he needed to train the Light Wind members as much as possible. He only felt like he had 50% of the desire to relieve his stress.

50% is still half!

Wrath protested.

Raon chuckled, 'It's just not even half.'

Raon laughed, muttering that it was nothing.

Sigh, the King of Essence doesn't feel like arguing with you. Go eat dinner soon. The King of Essence feel like his tongue is getting numb because of your grandfather!

Wrath frowned, saying that his tongue still felt like it had rubber on it.

'Is that so?'

Raon, after an exhausting training session, felt his stomach rumbling, despite eating nadine bread for lunch. He had to go to annex building to have dinner.

Just as Raon was about to greet Glenn, the door to the training ground opened and Rekhtar and Musten entered.


The two were not wearing training uniforms, but traveling clothes like when they first met. From their attire, it seemed that they were about to leave Zieghart.

'Why all of a sudden...'

Raon never thought they would leave suddenly, as he hadn't said anything during the morning training.

“Are you leaving?”

Glenn also seemed to realize that Rekhtar was leaving and nodded his head slightly.

“Yes. My friend needs help, so I think I should go.”

Rekhtar sighed, saying that his close friend had contacted him urgently and that he didn't have time to tell them beforehand.

“Is it a serious matter?”

Glenn lowered his gaze with his hands behind his back.

“If necessary, I can help.”

“I'm sure he'll just ask me to drink, so don't worry. I'll just gratefully accept your kindness.”

Rekhtar opened his eyes wide for a moment, as he hadn't expected Glenn's offer to help. He then smiled.


He looked at Raon and smiled bitterly.

"I should probably consider this bet a loss. I apologize for boasting earlier. Raon, I'm sorry that I couldn't teach you properly."

Rekhtar muttered that he was sorry that he hadn't taught him properly, despite his confident words.

“I'll come back after I'm done with my work. Then, I'll give you my full attention to your swordsmanship.”

“That's not it.”

Before Raon could speak, Glenn stepped forward.

“Lord Glenn?”

"I can't let this bet end so anticlimactically. It's not right."

“Hmm, I've admitted defeat, so as I said before, Raon will be taught by Lord Glenn….”

“That's not what I'm saying.”

Glenn shook his head calmly.

“I don't think the bet should end so insignificantly. You are not the type of person to make empty promises, so I think it would be better to postpone our bet.”

He said he didn't want to end the bet so easily, as he had been interested in it for the first time in a while.

“I'll postpone the bet until Rekhtar returns.”

“...Are you serious?”

“Yes. Raon, what do you think?”

“That's fine with me.”

Raon nodded, looking at Glenn and Rekhtar in turn. As he watched the two men who had never met before become friends as they taught him, he naturally smiled.

“Oh dear.”

Rekhtar sighed and rubbed his sleeve.

"You'll regret it later. I've now figured out how to teach Raon."

"That's exciting. I've also found a way to use this guy more."

Glenn and Rekhtar looked at each other and smiled. The setting sun behind them caressed their smiles more warmly.

"Then we'll be going."

Rekhtar bowed to Glenn and then looked at Raon.

"We've already informed the residents of the annex building. We'll see you again soon, so focus on your training."


Raon straightened his posture and bowed respectfully.

"Raon-nim. We'll see you next time. I'll do my best to work on both martial arts and spiritual cultivation as you said!"

Musten waved his hand with his clear eyes sparkling to the point of being burdensome.

"Ah, yes...."

Raon nodded awkwardly.

"I won't see you off."

Glenn briskly waved his hand, suggesting they shouldn't make a big deal of their departure.

"That's a bit disappointing. Instead..."

Rekhtar smiled faintly and grabbed Raon's shoulder.

"I'll borrow Raon for a bit."

"Well, if it's just this time."

"Thank you."

He patted Raon's shoulder as if urging him to hurry.

"I'll escort the two of you."

Glenn signaled to provide proper guidance.


Raon nodded after giving a glance at Glenn, then stood in front of Rekhtar and Musten.

"Follow me."

He opened the doors to the house Zieghart's main gate with a slight sigh.

'It's a pity that he's leaving so suddenly.'

It wasn't because he couldn't train with Sword Demon. It was just that he was getting attached to him, so it was sad to see him leave so suddenly.

As he silently guided them, he had already arrived at the gate of the house.


Raon looked at the slowly opening Zieghart gate and licked his lips.

"No need to be so disappointed."

Rekhtar seemed to read his expression and gently smiled.

"When there are meetings, there are partings. We'll meet again soon, so focus on your training so that I won't be disappointed."


Raon smiled lightly and nodded. Rekhtar was also a man who kept his word like Glenn, so it seemed that they would really meet again.

"I'll work hard so that Rekhtar-nim will be surprised when I see you next time."

"I'm looking forward to it. And....”

Rekhtar stroked his beard and then lowered his hand. His expression turned dark like dawn.

"When we meet again, I'll answer your question."


It seemed like he was talking about the answer to the question he had asked about whether he knew his father.


Raon nodded, saying he would wait.

"Then I'll be going."

"Raon-nim! We'll see you again!"

Here is the English translation of the Korean text you provided, with "laon" changed to "raon":

**English translation:**

Rekhtar turned around, and Musten smiled brightly.

Raon bowed deeply to Rekhtar, who had given him so much.

"Thank you."

* * *

When Raon returned to the fifth training ground after seeing Rekhtar and Musten off, Glenn had not yet returned to his manor.

"My lord, you haven't left yet?"

When he approached Glenn, who was looking at the darkening sky, his gaze turned down.

A feeling akin to goosebumps swept over him as he met Glenn's inscrutable, quiet crimson eyes.

"I was waiting for you because I had something to give you."

Glenn shook his head, saying that the bet on teaching was postponed, but he hasn't given him the rewards yet.

"If you mean the reward...?"

"Do you remember that I originally intended to teach you a martial arts?"

"Oh, yes."

Raon nodded. Glenn had said that he had originally intended to teach him martial arts when he first met Rekhtar.

"It would be right for me to teach you as the reward, but if I teach you martial arts now, the bet eith Rekhtar will be broken, so learn it yourself."

As Glenn snapped his fingers, a red spark flashed in the air and a book appeared. The name "Changung Sword" (창궁검) (Sky Sword) was written on the thin book that was the size of a finger.

"The Sky Sword is, quite literally, a sword that holds the clear sky within it. However..."

With those words, Glenn turned his back. From his hand, a dark sword emerged, just as dark as the sky had become.


The black sword exuded a massive force as if it contained the entire sky, sending out powerful waves of energy in every direction. It was a realm beyond comparison, a different domain - the fifth training ground. No, it looked like the entire Zieghart territory had come under Glenn's control.

"My sky is dark."

The moment Glenn turned around again, the black sword in his hand disappeared as if it had turned to foam.

"You should learn Sky Sword by filling it with your own sky."

He left those words and disappeared with the darkness that was falling apart.

Raon, holding the martial arts book for Sky Sword that fell from the air, recalled what Yua had said before.

"He's a kind person..."

That might be true.

That makes no sense!

Wrath shook his head vigorously.

If he was a kind person, he wouldn't have fed you Nadine bread!


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