TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 437

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Chapter 437

The members of the Light Wind swallowed their saliva and looked up.

As the sun began to set, Raon, radiating an eerie light with crimson hues, stood on the raised platform.


Burren looked at Raon's flickering pupils and shook his fingertips.

"Something seems off about his eyes..."

Raon's eyes were usually cold or frosty, but now they were filled with a strange madness.

"Not off about them, they're gone."

Martha came up next to Burren and sighed.

"The eyes of a madman."

She said that they were the same eyes that could be seen when the Light Wind members went crazy from their rigorous training.

"He's not handsome."

Runaan shook her shoulders as if she felt the change in Raon's aura.

"Ice cream-cold eyes..."

She said that his eyes were more evil than when they first started the extreme training.


"Well, isn't the atmosphere a little creepy?"

"Why are you opening your eyes like that! It's scary!"

"What happened to him?"

The members of the Light Wind division also realized that Raon's gaze and aura were different from usual, and they furrowed their brows.


Raon took a step towards the Light Wind division members. It was a short step, but it created a huge sense of oppression, like a giant's stride.

"It's been a while."

He smiled softly, with his hands behind his back. However, his pupils had rolled back even more, creating a deep sense of fear.

"How have you been?"

Raon asked everyone's well-being, looking down from the paltform.

"We're fine... just... resting... and exercising sometimes..."

"I realized something while I was training here."

He raised his chin without even listening to the replies to his question about their well-being.

"Realized something?"

"That, that is...?"

The members of the Light Wind division, even amidst the fearful atmosphere, raised their hands one by one, filled with curiosity.

"The fact that I have been committing a sin against all of you."

"A sin?"

"What kind of nonsense is that?"

"I don't know...?"

Runaan, Martha, and Burren couldn't comprehend Raon's words and tilted their heads.

"And it's a big sin."

Raon raised his right hand and brushed back his disheveled hair.

With intensifying crimson determination in his eyes, the Light Wind division members tightened their dry lips.

"I underestimated your potential and failed to bring out all of your limits. There are still countless treasures hidden underground, but I couldn't bring them out and only skimmed the surface."

He had made a grave mistake and humbly lowered his head, apologizing for ignoring them.

"This time, training with the head of house and sir Rekhtar has made it clear to me. I've realized how to become stronger and how to surpass my limits."

Raon laughed, assuring them that there was no need to worry anymore. The bright laughter was tinged with a gleeful madness, making the Light Wind division members shiver

"Uh, we're fine!"

"That's right! We don't have to cross that damn limit!"

"Handsome Raon. I like it the way it is."

Burren, Martha, and Runaan shook their heads in a hurry.

'We must never cross that limit!'

"I saw that guy breaking a sweat, and if we do it, we'll die!"

"I want to eat one more ice cream...

The three of them refused a new training, shouting that they couldn't go through hell again in their minds.

"Uh, vice-squad. No, vice-division leader! We're fine with the usual extreme training!"

"That's right! You don't have to worry about us anymore!"

"The vice-division leader is busy, so it would be too much of a burden to take up your time!"

"There is a saying, "The old is the best." We'll just do what we're used to!"

Dorian and Krein, along with the other Light Wind division members, also felt a chilling sense of unease and shook their heads wildly.

"I'm fine. There's a faster way, and there's no need to take the long way around. Good things are meant to be shared. Starting today, my evening time is dedicated to training with you."

Raon raised his clenched fist forward, expressing his desire to grow together.

"We, wedon't need it...

"That's right! Good things should be enjoyed alone!"

"I, I have to feed my dog at that time..."

The Light Wind division members felt even more threatened, and raised their heads and pursed their lips.

"No, I can't be the only one to suffer."

Raon descended from the stage with a cold smile.

"You just said you can't be the only one to suffer!"

"You're openly plotting, like a demon!"

"Not a demon, more like a demon king!"

"Whatever, just draw your swords."

Raon ignored the Light Wind division members' objections and drew Heavenly Drive. The madness that had been faintly blooming in his eyes emitted a deep light.

"I'll show you how enjoyable swordsmanship can be."

* * *

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After briefly passing on the method of incorporating the essence of swordsmanship into their respective sword techniques, Raon returned to the platform..

"From now on, we'll begin a training to infuse the essence of quick sword into the swordsmanship you're mastering. Regardless of what your sword technique is, infuse it with the utmost swiftness."

He swung Heavenly Drive down as he gave the training instructions.


The fierce, sharp strike of Heavenly Drive's qucik sword technique swirled, cutting through the darkness.

"I, I can't see it!"

"vice-division leader's sword is that fast?"

"He's not even swinging it seriously...

The Light Wind division members were amazed by Raon's quicksword technique, which cut through the air at an incredible speed and seemed to be motionless.

"You'll understand once you try, but it's not as difficult as it seems to be."

Raon lowered Heavenly Drive and twirled his fingers.

"Picture infusing the utmost swiftness into your swordsmanship and swing with all your might."


The Light Wind division members shouted in unison and swung their swords.

The sword techniques they had seen countless times before had become faster than before.


"This isn't that difficult?"

"That's right. All we have to do is add the essence of quicksword and unfold our swordsmanship."

"It does require considerable aura and focus, but it's not as intimidating as we thought."

Everyone smiled, saying that the training was not as difficult or difficult as they had thought.

"You did well for your first time."

Raon nodded at the Light Wind division members.

"However, you have not yet fully incorporated the essence of quick sword. Start over."

He said that they lacked concentration and speed, and instructed them to unfold their swordsmanship again.


The Light Wind division members, knowing that this training wasn't as difficult as they initially thought, nodded eagerly and began their swordsmanship once more. This time, their speed was noticeably faster than their first attempt.


However, Raon still seemed to be unhappy and shouted again, and the members unfolded their swordsmanship for the third time.


Raon's "again" continued endlessly. After more than two hours of unfolding their swordsmanship at full power, and incorporating unfamiliar techniques into it, the members' faces showed signs of fatigue.

"This is not a joke, is it?"

Burren exhaled a rough breath as he lowered his sword.

"This was manageable at first, but consecutively repeating the swordsmanship, it's like it's draining my energy."

Martha bit her teeth as she held her knees.

"Martha. Weak..."

Runaan almost collapsed, his eyes drooping

"If you're going to say that, at least get up!"

Martha frowned and grabbed Runaan's collar and lifted her up.


"I feel like I'm going to die..."

"Consecutively performing swordsmanship like this is way more challenging than I imagined."

"It seems to be more tiring because we have to put in unfamiliar techniques..."

The Light Wind division members were more exhausted than the captains, and they were panting with their backs bent.

"One more time."

Raon, still unsatisfied, ordered them to perform their swordsmanship again from the beginning, this time with even more concentration.

"What's the problem?"

"I'm doing it right!"

"At least tell us what the problem is!"

The members frowned, wondering how long they would have to repeat.

"If you're curious, I'll tell you."

Raon looked at the captains in front of him with a calm gaze.

"Burren, your body's balance is off from the first move. You're so focused on speed that the flow of your swordsmanship is off. Martha, the essence of quicksword is more deeply embedded than the essence of heavy sword. Speed and strength are different things, so you need to understand them properly. Runaan, don't fall asleep, and focus. Dorian, the speed itself is slow. You need to be able to unfold it faster..."

He pointed out all the shortcomings of the Light Wind division members, starting with the three captains.


"Wow, did he really spot all our weaknesses?"

"After a full day of training, he can still analyze like that..."

"There really is no one like him..."

The Light Wind division members shook their heads with expressions of admiration and surprise when they heard the feedback.

"Your arms are getting old? Instead of admiring it, swing your sword!"

Raon frowned and squinted his eyes, and the Light Wind division members were terrified and raised their swords again.


"Damn it!"

"I'll become stronger than that guy one day, and I'll put him through hellish training!"

Perhaps because they remembered the shortcomings they had heard just before, the members' movements were faster and more precise than before.


Of course, Raon, still unsatisfied, called for them to repeat it once more.


Wrath yawned and tapped his head.

These mediocre fools can't improve in just a day. They seem to be working hard, so why do you keep repeating it?

He mumbled, claiming he was hungry and wanted to leave for a meal.

'Not yet.'

Raon shook his head as he pushed Wrath' chubby belly away.

'They can improve a little more. And they should suffer a bit too.'

He couldn't be the only one to endure the torture of swinging a sword with all his might all day, infused with the essence of swordsmanship. He wanted to let them know that pain.

"One more time!"


Wrath sighed deeply as he looked at Raon's gleaming eyes.

This place is filled with insane people…

* * *

The next day.

The next day, after Raon had finished the grueling morning training with a rough-looking Rekhtar, Glenn appeared and handed over a Nadine bread.

"I'll eat it well."

He raised his eyes as he received the Nadine bread. It might have been an illusion, but Glenn's expression looked as gentle as the warm bread.


Glenn gestured for him to eat slowly and stepped back.

Damn it!

Wrath screamed that he was going crazy and scratched his head.

That cursed bread is not just rubber-flavored! It tastes like rubber stuck to the King of Essence's tongue, and the taste is still thick all day long!

He begged Raon to please spare him the Nadine bread, but he had no choice but to eat it if he wanted to endure Glenn's grueling training.

Aaah, I can't do it anymore... Choke!

As Raon swallowed the Nadine bread in one bite, Wrath slumped like a broken toy.

"I'm done. Let's start."

Raon left Wrath, who was unconscious with his tongue sticking out, and approached Glenn.

"I understand."

Glenn nodded and stepped aside.


Glenn nodded, but there was something unusual. He stepped aside instead of demonstrating the technique as he usually did.

'Why is he moving to the side?'

Usually, at this point, Glenn would show a demonstration, and then Raon would follow and replicate the move. However, today, Glenn was stepping aside instead of demonstrating.

"Try Infusing your Fangs of Insanity with variable sword." 

Glenn instructed him to unfold the swordsmanship first without showing a demonstration.

"I understand."

Raon nodded and drew Heavenly Drive. Thinking that he was getting annoyed, he unfolded Fangs of Insanity with variable sword.


The slow and seemingly endless blade of Fangs of Insanity gleamed like a clear, sharp fang, vividly exhibiting the changes amid the heat. Heavenly Drive's blade unraveled like a thread, revealing a pure, flowing transformation.


Glenn stroked his chin and lowered his eyebrows. He had an ambiguous expression.

"The speed of your sword strikes was a bit too fast. The focal point of the variable is the wrist, but you didn't use it properly. Don't focus on speed; concentrate on the variable."

He lowered the sword he had raised a moment ago. As if he had completely eliminated the shortcomings of the swordsmanship he had just demonstrated, hundreds of blades filled the training ground.

"Try it again."

Glen gestured to correct the pointed-out areas.


'Has the lord also changed?'

Just as Rekhtar began to train a little more harshly under Glenn's influence, Glenn seemed to have become more gentle under Rekhtar's influence.

It was clear that each of them had seen the other's training and that their teachings had changed accordingly.

"What are you doing just standing there?"

"I'll do it right now."

Raon sighed as he raised Heavenly Drive.

'But if this is the case...'

Am I the only one who's going to have a harder time?

* * *

After finishing Glenn's training, which was outwardly gentle but actually more intense, Raon sighed.

'I'm going to die.'

In order to satisfy Glenn, he had to push his aura and concentration to the limit every time he used his swordsmanship. After repeating this until the evening, his body felt as heavy as wet cotton, and his head was so foggy that he couldn't think straight.

'It's not going to work.'

I can't just let this stress pile up.

He had to train the Light Wind division members to relieve this stress so that he could withstand Glenn and Rekhtar's training the next day.

As Raon was thinking about how to torment the Light Wind division members today, Rekhtar entered the practice field.

"Lord Glenn."

Rekhtar approached Glen and saluted.

"You've changed your training methods."

"You've also made changes to your teaching, haven't you, Rekhtar?"

Glenn smiled, saying that Rekhtar's teaching had also changed a lot.

"On the contrary, I thought providing some explanations would be better. Point out the shortcomings properly, and if they can't do it, make them do it even more."

"You're absolutely right. That way, they'll have more time to wield their swords."

"Indeed. Today, I believe we practiced swordsmanship at least ten times more than yesterday."

The two of them engaged in a conversation that seemed like they were challenging each other and began discussing how to make their training even more intense and extensive.


Raon's eyes widened as he saw Glenn and Rekhtar exchanging sincere smiles.

'When did they become so close?'

* * *

After observing on the swordsmanship of Yua and Yulius, Rekhtar returned to his room. He sat on the bed and smiled faintly.

'This is enjoyable.'

I can't remember the last time I felt like this.

Teaching Raon, who learns five things in one, raising a disciple who has become as pure as white paper, and teaching swordplay to Yua and Yulius, who are like grandchildren. Since he arrived in Zieghart, every moment had been filled with happiness.


Perhaps because of the shared sense of purpose in teaching Raon, he has become a little closer to Glenn. Every time they discussed how to make Raon stronger, it felt like talking to a relative.

He hoped that this life, which was more fulfilling than when he was raising Edgar, would continue.

"I don't want to leave. Just a little more..."

As Rekhtar closed his eyes on the bed, he heard two knocks.


"Come in."

It was Musten's voice, so he told him to come in.

"I'm sorry for disturbing you so late at night."

Unlike when he was watching the training earlier, he entered the room with a face as hard as ice.

"What is it?"

Musten, instead of answering, took a pure white letter from his pocket and handed it to Rekhtar.

"We've received an order from the union to return."


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