TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 156


-Are you excited, Human?

When Cale smiled, Raon spoke to him with an excited voice.

-Human, can I go up and find the secret safe?

He nodded.

"Sure, go ahead and look for it. I'll check it later."

-Understood, Human! Searching for the safe is fun!

Cale felt the wind pass by him as Raon excitedly climbed the stairs.

His gaze lowered.


The manager was being dragged by Ron while holding a curved sword.

The five Blood Cultists were already unconscious.

"... When...?"

The Pinnacle Demon descended the stairs and looked at Ron with an astonished expression.

Ron calmly replied.

"I moved while the focus was on the Young Master."

Then, with a benevolent smile, he looked at Cale.

"Terrifying elder."

Cale noticed that Ron was quite satisfied.

After a long time, he felt that his body was moving properly, giving him a sense of relief.


Choi Han arrived by Cale's side, and Ron immediately handed the manager over to Choi Han, then turned to Cale.

"Young Master, may I go to the tunnel?"

"It's filled with water."

"It's better to drain it a bit before going in."

"Then, it's fine."

Ron seemed so friendly that Cale felt he shouldn't refuse.

As he watched Ron head toward the cave, Cale looked away.

He prayed for the well-being of the Blood Cultists in that tunnel.

Of course, he added:

"Make sure to check where the tunnel leads."


It would be useful to know where the Silver Blue Commercial Guild could escape.

"And now, what will you do?"

Cale sat down and looked at the manager, who was kneeling with his hands tied.

The man, unable to speak due to the gag, stared at him with furious eyes.

"If you release him without reason, he might try to kill you."

The Pinnacle Demon spoke cautiously.

Cale nodded in response.

"I don't intend to have a conversation anyway."


After examining the manager as if considering something, Cale finally spoke.

"What number are you?"


The man only stared at him without speaking.

"I suppose you or that guy in the cave are the leaders of this place, and I guess you two are still high up in the Blood Cult."

The Silver Blue Commercial Guild in Sichuan.

If someone was in charge here, as in the headquarters, they would also have a high rank in the Blood Cult.

The Sichuan branch is the beginning of the top.

Whoever was in charge of this branch, which was equivalent to the headquarters, must be quite high in the clan.

At least from the perspective of the Murim, he had imagined that there would be someone of advanced level here in the Unrestrained Realm.

"This guy..."

Cale, who was staring intently at the one who still glared at him menacingly, let out an ironic laugh.

"It seems like there's nothing important here after all."

The Pinnacle Demon reacted to those words.

"What does that mean?"

"The defenses of the Silver Blue Commercial Guild are weaker than I thought."

Cale muttered as he observed his surroundings while his companions took care of the guild.

"And about half of the first floor seems to be actual employees of the Guild."

They didn't seem skilled in martial arts at all.

And the remaining ones were somewhat weak.

"Moreover, there's no way so much explosive powder has been stored in this building all the time."

Cale pointed to the soaked gunpowder.

"If this powder were to explode with a small impact, they couldn't have stored it in this busy and bustling underground of the branch. Unless they wanted to die in their own trap."

"... Does that mean this powder was brought here recently?"


Currently, there were quite a few rumors about the Blood Cult in the Central Plains.

Of course, the details were unknown. Things like the Living Jiangshi.

However, it was known that the Blood Cult was targeting the Central Plains.

"As soon as the rumor spread, they acted."

The Pinnacle Demon expressed admiration.

"If Young Master Kim's words are true, then the Blood Cult is truly amazing."

As much as the rumor had spread, the Silver Blue Commercial Guild of Sichuan was barely mentioned.

Despite that, an operation to clean up the Sichuan guild was underway.

Cale nodded in agreement.

Probably, as soon as the Blood Cult withdrew its multiple extended hands into the Central Plains...

"Probably after realizing that their connection to the Living Jiangshi, and especially to the Heavenly Demon, was severed."

"Definitely. The Blood Cult would have also realized that something was wrong."

Cale looked at the manager.

"They probably moved the important things. And you and the others were probably used as bait. If someone with their sights on the Silver Blue Commercial Guild appeared, you would be willing to die along with them."

The manager's eyes reddened even more, and he continued to stare at Cale.


The Pinnacle Demon clicked her tongue.

"It seems like this guy doesn't know much. There's not much to find out anyway."

"Well, that's true."

Cale responded casually and continued.

"Go upstairs and organize things, please."


The Pinnacle Demon knew she had nothing to do upstairs.

The subordinates of Young Master Kim would have already handled things in an orderly manner.

Therefore, the implication of her words was that she wanted to be left alone.

'I'm curious, but I have to resist.'

The Pinnacle Demon understood this through this situation.

'I should have been more restrained when I asked for a Living Jiangshi the other time; I could have caused a big problem.'

She could tell that Young Master Kim and his group were showing a lot of patience this time.

In general, they avoided conflict, but they were not docile people.

In fact, if they were extremely kind, there was a high probability that they were unpleasant types.

'It's more likely that those unpleasant types try to blend in and move forward without attracting attention.'

Because if you roll your eyes, you have to go all the way. (눈 뒤집히면 끝까지 가야 되니까.)


With a clear cough, she exited the basement and climbed the stairs.

Behind her, came the voice of Young Master Kim.

"What number are you?"


Once again, there was no response.

So he asked another question.

"You know Number 7, right?"


For the first time, a change occurred in the manager's pupils.

"So you are aware, huh?"

The spies captured in the Demon Cult. Some of them had a rank as high as over 100, so their position was lagging behind. That's why they weren't surprised to hear the term 'Number 7.'

However, no matter how much the Silver Blue Commercial Guild of Sichuan exploded. Someone who assumed responsibility for this place related to the Blood Cult should be at least someone who knew a lot.

"I mean."

Cale laughed and said.

"I'm from Shaolen."


"Oh, have you also heard of Shaolen?"


Cale exclaimed in admiration.

His expression was so full of humor that it seemed he had too much composure.

"The world was on the verge of collapse because of you guys. I came to catch you from Shaolen."

Upon hearing Cale's words, the Pinnacle Demon didn't understand for a moment.

She stopped walking and looked towards the stairs. Her eyes met with Choi Han's.

She closed her mouth in response to the cold look in his eyes.

She didn't know why, but she always felt uncomfortable with Choi Han. It was a strange feeling.

'I better leave quickly.'

The Pinnacle Demon quickly left the basement, but she stopped in her tracks upon hearing the last words.

Cale smiled broadly at the manager, unaware of the exchanged glances between the two.

"Isn't the Blood Cult currently searching for a Priestess, right?"

How does Young Master Kim know these things?

Is it because he's from the Imperial Palace?

...But that didn't seem to be true.

For some reason, she felt uncomfortable knowing something she shouldn't.

Furthermore, the Pinnacle Demon noticed that Young Master Kim could still speak openly with her even now.

However, the Pinnacle Demon finally realized something.

'I need to leave soon.'

Her survival instinct, strengthened by life and death, told her.

'I can't stay here any longer.'

Once the Pinnacle Demon was completely out of the basement, Cale returned his gaze to the manager.



The manager's face was full of surprise at the mention.

"Why are you so surprised? Once they choose the Priestess, they'll also properly choose the heir of the Blood Cult, right?"


The manager was so surprised that he couldn't open his eyes wide. His posture seemed to twist as he desperately tried to remove the gag.

"Why? Do you have something to say?"

Cale pointed to himself with his finger.

"There are many things you'd like to ask me, right?"

Looking into his fiery, bloodshot eyes, Cale shook his head.

"Too bad. I have nothing to hear from you."

So there was no reason to ungag him.

Step, step~

With cautious steps, someone approached Cale.

"Young Master."

It was Eunuch Chief Wi.

Cale straightened up.

"Have you finished what you needed to do?"


Eunuch Chief Wi handed over a rolled-up document.

"It contains our observations and findings."

"Good work."

Cale looked at the manager with an inscrutable expression and smirked.

"What are you looking at?"


He opened the document.

"As I thought. They already had it separated."

"Most likely, in the recent days, the important information was in the transport carriages that left the Silver Blue Commercial Guild."

"I see. Did they check the direction these carriages were heading?"

"They were heading toward Yunnan."

"Hmm. Then they must have traveled through Yunnan to Nanman. It seems there really is a Blood Cult in Nanman."

"Yes, so those in Yunnan will watch and report on them."

Eunuch Chief Wi, who had led Cale to the Silver Blue Commercial Guild branch, had received information from his colleagues in the Eastern Depot who had been in Sichuan. They had handed over information they had gathered over a long period.

Although the Blood Cult tried to hide quickly and meticulously, Cale and the Imperial Family had been prepared even before the Demon Cult arrived and had set up informants in Sichuan to monitor and understand the Blood Cult's information and development.

Of course, initially, Cale hadn't revealed everything about the Silver Blue Commercial Guild, but afterward, the flow of information provided by Cale allowed the observers in Sichuan to quickly comprehend and relay the information. It was a natural process.

"Why? Can't you understand the current situation?"

Cale let out a smile as he saw the manager with a weak expression on his face.

He gave instructions to Eunuch Chief Wi.

"Also, request cooperation from the Beggar's Sect. Also, from the Hao Clan." (Note: In other translations, the Hao Clan is referred to as the 'Ignoble School,' as it literally means 'Humble and Dirty School.' It's an intelligence organization composed of the lowest-ranking members of society, the scum or dregs of society, such as prostitutes, thieves, etc.)

"Yes, I will."

Since they were on the same side as the Imperial Family, things were much easier.

Cale smiled in satisfaction.

Things are resolving very well.

-Human, human.

It was at that moment.

Raon's voice echoed.


Suddenly, a chill ran down his spine.

'What's going on?'

Then, he heard a loud noise.


The basement ceiling shook.

Although the gunpowder was still protected, Cale's forehead wrinkled.

When Cale and his team took over the building, the vibrations hadn't been this intense.


These Central Plains guys.

They always look for trouble when things are quiet.

Cale clicked his tongue and left the manager in Choi Han's care as he ascended the stairs with Eunuch Chief Wi.

Then, due to a gust of wind, the entrance door was blown into dust, and they could see the Pinnacle Demon on the other side of the entrance.

And he saw the men facing her.

-Young Master, it's the Tang Family.

Following Eunuch Chief Wi's introduction, those facing the Pinnacle Demon were members of the Tang Family.

-There are also members from the Emei Sect.

The Tang Family members wore green robes, and the Emei Sect members wore monk robes.

-The Qingcheng Sect is here as well.


Most of those present at the meeting were young.

Although there were some middle-aged ones in the Tang Family.

-It seems like many from the Tang Family came to check due to the unexpected commotion.

After all, both the Emei Sect and Qingcheng Sect existed in the outer mountains, not inside the city.

Therefore, people from these two sects who had gathered now must have come to the city for business.

So even if they were external factions, many of those who had gathered seemed to be related to matters in the city.

-It seems that the information about the Silver Blue Commercial Guild is still confidential, so I guess they don't know anything and are here because of the events that occurred.

The connection between the Silver Blue Commercial Guild and the Blood Cult was highly confidential information, known only to the Imperial Palace.

Since they hadn't found all the spies yet, the other factions, including the Tang Family, knew that Cale was involved but didn't know the details.

Cale walked toward them calmly.

"Pinnacle Demon! What the hell are you doing?"

"No, I'm explaining it to you! Why aren't you listening and instead starting to throw daggers?"

"Hmph. Have you already destroyed everything and claim you're explaining? How the hell am I supposed to listen to you?"

"No, since you asked us what we were doing, I guess I should explain, right? But these Tang Family guys aren't listening."

"Are you provoking the Tang Family, by any chance?"

"Phew. Why did this stubborn mule-like guy come here?"

"Are you provoking me now?"

"No, really."

The Pinnacle Demon was being pushed back by words.

Cale shook his head and approached them.

There was a middle-aged man facing the Pinnacle Demon.

He had a very stubborn expression.

"Who are you? Are you on the same side as the Pinnacle Demon?"

The middle-aged man glared at Cale.

Cale smiled.

He extended his hand.

"I'm Kim Haeil. I was planning to visit the Tang Family today. I'm not sure if you've heard of me."

"...Kim Haeil... Ah!"

The middle-aged man's expression softened to show surprise, as if he had remembered who he was.

However, his expression soon hardened.

"...I knew a valuable guest from the Murim Alliance would come, so it's a pleasure to meet you."

"It's a pleasure to meet you too."

Cale courteously returned the greeting.

But the middle-aged man's expression remained stern.

"It's a great pity, however, that we must meet under these circumstances."


The Pinnacle Demon let out a groan. She transmitted her Sound Transmission to Cale.

-That guy has great pride in the family. He also hates me a lot. So he's causing more trouble. His name is Tang Ho, but among us, we call him Stubborn Donkey because he's as stubborn as a donkey.

Cale heard it all.

'This is so annoying wherever I go.'

Is this a feature of the Murim World?

Toxically, territorial attitudes here are severe.

And factions act like the rulers of the region.

Now, since Cale was already relaxed, he decided to do things his way.

The middle-aged man looked at Cale and calmly said.

"I don't know what drove you to do this, but it would have been better if you had passed by the Tang Family earlier and told us what you were doing."


Cale's calm question made the middle-aged man pause.

But he soon sighed. And his gaze at Cale showed a bit of irritation.

Anyone could tell it was a look directed at a troublemaker.

"As much as the Tang Family is rooted in Sichuan, so is Sichuan protected by the Tang Family. Out of respect for that history and responsibility, wouldn't it have been polite to inform us before doing something so significant?"


The Pinnacle Demon let out a mocking laugh.

"They're not protecting anything. They're just protecting themselves. Tsk."

"Silence, Pinnacle Demon."


At the moment the Pinnacle Demon's gaze filled with anger, the middle-aged man looked at Cale and spoke.

"First of all, if you're going to do something like this, wouldn't it have been better to do it with our legitimate sect instead of an evil group like the Evil Faction?"


Cale asked again, and the middle-aged man's face twisted and then relaxed.

He sighed and spoke again.

"Because Sichuan is our territory, and the Tang Family, and even beyond that, Emei and Qingcheng, are protecting Sichuan. Wouldn't it have been a sign of respect for that history and responsibility to inform us before doing something so significant?"

Cale interrupted those words and asked.

"Why do I need to get approval from the Tang Family for what happens in Sichuan?"

"...What are you...?"

The middle-aged man started to say something else, but Cale shook his head.

"Is the Tang Family of Sichuan the government?"

The middle-aged man's eyes widened, and he stopped.

"Tsk. The Tang Family of Sichuan protects Sichuan. How dare you say that in front of someone from the Imperial Palace?"

The Pinnacle Demon clicked her tongue.

However, Cale said with an indifferent face.

"I told it to the government."

When they entered the gates of Sichuan city, they had already transmitted a message to the government.

Whether it was to address the outstanding matters in the Silver Blue Commercial Guild or for discussions and measures with non-Blood Cult-affiliated employees, the government would take care of it.

Cale tilted his head to the side.

"Why should I get approval from the Tang Family to move and act in my affairs?"

Cale approached the middle-aged man and other members from different sects.

"Is the Tang Family, the Emei Sect, and the Qingcheng Sect the rulers of Sichuan?"

The middle-aged man pursed his lips. His face turned pale.

Answering incorrectly would be considered an act of treason.

Cale spoke seriously to those who hadn't yet grasped the situation.

"You say you're protecting Sichuan..."

And he asked.

"The Silver Blue Commercial Guild belongs to the Blood Cult. They've left this organization untouched. What's the reason?"

The middle-aged man's eyes widened.

Ignoring it, Cale asked.

"Were you aware but chose to ignore it? Or did you simply not know?"

The first option implied enmity.

The second option implied incompetence.

"What's the answer?"

Cale asked with a calm tone.

Either way, for the Tang Family of Sichuan, there was only one unfavorable choice.



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