Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 91


Canis, who was dodging the rampaging flashes of the Photon Cannon, was more flustered than ever before. Why wasn't Shirone getting tired? It was as if the limit of his mental power had been cut off.

- Harvey! I'm going to get hit like this!

Harvest still hasn't responded back. It was ominous because it had never been like this before. Moreover, the reason was unknown. Canis knew better than anyone that Harvest was not a foolish magical creature that would keep silent during battle just because he was upset about the conflict of opinions.

- Harvest! Answer me!

A Photon Cannon grazed past Canis, who was straining his nerves on the mental channel. He hastily twisted his waist, but it was definitely a late response. It wasn't that he dodged it, but that it wasn't aimed at him.


About 10 flashes of light were fired from Shirone. But this time, too, the aim was not accurate. Canis finally realized. Numerous flashes were extinguishing all the darkness that could be moved by Dark Port.

'This crazy...!'

If he couldn't hit, it was a strategy to hold on and defeat him. It makes sense, but isn't it too ignorant? He had already fired more than 200 shots of mentally consuming magic like the Photon Cannon. Even so, far from getting tired, the number of flashes continued to increase.

'How enormous is his mental power?'

The thought gave him goosebumps. As dozens of Photon Cannons filled Canis' field of vision, a sense of despair filled his heart. The volley of flashes blocked all routes that could be moved through Dark Port and came in.

'This cannot be avoided. It's over.'

He was angry and resentful. Losing to a light mage in front of his master was more frightening than death.

- How annoying. Arcane.

- Harvey?

The mental channel opened for the first time since the aerial battle began. Harvest stood in front of Canis and received the Photon Cannon with his body. The whole body of the magical creature trembled as shockwaves came in continuously, and a bizarre moan leaked out.

Thinking that it couldn't be absorbed just by the surface, Harvest opened his body wide and swallowed the Photon Cannon whole. His body twitched, and his slender waist swelled like a balloon. He started digesting the photons by fully operating the absorption power inside his body. Gradually, his body contracted and returned to its original form.


Canis bent his upper body with a shocked expression. The reason Harvest was able to absorb the Photon Cannon was that he had used Canis's mental power. However, borrowing power unilaterally without consent was impossible under the master-servant contract.

- Harvy?

- Get a grip and get ready!

Harvest, who absorbed all of Canis' mental power, flew to Shirone and brandished his claws. Shirone, not accustomed to close combat, was cornered. Harvest's speed was agile enough to catch up with the movements of teleporting to dodge. How could this happen? It even seemed much stronger than Canis.

Ethella, who had the same thoughts as Sgirone, looked back at Arcane. From his emotionless eyes watching the battle, she could tell the turn of events.

'Viltor Arcane. What a cruel man you are.'

The reason he attached the best magical creature to Kanis was not because he loved his disciple. To him, burning with vengeance, a disciple was merely a disposable tool to achieve his own will. A fuel tank that could maximize the power of Harvest. That was the purpose of Canis's existence.

As Shirone increased the link speed of teleportation, Harvest's movement became even faster. Canis' complexion turned as pale as a corpse. He couldn't even think because his mental strength was drained. Only feelings of betrayal and deprivation echoed in his head.

- Harvest. why?

Only silence returned. Canis, realizing who the master was, had the life drained from his eyes. As all the past events flickered by like a revolving lantern, tears welled up.

Shirone took refuge on the ground. He had his blood dripping from his wounds, which had been cut as if cut by a knife.

'Even the Photon Cannon doesn't work. There isn't much time left to open the Immortal Function.'

Canis, who came down with Harvest, put his hands on the ground. His pupils were out of focus. Harvest didn't care and charged at Shirone. The battle had to be finished before Canis' mental strength was exhausted.

Shirone thought while dodging Harvest's razor-sharp nail attacks. The situation where he had the upper hand just moments ago had been reversed in an instant.

Reversal of master-servant role.

As Harvest, who was only an assistant to Canis, took the forefront, things began to change. A magical creature without the fear of death. Could there be a more difficult enemy on the battlefield? It was a war machine that moved by sucking life from Canis, the fuel tank.

'War machine...?'

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