Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 92


“Your name is Harvest.”

The black orbs vibrated at Arcane's words. As the molecular bonding force weakened, the black substance rose as smoke. The monster born from darkness spoke in a dull voice.

“I am Harvest.”

"I will conduct a few tests. Stay in the test tube for the time being."

Arcane pointed to a glass tube that was 3 meters tall. It was so narrow that a human wouldn't last 10 minutes, but the magical creature had no concept of the persistence of time.

That night, Canis and Arin sneaked into the laboratory. Since he had not received permission from Arcane, their nervousness was evident. However, that feeling disappeared the moment they discovered Harvest.

A 2-meter-tall humanoid shadow.

The slender waist and dynamic wide shoulders shook Canis' heart.

"This is the Master's..."

The essence of magical biology completed by the Archmage over 150 years. Moreover, it was a magical creature that inherited Arcane's memory and intelligence.

Unlike Canis, Arin trembled as if she had seen a monster.

“Ugh. It's really strange. I thought it would be similar to a human."

"If the magical creature doesn't look scary, who would be frightened? In my opinion, this form is really amazing. It's combat-oriented."

"Still, it's strange to me..."

Canis didn't care. If she didn't like it, it was rather a good thing.

'Wait, Harvest. I'll be your master.'

Arcane said he would choose between himself and Arin to be Harvest's master. Of course, Arin is a precious friend, but there was no concession in this matter. He will definitely prove his qualifications through friendly competition.

“Canis, let's leave. Master might come."

"Huh? Oh, yeah."

Arin turned off the lights and followed behind Canis. Then she glanced back hesitantly. The explosive emotions of the vibrating Harvest were conveyed.


Arin fled the room as if running away, and after that day, she didn't even approach the lab. However, as someone who had been trapped in Radum's warehouse in her childhood, she couldn't leave Harvest alone.

While everyone was asleep, Arin mustered up the courage to visit the laboratory. Harvest was still trapped in the glass tube, just as before.

"Don’t you feel very stifled?"

When there was no answer, Arin examined the glass tube's mechanism and found the switch.

“I can get you out for a moment.”

"Why do you think I feel stifled?"

Arin took a step back. It was a hoarse voice that naturally evoked fear.

"You've been trapped for a month already."

"Feeling uncomfortable in an immobile state is a human thing. I cannot perceive time. I don't care if I'm trapped like this forever."

Arin shook her head in disbelief. The vibes she sensed from Harvest were full of suppressed and stifling energy.

"...But maybe, you could be right."

"Did something come to mind?"

"I guess. Curiosity, perhaps? That's not the right expression. I am made to learn from the moment I exist. But now that is impossible.”

"That's what I mean by feeling stifled."

Harvest was deep in thought. Was it really so?

"How can you read my emotions?"

"Hehe. It just happened. I lived in Radum for a long time."

"Radum. The slums of Bashka, the capital of Thormia. Highly concealed facilities and severe population fluctuations. Presumed to be the den of the Ain tribe that lost its territory on the continent."

Even Arin, who lived in Radum, had never heard such a story before.

“Mr. Harvest knows a lot.”

"What information do you have?"

"Are you suggesting a conversation?"

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