Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 90


“Light is beauty.”

"Yes? I beg your pardon?"

Alpheas asked. It was natural that he did not know photonics, but this kind of answer was unexpected.

“The light is beautiful. Flowers are beautiful too. We are also beautiful. But the light you're talking about... it doesn't sound beautiful."

Alpheas felt as if he had been hit on the head with a hammer. It was a direct hit in the form of pure thought that could not be molded into words.

“I- I see. Why do you think light is beautiful?"

To Alpheas, light was just photons. But Erina answered without hesitation, as if she knew everything.

"Light shows us darkness. Without light, how can we see the night sky?"

The world became silent. Like the universe.

Alpheas didn't say anything. The thoughts he truly desired poured out like a waterfall above his head.

Why did he try to distinguish between the two? By taking just one step back, he could see everything so clearly.

Because it is beautiful.

No contradiction would be considered a contradiction.

“It is a beauty. You are so beautiful, Ms. Erina.”

Erina turned her head while smiling innocently like a child. The moment he saw her smile, Alpheas made up his mind.

To remember this moment for the rest of his life.

Alpheas knelt down to Erina. Then, in her most polite gesture, he held out his right hand.

"Please be my light."

That night 40, years ago.

The confession under the moonlight was a precious memory for Alpheas, a happiness he could not exchange for the whole world. A faint smile lingered on his lips as the curtain of Abyss Nova lifted.

Reversed Roles (1)

Canis glared at the white light burning on Shirone's palm. . It was truly an overwhelming presence. Of course, he had the aggression to face death without hesitation. But he thought that even if he died, he should at least get something out of it.

- Harvey. I'm up for a fight. Let's do it.

- That magic. How fast could it be? It might be unavoidable.

- You just have to block it.

- If I can't block it, you'll die. If you die, I'll perish too. We'll have to fight eventually, but there are too many variables. (I have mental image that they are similar to Stand. Dark Mage = Stand User. Change my mind.)

Exchanging opinions at the speed of thought was a huge advantage in battle. But there was also the disadvantage of not knowing what decision to make when opinions were polarized.

"What's going on here?"

The one who broke the standoff was an unexpected voice. A shadow surged like water from the cliff, and a grotesque skeleton of an old man rose to the surface of the darkness.

It was Archmage Arcane.

The impression of Arcane, who grasped the situation at a glance, was crumpled. The reason he had been able to devote his full power to Ethella was that he was confident that the situation here had already been resolved.

Arcane believed in Canis. No, he firmly believed in Harvest, who was subordinate to Canis.

However, when he finally arrived, the situation was completely different than expected.

Lucas is down with a miserable sight, and Canis and Harvest were being cornered by just one person.

"I apologize, Master."

Arcane was not a person with a generous personality. He ignored Canis's apology and coldly turned to look at Shirone.

'I thought his face looked familiar.'

He resembles Alpheas. Rather than the face or appearance, the temperament felt throughout was similar. The audacity to confidently speak his mind even under the gaze of the Archmage was also similar.

“Did you plan this?”

“Young people are cheeky. What is your name?”

“I don’t want to tell a murderer my name. Release the mind control and leave the school immediately. If you don't, I won't let it go."


Arcane burst out laughing. He wasn't angry. However, his standard for killing someone was not based on anger, but on how much amusement he could derive from it. In that sense, Shirone was a ripe fruit that was perfect for killing right away.

"I'm sorry, but I can't release the mind control. That's because Alpheas's disciples must die."

Sensing a sense of death, Shirone fired the Photon Cannon without realizing it, along with a chilling sensation throughout his body.

It was obviously an accidental shot.

Arcane easily dodged the Photon Cannon and confirmed the magic's disappearance before turning back.

“The radius of the Spirit Zone is 52.7 meters. Not bad. It's quite a high level for your age."

Even photons cannot exceed the limits of the physical world if they contain mass. However, the basic speed of Photon Output was much faster than most flying objects. To dodge a Photon Cannon in an instant and measure the radius of the Spirit Zone was beyond human senses.

Shirone gritted his teeth and compressed the photons again. He had encountered a master whose abilities he couldn't gauge, but in order to prevent hundreds of students from free-falling off the cliff, he had no choice but to fight.

“Stop it, Sirone.”

Ethella emerged from the mountains. Her clothes were torn, revealing her bare skin, and she was covered in dirt from head to toe.

"Don't act recklessly. Arcane is a dangerous person."

Arcane's brow wrinkled. The battle with her had been enjoyable, but he had long forgotten about the food he had already trampled on.

"The defeated have quite a thick skin. If your life was saved, you should cherish it.”

Shirone and the others were shocked. Could it be that Miss Ethella was defeated by an old man with only his bones left? Bishop of the Karsys Holy Order. Jonah, the authority of the Spirit Zone. Certified 6th-rank mage. Her titles that qualifies her are not something most can afford to take care of.

"It's impossible. Teacher Ethella....”

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