Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 89


"When she was young, she had an accident. That's why her mental age is around 10 years old. They say she's not allowed to leave her room, so how did she come to this party?"

Alpheas looked back at Erina with a complicated feeling. However, she seemed completely unfazed by others' gazes, innocently smiling and greeting the young men.

As is common at such events, she seemed to be looking for a dance partner. But no one offered her a kind smile. Instead, they awkwardly greeted her and quickly moved away. They could only do this because of the power of the Bastard family.

Alpheas glanced at the head of the family sitting across the table. As expected, his face was flushed with anger. Unable to bear it, he yelled at his wife.

"Didn't I tell you not to bring Erina? Take her out immediately!"

"Honey, please bear with it. Erina likes parties too. If we forcibly remove her and cause a scene, it'll be a disgrace. Just leave her be, and I will take her quietly without anyone knowing.”

"Ugh! It's embarrassing. She's a disgrace to our family, a disgrace!"

Alpheas pursed his lower lip. He could understand the feelings, but it was too much to call one's daughter a disgrace. He knew very well the position of the first-class nobles in society. After all, he was born in a first-class noble family and had earned the chilling nickname "Light of Mirhi."

'It's just like looking at the old man in our house. Anyway, these nobles.'

Alpheas couldn't take his eyes off Erina until the music had changed three times. What he found out was that she was purely enjoying the party. She seemed satisfied with just the fact that he was greeted by the people.

But what kind of people were the mages? They were the kind to condemn ignorance as evil. They pretended to smile but secretly mocked the slow-witted Erina.

"Klump, hold this for a moment. No, you drink it."

After passing the glass, Alpheas turned to the ballroom and Klump hurriedly called and stopped him.

"What are you up to now? Please don't cause any trouble here."

“The lowly ones are rejecting the favor of the lady because they learned a little character. As the most popular person in Bashka, I have to step in and elevate her status.”

Klump's bear-like strength turned Alpheas back.

“Alpheas. You, that's a bad idea. To Erina, your sympathy might be taken as a mockery. She's had enough with those people. Don't make her more miserable."

Klump was sincere. His usual clumsy eyes were replaced by a burning sense of justice. Alpheas smiled and patted Klump on the shoulder.

"Anyway, you're simple-minded. Do you think I wouldn't know that? I've never treated any woman with falsehood. All sins are born from discrimination. Don't you know this word? If I start being considerate, her life will become like a bird trapped in a cage. Trust me, I've got a plan."

"Are you serious? Are you really going to do it? Hey, wait!"

Alpheas crossed the ballroom, then looked back at Klump and flashed a killer smile, which he himself acknowledged.

"Don't worry. Because I am everyone’s lover.”

By the time Alpheas arrived, no one was left around Erina. Everyone had subtly avoided her. However, she was enjoying her apple without even looking depressed, as if it was her daily life for her.

"Hello? What a delightful ball."

Erina stopped munching on an apple and blinked while looking back at Alpheas. Even before having a conversation, one could tell her intelligence was lacking just by looking at her eyes.

But it was pure.

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