Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 140


Tess also experienced the absorption of power, but without a single disruption, she rewound her actions and sheathed her sword.

Distance control, maximum acceleration, everything was perfect. All eyes were focused on the sphere.

A number popped up. 442. It was the first time that the number exceeded 400.

What would the result be? Tess looked on without showing any emotion.

Shortly after, the number disappeared and the sphere turned red.

"Phew, it didn't work. That's a shame."

Tess turned away without hesitation. SHE could understand the feelings of the two who shouted that they would try it one more time, but she thought it would be a loss of dignity to follow suit.

“Damn it! Isn't that really broken? She strike it with a rapier, how can it come out more than a blunt weapon?"

The warrior roared in frustration. Living in a world that relied on brute strength, it could hurt their pride to be beaten by a woman, but from Tess' perspective, it was pathetic.

"Why do you care about that when we both failed? And controlling power and using power are completely different! Why don’t you practice some skills instead of just lifting rocks?”

"What?! Are you ignoring my strength? Can't you see these muscles? Do you have something like this?”

Tess turned her head away as if she had seen something disgusting. She thought it would be easier to talk to a cow about subtlety than to argue with this macho man.

"Is the sword warrior testing over? Then it's my turn."

The archer pulled out the longbow behind his back and stepped out.

From the results so far, it seemed difficult to score high with just physical strength.

Although an arrow is a physical attack, the archer was confident. Even though it was a costly method, if he didn't show at least one skill, wouldn't he be laughed at?

“Looks like you intend to use that.”

As the mage said, the archer took out an arrow from his back and removed the arrowhead. Then, he took out a uniquely shaped arrowhead from the hard leather pocket on his pants.

The tip was not sharp, but round like an almond, but it was not the usual iron color, it was purple.

"Hmm, good. Shall we try this one this time?"

Amy's eyes lit up when she saw the uniquely colored arrowhead. Certainly, with that, it could deliver a much more powerful impact than an ordinary arrow.

"Shirone, look at that. It's a magic bullet."

"Huh? That is?”

Shirone had also heard about magic bullets in class. It was an item infused with magic into magic crystals, which is extracted in extremely small quantities from nature.

The principle of occurrence of magic crystal stone is a mystery, but it is a common theory that it is a chemical reaction that responds to unique natural phenomena.

For example, magic crystals of lightning could be collected in dry highlands or tropical rain forests where thunderstorms often occur.

The minerals collected in this way show affinity for specific phenomena, and magic engineers succeeded in storing magic in magic stones using such properties.

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