Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 139


Shirone realized the situation. The rule was more restrictive and dangerous than expected. It was because it was much more difficult than he thought to unite the majority of opinions.

He didn't know what was in Kerugo, but if there was something worth risking his life for, there was a possibility of infighting.

"What? Was it that simple? How about this? We'll take care of the four brat and we'll go in. I never knew there was such an easy way.”

The leader looked back at Shirone and pursed his lips. It was a look expecting a fearful expression, but to Shirone, it was pitiful.

Once the rule was heard, it was the right way to cooperate even if they disliked it.

A leader who led with emotion from the start could not only ruin the organization but also endanger the lives of his comrades.

'This person is not qualified to be a leader. The other people seem to be doing at least halfway decent.'

As expected, his comrades stepped in to dissuade him. If they gained achievement, they can pass unconditionally, so considering sacrifice was a later issue.

"Let's get started. How long are we going to stay here?"

"Tch! You're one lucky brat."

The man with the white tattoo headed towards the side of the altar. He folded his arms in a place where he could see all eight spheres.

"My explanation ends here. Come out one by one and prove your abilities.”

Shirone's party and the mercenaries exchanged glances. They were calculating who would benefit from going first.

The leader unsheathed his sword and pointed at Shirone.

"Hey, you go first. Of course, I don't expect much, but do your best so we can get a sense of it. Then you never know. Maybe I'll take you to Kerugo."

"I don't want to. Why are you unilaterally deciding that?"

"What's wrong with it? I really don't like you! Shall I kill you right now! Shall I kill you and go in?"

"You keep causing trouble. From now on, we need to integrate opinions. Didn't you hear that if even one person refuses, we can't go out? Although there is no limit to the number of attempts, handicaps can be applied to those who have tried, and traps like anti-magic might be triggered. As we are all first-timers, we need to make careful decisions and determine the order."

“This, this cheeky little brat…!”

The leader was about to lose his temper. He probably hated the brat talking back to him, but the fact that he couldn't refute was the most annoying.

But the mage had a different idea. Of course, there might be no particular constraints, but unless one could seen to the future, it was good to consider all conceivable variables.

"The kid is right. Let's decide the order. How shall we do it?"

Shirone looked back at the Labyrinth of Time and Space of the at the altar. Having experienced the phenomenon called 'spot', he could roughly predict the current situation.

“That sphere could probably absorb near-infinite energy. It's standard to push the powerful mages back and let the warriors go first."

"Does it have to be so violent? Why the conclusion?"

"It's the best skill for the descendants of warriors to prove. Moreover, looking at the altar, it has a structural feature that something is implemented on a given target. Therefore, it's reasonable to assume that the device was made with the aim of striking." (“전사의 후예가 입증할 수 있는 가장 좋은 장기니까요.)

"I'm convinced. Then let's decide the order. Shall we start with the swordsman first?"

The mage said and looked back at the leader. But he shook his head as if he was upset.

"No, I'll do it later. What does that brat know to talk about? It's a simple game. Just go out and smash it."

"Huh, our leader is like this, what should we do?"

"Never mind. Then we'll send a swordsman from our side."

Shirone looked back at the swordsman on his side. Both Rian and Tess were sword warrior. . But it was foreseeable who would go out without looking.

Once the first attempt was over, a lot of information could be obtained. It was such a heavy mission and a dangerous role, so there was no way Rian would send Tess first.

"I'll do it first. Of course, it could end on my turn. Hahaha!"

"Well, baseless confidence is... Anyway, be careful. Don't be complacent."

Supported by Tess, Rian looked around in the center of the altar.

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