Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 138


However, the leader was also not an easy opponent.

"We came to meet the natives. Is that enough?"

"That could be an answer, but you have to explain. It's a breach of contract. If this continues, I won't ask anymore."

The leader felt regret. He had intended to provoke Shirone, but ended up closing the deal too early.

The quick-witted mage explained further.

"We don't know anything else either. Because we really came just to meet the natives."

"I see."

Shirone looked back at his friends and nodded. If they also didn't know what was underground, the risk of falling into a trap was eliminated for now.

Thinking it was a decent trade, Shirone pulled out an additional gold coin.

"Why did you come to meet the natives? Here's one gold."

The archer who received the money smacked his lips as if in conflict. To be honest, it was embarrassing to tell others.

"We came to get Loop. It is also distributed in the market, but we can buy it in bulk here at a much cheaper price. We plan to sell it and fund our adventures. Now, is that an answer?"

Shirone was taken aback for a moment. It was a place of Loop trafficking that had nothing to do with the secrets of the ruins.

But the mercenaries, too, had found this place with fragmented information, so it was premature to conclude.

'What’s this? Is it completely different from what I expected? A drug dealing place? No, I shouldn't think that way. It is a drug to the common people, but a ritual tool to the natives. Therefore, it must be a sacred item. That means, ultimately…….'

After finishing his thoughts, Shirone asked.

"By any chance, is this place connected to the natives' autonomous area?"

"What? How did you... Ah, crap!"

Realizing his mistake, the archer frowned. He had answered without receiving money.

Then Shirone rummaged through his pocket and pulled out a gold coin. He had asked in a hurry, but he had no intention of playing trick.

"Oh, here's one gold. I'm sorry for asking first."

The archer stared at Shirone's outstretched hand.

Of course, one gold was not easy to earn, but it was not an amount that would terrify a mercenary who had built his own career.

"Damn! Never mind. It's my mistake."

"It's not a mistake. That's how contracts work."

"I know! It's just that my pride won't let me accept it. Damn, I can't believe I made such a mistake. I still have a long way to go."

"Then I'll consider the last question as a free service."

Shirone put the gold coin back without hesitation. It wasn't a prudent student's attitude to waste it when they didn't want to receive it.

The archer was in trouble for no reason. At some point, he felt as if he was being played by a child.

“Instead, let me ask you something. How did you figure it out? In fact, that information is top secret."

“Because Loop are sacred to the natives. Besides, if the profit margin is huge enough to make big money by selling Loop, it wouldn't be easily released. Ultimately, you would need the permission of an authoritative person among the natives, and the only place where such a person could be would be an autonomous area."

The archer had nothing to say. While wondering if there was anything worthwhile to do with money, what they found was the Kerugo Ruins.

Shirone's short words contained all the conclusions he had reached after spending several days and nights researching Loop and sifting through the information market.

“Tsk! What an amazing brain this brat had. Any more questions?”

"No, that's it. Now, let's go down and check."

The archer smiled bitterly. He guessed why Shirone was not asking. He probably noticed that no matter what he asked, he had nothing more to say.

Shirone and the others went down for 20 minutes. Although it spiraled, it was still of great depth.

When they reached the end of the stairs, a corridor on a one-way path continued. Two natives stood at an iron gate set up 10 meters ahead.

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