Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 133


“This, this can’t be….”

The guard was shocked. He had not anticipated that the bouncer, famous on Galliant Island for his enormous size, would be knocked down by a woman's single blow.

Rian shook his head as he looked at Tess, who was clapping her hands in triumph. With this in mind, where is there any room for men to squeeze in?

Elzaine swordsmanship is famous for its sophisticated attacks. As a fighter who was trained to strike vital points in any situation, she could eliminate the differences in strength and size in an instant.

'It's impossible to reach the tip of the chin with minimal movement without lethal concentration. You should realize how lucky you are. If Tess had drawn her sword, you would be dead by now.'

Shirone stared blankly at the unmoving bouncer. Was this the movement of a swordsman, the counterpart of a mage?

If Rian's strength was avant-garde, Tess' blow felt like watching a perfect piece of art.

"Wow, that's really cool, Tess."

"Hehe! Was it good? Shirone, you have a discerning eye, unlike someone who's just standing beside me."

Rian, half-listening, approached the guard.

The guard was terrified and his legs were shaking. As Rian grabbed him by the neck and lifted him up, he made a final effort.

"Keuk! Do you know where you are?"

"I came looking because I know where it is. Do I look like I'm playing hide and seek? Where's Amy now?"

"Darn it! Who's Amy? How do I know that?”

"Shall I stop your heart instead of killing you?"

"Damn it! I really don't know! If you're curious, go find out yourself!"

"This guy, seriously!"

Rian's eyes lit up. He was already anxious to death, and this guy was provoking him. Wasn't they doing this because he didn't have time to search?

As he was about to intimidate him with a little more intensity, Shirone approached.

"Rian, that's enough. What's the point of asking him something he doesn't know?"

"Then what? Are we really going to go room by room?"

"No, ask what he knows."

“Ask what he knows? Like what?"

The guard, who met eyes with Shirone, was startled.

Anger of a different nature than Rian's. It felt as though his joints were freezing due to the rising coldness.

"Ask him where Falkoa is."

* * *

Tavern Royal Palace. Basement level 1.

Those who know call this place Temple. Of course, there are no gods. But sometimes they see gods due to the hallucinogenic effects caused by the drug ‘Loop’.

Ultimately, the VIP room on the 4th floor is a place where tourists who came only after hearing rumors came in and out, and the real heavy hitters were all in the basement.

The Temple was a space where various drugs were distributed and stimulants, Loop, could be enjoyed without limit, in other words, a space for those who were crazy for pleasure.

Temple is divided into 17 sections, and has 1.5 times the total area of the first floor.

It's always full, but room 4 is not open to customers, because it's the room of Falkoa, the action captain of the Freeman Organization and the boss of the Royal Palace.

“So I asked him. Will he be buried after you dies, or will you die after being buried? Then do you know what he said?”

"Euhuhu, what did he say, Captain? What did he say?"

Falkoa screamed as he pretended to die.

"Plea~se save me!"

"Ahaha! It's crazy! Plea~se save me!"

“Puhahaha! My stomach hurts from laughing so much! Plea~se save me!"

Falkoa's henchmen pounded the table and burst into laughter. But Jis couldn't understand it at all.

'Crazy bastards. What the hell is so funny about this? They out of their minds.'

"Oh my, darling. Why aren't you drinking?"

Jis just shook his head without even making eye contact with his partner. He felt like he wouldn't be able to see the rising sun tomorrow if he drank here.

Jis gently turned his head to look at Falkoa's partner. He was sitting by Amy, whom he had brought with him.

Of course, she also didn't understand Falkoa's coded laughter and was only staring straight ahead with a dull face.

'She’s really amazing. I'd be scared to death, but her expression doesn't change.'

If you are an ordinary girl, especially a young girl, it is normal to tremble with fear in a situation surrounded by bloody gang members. However, there was not a single hint of tension on Amy's face.

'Oh, so noisy. Bored. I want to go back.'

Amy moistened her lips with the alcohol in front of her. Being a noble, she had learned to drink, but she didn't have a taste for alcohol and never really drank. She barely managed to finish the bottle out of boredom.

However, alcohol is alcohol, as it started to kick in, she found herself falling into slightly emotional thoughts.

'What am I doing here?'

Of course, she had come along because of Jis. But on second thought, it seemed that wasn't the only reason.

'I'm sure he's back by now, right?'

Why was Shirone late? Perhaps he had been entangled in another pointless brawl.

Looking down from Shirone's omniscient point of view, how many unfortunate people could there be in the world?

‘Huhu, did I want to mimic him?’

Thinking about it, her reason for being here was no different.

All she could hear was the idiot she met at the port, and of course, the cry that did not seem to have fallen to the bottom at all, screaming for help. (항구에서 만났던 망나니가, 물론 아예 밑바닥까지 떨어진 것 같지는 않은 망나니가 살려 달라고 비명을 지르는 소리를 들었을 뿐이다.)

The atmosphere of the drinking party gradually warmed up. Amy was more irritated as this went on.

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