Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 134


In a word, it was not the intensity of emotions that could exist in reality. It was a situation where the heart could stop due to nervous system shock even if the Indrestuctible was shaken by only one percent.

But Amy wasn't worried. Because it called Indestructible Diamond since it won’t shake even just one percent.

Finally, Shirone pushed the men all the way to the table. Falkoa, who watched the mess, twisted his face in anger.

"What are you doing! Slit his throat now!"

His subordinates rushed forward, drew their longswords worn around their waists.

"Damn it! I can't believe I have to use a sword against a kid!"

At that moment, a flash of light burst from Shirone's body. The flash that occurred in the enclosed space blinded the subordinates' vision.

“Keugh! What!"

As befits those who have mastered the art of the eye, their adaptation was fast enough to escape human limitations. But they didn't move. The subordinates and Falkoa were just staring blankly at Shirone.

"What? What are you going to do by emitting light?"

Shirone flipped his palm and launched a sphere of light. The golden photons were compressed to a pale color as it compressed at a tremendous rate.

"Shirone, you don't mean?"

In front of the force of the photons shaking at an immeasurable frequency, Amy finally realized.

It was a magic that accelerates mass at a speed comparable to light to create a shockwave, the Photon Cannon.

"Shirone! That is......!"

It is not easy to avoid the Photon Cannon in an enclosed space. Eventually, someone will be hit directly and that would undoubtedly result in fatalities.

Before Amy could finish her words, Shirone held up the white sphere. And with all his might, he slammed it to the ground.

The moment the flash struck, a thunderous roar spread throughout the room as if thunder had struck right in front of them.

“Keugh! What, what is this!"

Those in the room covered their ears. As shockwave spread across the ground, the underground structures shuddered. Piles of dust poured down from the ceiling.

The subordinates were in a state of shock as if they had survived a natural disaster. The echoes of the roar, trapped underground, were still lingering in their ears.

After a long while, the gang members looked around the place where Shirone's magic had been hit. Surprisingly, the ground was not deeply dug. However, the flattened area exceeded a diameter of 4 meters.

"What is, this... Isn't this underground?"

The subordinates couldn't believe it even after seeing it with their own eyes.

This was Temple that could be said to be the strongest structure in Galliant. In order to create a space underground, a design focused on durability is essential. In fact, thick steel plates were laid on the floor of Temple.

It was understandable that the entire basement was shaken if the steel plate was carelessly flattened. In short, it was not a force that humans could withstand.

Like veterans, the subordinates did not show a crying expression. However, they kept as much distance as possible and was wary of Shirone.

Falkoa's impression crumpled again at the sight.

Overcaming 10 Pressure is one thing, but the magic the kid had demonstrated now was the first of its kind even for him, who had been through countless battlefields.

"You... Who the hell are you? Which Line are you from?"

A huge network of mage connecting continents is called Line. But Shirone didn't know the term commonly used in the magical society. He just boldly declared his origin.

“I am Shirone who attends Alpheas Magic School.”

Jis looked back at Shirone in amazement. For nobles, their origin is a golden rope, but in some circumstances, it can be a shackle.

Since he was treated so badly at the port, there was no way that Shirone didn't know about it. But why did he reveal his origin?

"Student? That's ridiculous. Are you saying you acted out just as a student? Hey, you know what? If made a complaint to your school, you will be finished that very moment. You will probably be expelled.”

“If you want to file a complaint, do so, as much as you want.”

Falkoa's eyebrows twitched at the unexpected reaction.

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s disciplinary action or expulsion. Such things won't dictate my life. Of course, school is an important place for me. But there are plenty of things more important than that. And Amy....”

Shirone glared at Falkoa and continued.

"She takes precedence over all priorities I’ve set for myself.”

Amy blinked her eyes. The increasing speed of her eyelids seemed to reflect her heart rate.

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