Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 132


Of course, there was no doubt about Amy's skill. However, Shirone thought differently. It was just 30 minutes ago that he had heard from Marsha about how dangerous the island was.

Port tout have their own organization. In particular, it was said that the street tout were the lower end subordinates of a powerful organization.

"She warned me to be careful of people like Jis. Even if it's not true, the island is closed off and dangerous. They can easily deal with things that are hard to even imagine on the mainland. There are also many nobles who go missing on the island. We can't just think that Amy is safe."

Rian mounted his straight sword into a leather sheath.

“You don’t need to explain every word. Let's go, Shirone. Lead the way anywhere. I'll deal with anyone who interferes."

"Thank you. Actually, it's because I'm late."

“You must have had your own circumstances. First, let’s make sure Amy is safe.”

Tess watched the two boys. This was a conversation between those bound by a knight's oath. Although it was still an imitation, it was a sight to envy for her who dreamed of becoming a knight.

"Wait a minute. I'll go with you too. It's not just you guys who are worried about Amy."

The three of them left the villa and headed down to the beach. However, they had no clue where to start looking.

In front of the vast white sand, Tess's confidence dropped.

"Where do we find Amy? At this time, the only place that Jis would take her is the commercial district. Should we split up and go there?"

"That doesn't seem like a good idea. After all, we can't cover the entire commercial district with just the three of us. Plus, we don't know the geography here well."

“Then what? There's no way to find her. I'd rather find a needle on this sandy beach.”

Shirone rested his chin and was lost in thought.

"Let's not do that and go to the port instead. They definitely said there's an organization. So, we might be able to find out Amy's location by asking an organization member."

"The port? That's in the south, right? Wouldn't it be quicker to search here by the time we get there? Amy probably isn't at the port anyway. It's not a tourist spot."

"No, we should go to the port. If we simplify Amy's situation, there are two possibilities. First, Amy is safe. Second, Amy is not safe. If she's safe, there's no loss for us going to the port. But if she's not safe, we absolutely must go to the port. The only reason why Amy is not safe is because she collides with Jis' organization. Therefore, no matter what the situation is, we must first go to the port and make contact with the organization."

"That... Yes, that makes sense."

Tess nodded as if hypnotized. It was the first time he felt that a person spoke faster than he thought.

Rian didn't think. The moment Shirone said to go to the port, he was already renting a carriage.

When Rian, who had paid the coachman, gestured for them to ride, Shirone and Tess ran over. Then they threw themselves into the galloping carriage's compartment.

The coachman burst into a merry laugh and sped up.

"Ah, youth is great. You guys seem to be in a hurry at this hour?"

"Yes. Please go quickly!”

"Alright! Then let's put our horses to work for the first time in a while! Giddy up!"

It was night, so the road was quiet. Offering a gold coins, the coachman drove his horse so much that the carriage rattled.

The wagon arrived at the port in 20 minutes, and the coachman was bragging about it being a record for the past five years.

The three ran to the port.

Most of the ships were moored in the dock, and light leaked through the cracks in the windows as if indicating people were on board. Perhaps the sailors were playing a game of cards.

The ship floating in the nearby sea was also suspicious, but it was too late to run around every corner.

Shirone focused on searching the bar in the port. Most of them looked like gang members, but in reality, there were many cases where they were sailors.

"What do we do? Can we find her like this?"

"We can find her. There should be at least one."

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