Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 131


Tess said with her hands on her hips.

"I can't be bothered. I'm so uncomfortable I'm dying. Amy, just kick him out.”

"Well, okay. Then goodbye."

As Amy tried to close the door, Jis slipped his hand in, showing a desperate expression.

He didn't have a script ready, but being an experienced touts, he quickly came up with words.

“Wa- Wait a minute! If you don't want your friends to come, you can come by yourself."

"Why would I? This seems suspicious."

"Okay! Got it! I'll be honest. I... got in huge trouble."

“To whom?”

“Even street touts have a guild, you know. It seems my actions got to the ears of the higher-ups. They told me to guide the customer I rudely treated around the island. If rumors spread, tourists wouldn't use touts. Can't you just drop by for a moment? If not, I might completely lose my source of income. I might even have to beg like a beggar."


Amy kept her suspicious gaze. Jis, scared out of his wits, anxiously waited for her judgement.

"Alright, I could use some fresh air. Wait here, I'll go change."

Jis’ head shot up in excitement. Of course, he had come for this, but he didn't expect she would agree so easily.

On the other hand, Tess, who was listening, was bewildered. She never thought Amy would fall for the street tout's words.

She thought Amy was upset about the incident with Shirone, and hurriedly followed after her.

"Amy! Why are you following him? How can you trust that kid?"

"It's okay. If I feel it's dangerous, I'll just come back."

"Don't say that, let's think about this a bit more. What about Shirone?"

"It's fine. He can take care of himself. Rian must be hungry by now, how long are you going to make him wait? This might be better anyway. I'll eat outside, so spend some quality time with Rian."

Amy, having changed her clothes and tidied her hair, went down to the entrance. Tess tried to persuade her till the end, but to no avail.

"Do you really have to go? You should come back quickly then, okay? Just get some fresh air. If you're late, we'll come find you."

"I told you I understand. Rian, I'll be out for a bit. If Shirone comes back, starve him a little."

Rian was alert. His starving-like appearance disappeared and he was seriously observing the situation.

Was it really right to let her go? But it was absurd to stop her when she herself wanted to go.

“Did you say Jis? Let's go."

"Huh? Uh, yes!”

Jis was stunned. He hadn't been able to gather his thoughts since she descended the staircase in her maiden-style black dress.

When Amy went out, the villa was silent. Tess sighed and shook his head, his head convoluted.

"Sigh, how did it come to this? The atmosphere was good just a while ago."

“Wouldn’t it have been better if I went with her?”

“You idiot, you don’t understand woman’s heart that much? How miserable would Amy feel if someone else's partner escorted her? Anyway, where on earth did Shirone go?"

Rian walked to the window and watched Amy get into the carriage.

The stars above the sea were twinkling like they were about to pour.


Jis sat across from Amy. Now that she was in the carriage, it could be said that the plan was 80% successful.

"Alright, let's go! Hey, let's go!"

As the coachman nodded and shook the reins, the twin horses jolted the carriage and took off.

Jis continued to run his mouth. Was he a country bumpkin? He was droning on about trivial things that she didn't even want to know. Who cares whether the vegetable shop owner is having an affair with the widow or not?

Up to that point, Amy had not said a word and was just looking at the night view outside the window. Preoccupied with her thoughts, she didn't even hear Jis words.

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