Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 125


Tess struggled to hold back a laugh when she saw the two suddenly become less talkative. After being around her tough and energetic peers at the swordsmanship school, meeting students from the magic school felt like meeting people the same age but with a younger sibling vibe.

"But Amy, you're amazing too. When did you learn Schema?"

"I trained for about two years before entering magic school."

"Hmm, it's rare for kids to learn Schema. It's often said it's not good for growth, isn't it?"

"I didn't really exercise or anything. It just... happened."

From those words alone, Tess understood. Many gifted children can come out with the Spirit Zone, but Schema is a way to overwork the body, so it was difficult to learn at an immature age.

However, with Red Eyes's self-memory, it would have been impossible to control the body precisely without going through a rigorous training process.

"Ah, so you can use the Red Eye like that. That's amazing."

"It's not really that special. There is no build, and it only strengthens the strength a little. Compared to you, I'm at the level of a child. I saw you earlier, and you were really fast. If acceleration had started, the gap would have grown so wide that I wouldn't have been able to cast Teleportation."

"Hey, I'm a specialist, but you're a mage, aren't you? And besides, Rian still can't do Schema, so what? Now that I see it, there was a reason why the Carmis Family was famous on the continent.”

Shirone looked back at Lian in surprise.

“Lian, didn’t you learn Schema? Then what about the firewood you chopped at our house? I thought it was Schema since you didn't say anything."

“Hohoho! Did Rian do that? To borrow Sir Kuan's words, it must be his stupidly strong muscle strength. You know what it was like at the swordsmanship academy? During the final exam...."

"Ah, really! Why are you so interested in other people's private lives?"

Rian abruptly cut off her words. He didn’t sure about anyone else, but he never wanted to let Shirone know about it.

But thanks to that, the atmosphere improved and the others also shared their school life stories. Even though their fields were different, they were all students, so the conversation went on without stopping.

And so, they were getting to know each other.


Arriving at Creas Harbor, Shirone and his party found a ship to Galliant Island.

The large Galeas moored at Dock 6 was unfurling its sails as if it had finished preparing for departure.

Because all schools in the kingdom were on vacation at the same time, there were more tourists than usual. Swept up in the crowd, Shirone boarded the ship and found a place on the third deck.

There were passenger rooms on the lower deck, but since it was her first time on a ship, it was fun to enjoy the view as they traveled.

The waves crashed and a salty breeze blew in. It wasn't until the port sank below the horizon that they truly realized they were floating on the sea.

“How many hours will it take?”

"I heard it's about 5 hours by ship from Creas Port."

"I see. If we had been just a little later, we might have had to leave tomorrow. There are more people going to the island than I thought."

As Shirone said, there were many people on the deck. Half of them were merchants, but there were also tourists dressed as nobles. There also seemed to be quite a few people from places other than Creas.

“As Lian said, it must be a famous island. What kind of place is it?”

"I did some research."

As if Amy had been waiting, she took out her notebook. Tess, now friendly with everyone, started a casual conversation.

"Ohh? As expected, meticulous personality.”

"I should say so. I didn't even think to look it up."

As Shirone scratched his head shyly, Amy glared at him disapprovingly.

“You said you were exploring the ruins, but didn't even do preliminary research beforehand?”

"Haha! No, it's just that...."

There are two kinds of travelers in the world: those who set off impulsively, and those who research meticulously before setting off.

The former could be said to follow unknown romance and the latter to be efficient, but Amy belonged to the latter.

But Shirone didn't belong anywhere. It was his first trip since he was born, so everything was amazing and unfamiliar.

"First, I'll tell you about Galliant Island, where we're going. The site area is 1,500 square kilometers. It It's a crescent-shaped island, and because the north has a natural cliff, ships have to enter the harbor from the south. The west of the island is mixed with residents' homes and resorts, and the Kerugo Ruins are on the east side of the island. The Kerugo Ruins are said to be the temple of Kerugo civilization, who established civilization 2,000 years ago.”


"Yes. They've now declined in numbers, but a few indigenous people are still residing in the autonomous district in the center of the island. They're generally dark and short, but they’re characterized by sunken eyes and small pupils. Oh, and they tattoo their faces in praise of Ankera."

"Who's Ankera?"

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