Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 124


Certainly, Tess had a stunning figure, matching well with the hulking Lian. Her arms and legs were long and slender, and her waist had deep curves, perhaps because of her height.

On the other hand, he was a mage by anyone's eyes. He was of average height and had a rather thin build for his age.

Of course, the beauty of the body is not all there is to attractiveness, but she couldn't help feeling inferior in front of Tess, whose head was one higher.

"No, we're just friends too. She just agreed to come along at my special request."

"Aha, I see."

Tess didn't believe it straight away. Just the fact that a girl from the first-class noble came as a partner to a commoner suggested that it was an extraordinary emotion.

Rian felt the same way. In fact, the biggest worry when planning this trip was that Shirone wouldn't be able to find a partner.

There is also a problem of status, but his personality is introverted, so he was worried that Shirone might get hurt.

However, when he opened the lid, he brought a beautiful girl who was so beautiful that even he, who had no interest in women, was surprised.

Rian had always thought that a woman should have a cuteness that triggers a protective instinct like Amy.

On the other hand, Tess was a possessor of skills that exceeded his, so there was no chance of feeling romantic emotions.

Even if it's just the ability of Schema, there are not many men who are attracted to women who are stronger than themselves.

'Well done, Shirone. I will actively push you.'

While Lian was planning a strategy, the carriage that had finished its preparations arrived. The four people with their luggage moved towards the carriage.

It was then.

"This guy! Lian~!”

A tremendous decibel voice spreading from the mansion. Lian guessed that everything had been uncovered, just by the willpower that was transmitted through the sound.

"Darn it! Guys, run!"

"What? What about the wagon?”

"If you go by carriage, it's too late! Look behind! You must climb over the wall!"

The three people looked back at the mansion. A yellowish-brown whirlwind that shot up to the sky was approaching.

Not even understanding the situation, Shirone and the others started running.

“Rian! What happened?"

"Shit! Looks like my report card has arrived! I actually came last! Dad is going to kill us!"

"Really? Are we really going to die? Let's just tell the truth and depart. What is this for a trip?"

"If you're confident, try it. I'll run. Just for reference, my dad is a 4th rank swordsman."

Blood drained from the faces of the three. Tess activated Schema and jumped forward, followed by Amy.

Shirone, who had lagged behind, felt his heart pounding. He was definitely running forward, but the wind was blowing from behind.

Running while pushing air meant that Bischoff's speed exceeded the human limit.

“Rian! I think we'll get caught!"

"I can't help it! I'll self-destruct! You guys go to the island first and play!"

It was more than enough for Lian. But you can't abandon a friend and go on a trip. Even in the midst of chaos, Shirone came up with a solution.

“Amy! Let's go teleport! Rian, don't move!"

Sirone grabbed Lian and cast a Photon Magic. The bodies of the two people seemed to flash and shine, and immediately became a flash and jumped forward.

Lian, who experienced teleportation for the first time, felt dizzy. The field of view became extremely narrow and it felt like all the scenery was rushing at him.

It was a mage's vision.

Amy also caught Tess and teleported, as if she understood Shirone's words.

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