Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 123


"Ah... Report card? My sister has it."

“Reina? Why? Go get it."

"I don't know. She took it to show it to Grandpa. How would I know what that witch is thinking? Just give me the sword quickly. I've been wanting it since I was little."

The sword that Rian desperately wanted was a straight sword specialized in the swordsmanship of the Ogent Family. It was a greatsword that was twice as heavy as a normal longsword and had a long blade that couldn't be handled unless one was considerably tall.

From the beginning of his swordsmanship training, Rian had been eying the Ogent Family's straight sword. In particular, the sword that he had claimed as his own was the sword his grandfather had used personally.

Klump had always wanted to pass on the sword to Rian. Among his grandchildren, Reina and Rian were the only ones to inherit the lineage of blue hair, and he believed that Rian was the only one who could handle his sword, excluding the female Reina.

"The sword is in Grandpa's room. But why are you suddenly looking for a sword when you said you were going out to play? Tess, you've come a long way, though.”

"I have my reasons. Anyway, I'll go get it now."

Rian ran up to his grandfather's room. It was a sword too overwhelming for him to handle without understanding Schema, but he was determined to take it with him on this trip.

Shirone was clearly intending to explore the ruins. If Shirone were to rush into dangerous places as if a thread followed a needle, wouldn't he have to protect him by his side?

'This is the great sword of the Ogent Family.'

Rian looked up in rapture at the greatsword hanging in his grandfather's room. A form containing the spirit of the Ogent Family, which is said to be difficult to wield without unlocking Schema.

Of course, Schema is still impossible for him. But Rian brought the sword in front of him with one hand.

'It's heavy. But it's not to the extent that I can't wield it.'

Rian was also hurt when he received the absurd judgment of an imaginative Schema. But true to his character, who never despaired in any situation, he thought positively.

Whether it's a Schema or not, once you pass the physical enhancement test, the strength is the same. He would have to unlock Schema someday, but for now, he thought he could endure it.

Because the sword was so heavy, it was inconvenient to carry it in a sheath made of iron. Rian wore a net-like sheath made of leather on his back and inserted the greatsword.

It would certainly attract people's attention in this outfit, but it was not illegal to carry a sword, so it didn't matter.

Anyone could carry a sword as long as they followed the rules, excluding the special zones designated by the city..

It was like the commoners were sector level C, the nobles were sector level B, and the royal family was sector level A, and so on.

Rian proudly wore the greatsword and came down the stairs. But his opportunity to attract attention did not come back.

Butler Lewis opened the door and reported.

“Gaju-nim, Young Master Shirone has arrived.”

Entering the hall with Amy, Shirone first greeted Bischoff.

On the outside, he was strict and blunt, but he was a family man to the point of taking a leave of absence and staying at home when he heard that his son was coming.

From Shirone's point of view, as a guardian who helped him attend magic school, he had heard that he had taken care of not only school life but also his parents' household so that there was no lack.

"Hello. Have you been well?"

"Yes. I've heard you're doing well."

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