Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 113


Kaizen Swordsmanship School.

The Kaizen Swordsmanship School, located in the capital of the kingdom of Thormia, boasts a 200-year history and has produced many knights who have accomplished great achievements.

There were more than ten certified first-class swordsmen, and among them, there were as many as three who were awarded the title of Sword Master.

Iron conviction. Symbol of courage.

Anyone who dreams of becoming a knight in the Kingdom of Thormia would want to enter the Kaizen Swordsmanship School.

However, there was no entrance examination here. Instead, they underwent a one-month probation period, during which the qualifications of the students were evaluated and the final admission was decided.

A whopping 300 students flock in each semester, and out of these, only 30 are eligible for admission.

Rian, who confidently belonged to these 30, was currently taking classes at Kaizen Swordsmanship School.

Urban Combat Training Ground.

The training ground, which perfectly replicates the cityscape, was the pride of Kaizen.

The teacher, whose cheekbones jut out like a skull, was sitting on the stairs, glaring at the first-year students and speaking.

"Today's practical subject is movement. Among them, you first-year students will focus on shifting the center of gravity and evaluate them.”

The teacher's name is Parka Quan.

As a certified 6th class swordsman, he was a master of the sword who was called the Mage Killer before he injured his leg in a war. (Dunno, perhaps he took an arrow to his knee?)

"Center movement is a skill that a swordsman must have. This is because the three beats of the sword: speed, power, and accuracy start from here."

Quan limped on his right leg and walked up the stairs. Then he asked, pointing at the tall boy with his chin.

"You. Where is the center of gravity of a swordsman?"

"Yes! It's the navel!"

"Wrong. You, tell me."

Quan pointed at a student whose eyes were slit like a shark's. Even if they didn't know the answer, they had to stand up immediately. If they hesitated even a little, they would get a smack, regardless of the test or anything else.

"Yes! It's the sole!"

“Wrong. you."

"Uh, the sword!"

“Get down. Do 200 push-ups.”


The student stepped out of line and began to do push-ups. Exhausting one's stamina before a test is a terrible thing, but the teachers at the swordsmanship academy didn't care about that.

Quan pulled out the longsword that was strapped to his waist. The tip was spread out like a fan, and the sword edge looked relatively thin.

"Where is the center of gravity of a swordsman? The correct answer is the outside. In schema terms, it's called external gravity. Repeat after me, external gravity."

“External gravity!”

While shouting, the students were fuming. Explaining a term they hadn't heard during the semester just before the test.

"The reason I didn't explain until now is that it was too annoying. Of course, there's no way an asshole like you would find out. But today, I'm in a bad mood, so I'm going to add an evaluation of external gravity. Got it?”


The students' answering voices echoed. The roaring cheer contained threats. What happens to the effort they have been making like dogs for half a year if the evaluation items change now?

'Ah, I really want to do something about it. What kind of teacher is that?'

"I will only demonstrate once. Watch carefully so that you can apply it to the evaluation."

Regardless of their thoughts, silence flowed in the Colosseum, which had been quiet from the beginning.

"Attack while advancing and defend while retreating."

Quan showed an attack while repeating advances and retreats. It was not worth watching because of his limping leg, but the sound of cutting the wind was dreadful.

"This is the typical movement of swordsmanship. The power of the body moves the center, and the movement of the center increases the destructive power of the sword. Furthermore, if you enhance your physical strength with Schema, the destructive power of the sword can increase exponentially."

The students swallowed their saliva. It was a story they had heard to the point of making their ears weary, but their tension was highest as they faced the test.

“…..I'm sure you're thinking something stupid. However, if you approach real combat with such a notion, you'll die within 3 seconds."


The students' eyes grew even more intense.

"Remember this. No matter how strong the destructive power is, if you lose in the movement, the fight is over. Therefore, swordsmen use their center of gravity in their movements, depending on the situation. For example, something like this."

Quan slammed the ground with the soles of his feet. He then lifted one leg, and his body collapsed toward the ground.

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