Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 112


'The mental durability, which was strong from the beginning, has increased remarkably. Now he can control Immortal Functions to some extent.'

Shirone's specialty was the defense-oriented Four Way type. As with most defensive types, the teachers predicted that Shirone would also become a defensive mage.

However, Immortal Function flipped his characteristics. . Now, his endurance, which was his strength, has become an essential element supporting his offensive power.

About 20 seconds later, Shirone gritted his teeth and attempted a final acceleration. The score broke through 340 as a tremendous speed erupted.


The buzzer sounded when the measurement time ended. Shirone closed his eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. Tens of children had gathered, but the arena was silent. Everyone was staring at the scoreboard.

410 points.

If you average it out, he endured 30 seconds with 13.6 beats per second. Moreover, the final 5 seconds were a rapid-fire that exceeded 15 beats per second.

"It's really incredible. Why are they like this these days? Won't they really become seniors from next semester?"

"No matter how you look at it, the promotion will be difficult. His theory scores are mediocre. Raising your score in a short time isn't easy."

Shirone turned to Canis. It was an unspoken declaration that he would still be able to become a senior.

"That child is really amazing."

Arin admired with a pure heart. Infinite mental strength through the Immortal Function and the endurance to control it, coupled with a unique magic nature that could give mass to light.

There was no other way to describe him other than a magician who was particularly loved by the gods.

"Humph, he should be at least this good to be considered a rival."

Canis' fighting spirit flared up like never before. At first, he thought it was due to the difference in attributes. But the demonstration that Shirone showed shattered that misconception. He would now even be pushed back in a full-force duel.

Canis, who had been glaring at Shirone for a long time, turned around roughly.

"Let's go, Arin. It seems like the observation is over."

The students felt relieved as they watched Canis and Arin moving away. Although Shirone wasn't representing the level of Class Five, they felt the same satisfaction as if they had defeated the apprentice of Archmage.

"Shirone, you were amazing. I failed the exam, but I feel good. Are we nothing just because they're apprentices of Archmage? Who dares to belittle Class Five of the Magic School?"

"Shirone, and even Eruki and Nade. Are you guys really thinking of getting promoted this time?"

"Well, we're doing our best."

Shirone evaded a direct answer. However, Nade, who ranked third, was overjoyed at the fact that he passed the practical exam.

"Hahaha! Of course! You better prepare to treat me like a senior! Hey, hey! Let's practice from now on. Call me senior!"

Students' protests poured in.

"You're so conceited it pierced the sky! I hope you fall down!"

"If you're a senior, I'd rather quit school!"

"Why are you boasting when you might fail the theory exam and it will be embarrassing? I'll pray every night so you can't get promoted!"

Regardless of what they said, Nade stood straight and laughed proudly. Since he was friendly with all the students, he could endure their heckling.

Shirone and Iruki sneaked out.

'Ugh, embarrassing.'

The final practical exam is over.

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