Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 111


“Of course, it is strange. But that's just the realm of the senses. Mathematically, it's a statement that has no problem at all.”

Iruki's pride in mathematics was enormous. How much must the humanities teachers have hated to see it to give him a score of zero on his test?

Shirone decided to use his last resort.

"Won't you be promoted?"

“Huh! Damn it!"

Iruki couldn't help but kneel at that remark. He didn't want to go down as Canis's junior even if it killed him.

As Iruki resumed solving the problems with fervor, Shirone returned to his seat and sighed.

'It would be dreadful if he does this in a real exam, really.'

Nade, as if remembering something, looked away from his book and asked.

"Ah, we have a practical exam next week, did you practice a lot?"

Shirone and Iruki asked at the same time.

“What exam?"

"Darn it, didn't you even know? It's an endurance test. Spirit Zone Endurance Assessment.”

"Do we need to practice? We can easily get more than 80 points, can't we? Why are you anxious?”

"No, but there are many variables in practical exams. It's relative evaluation unlike the other categories. If others perform better, our score decreases. I thought we should go over it once."

"It's okay, it's okay. We don't have time anyway."

Iruki, indifferent, focused on solving the problems. How well could one handle a Spirit Zone at the Class Five level? Iruki believed he would definitely pass the practical exam.

While solving math problems, Shirone said.

"I want to pass too. I simply don't have the capacity to worry about that."

Nade also had his own confidence. But it was also true that he would have a hard time getting a higher score than the first two.

'Hmm, what to do?'

If things really looked difficult, he could ask for help. But it would be using the rule to steal friends' time for his mere anxiety.

'I don't know. I just need to be in the top 10 anyway.'

Nade folded his thoughts and began to study. If each of them can't achieve their share of 33.3%, the efficiency of the study group is destroyed.

They collaborated as best as they could for the benefit of all, but the result was not something others could give anyway.


Image Zone Practice Field.

Normally, this would be the time for the advanced class joint lesson, but the only students gathered were from Class Five.

It was the infamous practice assessment period that had cornered Shirone several times. Especially since the end of the semester was near, the tension among the students was higher than ever.

Entering the Image Zone, Ethella spread out the 20-meter-diameter Spirit Zone as always and began to explain.

"The subject we will evaluate today is the Spirit Zone Endurance Test. It's a test to measure how long you can maintain the changes in your Spirit Zone."

Ethella extended both hands to the left and right and pointed far away. A black rod of unknown material rose high, and unknown characters were engraved on the surface.

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