Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 110


"Right. How about you guys? It must be awful since the school break ended?"

Nade's face quickly turned gloomy.

"I think I'm going crazy. I have to score above 80 in all subjects for the remaining period, it's dreadful."

"Haha! Why don't you take this opportunity to get a promotion?"

The only way to move from Class Five to Class Four was to score 80 or better in all subjects. The difficulty was extreme since it's not an average of 80.

"Of course. Isn't that obvious for a student?"

“Indeed, it is. Well, do your best."

Nade, who was expecting words of encouragement, made a puzzled expression. However, Alpheas's educational policy was firm. A student is not a racehorse. When left in the meadow, they would naturally realize their own worth.

"Shall we help you?"

Shirone rolled up his sleeves and came over to help pull the weeds.

"Heh, you shouldn’t steal the only joy of an old man. I'll pull out the weeds, you guys do what you want."

Nade's eyes showed a hint of disappointment. The thought of trying to escape from reality for a little using pull weeds as an excuse was in vain.

"Alright. Take care then."

As Shirone and his group headed back to their room, their faces were filled with worry. The same was true for the other students. The school was still in chaos after the attack by Arcane, and it was not easy to concentrate on studying like before.

Frustrated, Nade burst into a tantrum.

"Ah. I'm going crazy. I have to study. Study! Study! I just can't focus."

"It's normal not to be able to focus on anything else after you explode once. It was like that after that presentation was over.”

Shirone let out a deep sigh at Iruki's words.

"But you're better off than me. I have twice as many subjects to raise above 80 than you guys. I'm not sure if it's possible."

“The only advantage I have is math. The humanities department is a total fail. In that subject, Nade is the most advantageous.”

"What are you talking about? I don't have any strong subjects. You and Shirone can easily top the practical skills, but I can't, so I'm at the biggest disadvantage."

In the practical test of Class Five, the main evaluation was the operation of the Spirit Zone rather than magic. If it's Shirone’s Immortal Function and Iruki’s Savant Syndrome, it's possible to rank higher in any practical skill. On the other hand, Nade was in the same position as other students, competing with the same Spirit Zone.

“The more I think about it, the more my head hurts. Should we just take a break today and start from tomorrow?"

Nade's suggestion was neither affirmed nor denied. Seeing that even the exemplary student Shirone kept his mouth shut, it seemed that his motivation had waned.

"Huh? Guys, over there......"

When Shirone pointed towards Central Park, Nade and Iruki turned their heads and their eyes widened.

"What? How are they here?"

Canis and Arin were walking around the school. As they made eye contact with Shirone's group, they walked towards them. Canis waved his hand as if he recognized them.

"Howdy. Are you done with class already? The facilities and environment are alright, but they seem to treat the kids too gently."

"You! What on earth are you up to?"

Nade blocked their path. Of course, they heard from Thad that the two were released without charge, but they thought the relationship ended there. No, it had to be over. But why are they strolling around the school?

Shirone asked.

"What happened? What business do you have at the school?"

Canis looked back at Shirone without answering. The person he cared about the most at school was Shirone, not Alpheas nor the teachers. Shirone was the first person to defeat him. If he couldn't overcome Shirone, no matter how strong he became, he would still be at a standstill.

"Listen well. If we ever compete again, the outcome will be the exact opposite of last time."

Nade responded before Shirone could answer.

"This kid still hasn't come to his senses. To beat Shirone, you're a decade too early.”

"You're the one who would need at least a decade to challenge me."

Nade's expression crumpled. Memories of the time when Shirone was in a life-and-death situation reawakened, casting a chilling sensation. Then, Iruki, who didn't want to cause any unnecessary commotion, sorted out the situation.

"Enough. Regardless of the rest, why are you here?"

"Why are we here? We're here to survey the place where we're going to live from now on."


Shirone's eyes widened at the unexpected words.

"Just as I said. I thought it'd be good to experience what it's like in a magic school."

Nade rolled up his sleeves and retorted.

"You may look down on a magic school, but show some respect! Who would accept someone like you?"

Canis raised a finger and pointed.

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