Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 109


“So what are you asking me to do? What difference does admitting to being brainwashed make?”

"Well... Both of you will be acquitted."

Canis' expression went blank. He himself followed Arcane to break out a criminal from Inferno. He was also responsible for endangering the lives of hundreds students of magic schools. Even if he wasn't the main instigator, acquittal was an impossible verdict.

"Acquitted...? Both of us?"

"Ah, yes. If you admit to being brainwashed, of course. After all, the association is currently focusing on the possibility of brainwashing."

If they admit it, they'll be released. They'll be free. Not only Canis, but Arin as well, they'll be able to live a new life as if nothing ever happened.

This time, Canis was at a loss. More than anything, the judgment of the association was strange. Why were they willing to release them in a situation where capturing criminals was not enough?

"Ah, and one more thing."

Sakiri looked through the files as if he had just remembered. Maybe he really had. Arin couldn't read the investigator's emotions anyway.

“Arcane's exclusive lawyer sent an official letter. It requested anonymity, but the notarization is already complete. Take a look at it. It contains his property records, will, and documents related to inheritance."

"A will?"

Sakiri pushed the documents across the table as if there was no need for words.

Canis checked each document with trembling hands. Arcane's will was nothing special. In his plain handwriting, he merely wrote down matters to be dealt with after death.

Among them was this phrase:

[Document] Transfer all property to Canis


In fact, Canis think that he was a warm-hearted person or that he secretly took care of his disciples. Rather, he was someone who confidently pushed his beliefs, so there was no falsehood in the attitude he had shown towards Canis.

Arcane proved that fact in his will. Although he didn't care about the lives of his disciples, he considered Canis as his only disciple.

Canis put down the will and checked the property records.

Real estate, including various dungeons, tangible assets like magical records, valuable artifacts, rare herbs, and the amount deposited in the bank were all neatly organized.

'1, 10, 100, thousand, ten thousand...'

Canis counted the total of the property listed at the end.

'4.8 billion gold...'

Even if it was the wealth that Archmage Arcane had accumulated over 150 years, it was a huge sum of money. As such, Canis couldn't understand the current situation. They were suddenly saying he was innocent and now he was the heir to a 4.8 billion gold inheritance.

Sakiri scratched his head with an awkward expression.

"But, there's a bit of a problem. Akein leaving his inheritance to Canis must have been a sign of acknowledging him as a disciple. But the Magic Association thinks otherwise. They think it's a kind of brainwashing, implanting a false self. In the end, they think Canis was deceived by Arcane. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to commit such a heinous thing, right? That's why the association is considering acquittal in some way. But if that happens..."

“No inheritance? Because I’m not Arcane's disciple?”

Sakiri showed a gentle expression for the first time. Of course, there was no change in his psyche as much as the tip of a hair strand.

"Yes. There's just that part. This is because the target that Arcane inherits is the brainwashed Canis, not the unbrainwashed Canis. In the end, this money will go over to illegal funds and be returned to the association, but I want to hear Canis's thoughts before that. If you admit to being brainwashed, you will be acquitted. And all you have to do is sign here.”

Sakiri held out an additional document. Canis looked at it with empty eyes.

Inheritance Renunciation Agreement.

If they admit to being brainwashed, they will be acquitted, because they are only a victim used by Arcane. However, if that happened, the property that he had inherited would pass into the hands of others.

In the end, the association chose the practicality of 4.8 billion gold rather than catching two youngsters.

"I can give you some time, but it may work against you in court. It could be taken as evidence that you're doubting your own criminal intent. Honestly, is there any doubt? You were obviously brainwashed. Why else would Canis and Arin commit such heinous crimes?"

Their head went blank. They thought they weren't afraid of fighting and dying. But the investigator says they're innocent. They feel like they've done something wrong, but they can't remember when.

'This place is no different from Ladum.'

The outside world was also not a greenhouse with the sun shine upon it. It was just a battlefield where huge desires swirled around under the guise of law.

When Canis hesitated to answer, Sakiri clicked his tongue and stood up.

"Then I'll give you some time. About an hour..."

“I will sign.”

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