Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 108


Shirone's face contorted in disbelief, and the reactions of his friends were not much different. Amy shook her head vigorously, then placed a hand on her forehead and asked.

"Cerielle, what kind of book have you been reading lately?"

"Yep! It's this one!"

Cerielle pulled out a novel as if she had been waiting. The provocative red cover bore the title《The Primal Snare 》.

"This is the hottest book in bookstores these days. It's about a married nobleman who falls in love with a maid, and there's a line like this: 'I broke your plate, what will you do now? Will you ask for my body?' So then the nobleman ties her up with ropes and…"

"Enough! Stop there!"

Amy raised her hand to stop her. It seemed like it was not something they should be listening to anymore.

"Why? It's just getting interesting."

“Cerielle, no matter how much you love novels, please don't confuse them with reality. Such books are meant to captivate readers with primary colors and stimuli.”

"Hmph! You just don't understand because you haven't read it. If you read it just once, you'll be completely hooked. Since we're on the topic, do you want to borrow it?"

When Cerielle held out the « The Primal Snare », Amy quickly turned her head away. If she had accepted her offer, she would have been tormented by Cerielle's commentary for at least a week.

Shirone leaned back on the cushion and said.

"Haa. Today is my last day in the infirmary. Thanks for coming to visit me all this time. You too, Senior Cerielle."

"Why are you saying such sad things? Honestly, studying in the graduating class was killing me. It was nice to be able to catch a break with Amy."

Amy didn't disagree either. The daily competition in their class rankings had stressed her to the limit. For that reason, the temporary school closure was like a godsend for the graduating students.

Cerielle said with a gloomy expression.

"But I'm worried about Principal. To be honest, this decision was unexpected. It's a matter that can be handled by Creas Autonomous District, but he decided to receive a direct inspection from the Magic Association."

Alpheas voluntarily filed the complaint. As someone with a high reputation in the continent, he could have easily avoided the situation, but he accepted all the student council's demands. As a result, the case was handed over to the infamous Inspection Division 3 of the Magic Association.

"Inspection Division 3 is known as the 'special investigation' within the Magic Association. Regardless of connections, they always stick to the law. Even Principal Alpheas won't be able to avoid disciplinary action."

Shirone thought it was rather a good thing.

"Principal Alpheas has been suffering for 40 years. If this opportunity can lighten his burden a little, I think it's a good thing to accept the punishment."

Nade said.

"Let's wait and see how things go. Who are we worrying about? It's Alpheas, a 4th-rank certified mage. Once the closure is over, we'll be busy again, so let's rest while we can."

"Yeah, that sounds good."

Shirone looked out the window.

The afternoon sun was streaming with a languid light.


Capital Bashka.

The view of Bashka from the Geja mountain range was a structure where the high-rising buildings seemed to pierce the sky and the core institutions were spread out in concentric circles around the center. The residents of the capital say that the buildings visible from the mountain range symbolize the nation's institutions.

One of them was the Magic Association. The 18-story building was the central part of the country, managing the affairs of all the mages registered in the Kingdom of Tormia, overseeing the Magic Society through connections with other organizations, and handling intelligence and surveillance tasks.

It was a place where every mage wanted to visit at least once, but Thad, who was chosen as the guide for Alpheas and the Canis group, felt like a cow being dragged into a slaughterhouse.

"Master, is this really the best way?"

“It is what I wanted. My only regret is that I dragged it on too long.”

Alpheas's determination was firm. Thad didn't expect anything when he asked. It's just that, once they cross the threshold of the association, there will be no turning back. He just wanted to reconfirm his master's will.

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