IBRV (Novel) Chapter 110

C 110

"... Scarlett?"

"Wow, she fainted, milady."

Easter knelt down to check her pulse, turned his head, and replied.


"Isn't it because milady said something so cool?"


I thought she would like it, but did she have a weaker personality than I thought?

I frowned with disappointment.

Easter lifted her and lay her down on the sofa in front of her, then suddenly began to move his face closer to Scarlett's.


Even when I opened my eyes wide in panic, he didn't seem willing to stop.

"Wait! Sir Easter! What are you doing?"

"What? It's often said that a sleeping princess can be awakened by a prince's kiss."

"That's a crime."

"What? It's fine, I've never been slapped. And this is artificial respiration."

This madman. What are you doing to someone who fainted?

As my expression darkened, Easter's expression became more puzzled.

It's said that a scar on the cheek makes ordinary people look terrifying and difficult, but even that was attractive to Easter.

But that... that was it.



He said my title with a disappointed expression. It was the expression of an abandoned puppy, but it's not okay.

Kissing someone while they're asleep without permission is a crime.

"Can I wake her up right now? If I do artificial respiration..."

"Don't you want to accompany me from now on?"

When I asked, frowning in disgust, Easter remained silent. He stayed silent, perhaps realizing that if he did more than that, he would cross the line.

"Sorry, I was just joking."

"Don't make jokes that are unpleasant to hear."


Just as Easter was about to move his face away, Scarlett's eyes sparkled.

After blinking a couple of times and seeming to understand the situation, she immediately opened her mouth.



Screams and terrifying sounds mixed, and Easter's head turned violently.

"Kyaaak! Kyak!"






Screams, silence, and crunches filled the room. Easter sat on the sofa floor and blinked, not understanding.

"Who are you? I'll report you!"

Scarlett huddled up and shouted.

"Are you going to report me?"

"Yes! You tried to attack me..."

Scarlett, who was completely blue and couldn't see anything, turned her head as if she remembered what had just happened.

When I awkwardly smiled, she slowly opened her eyes as if gradually understanding the situation.

"...Did I, did I faint...?"

"Yes. You did."

"Then you were trying to help me...?"

I pondered for a moment.

It's because I wasn't completely wrong. Although the intention was impure, it wasn't actually carried out.

Plus, having to explain it would only make the other person more uncomfortable.

"Yes, something like that."

"...Oh my God."

She groaned and knelt on the floor.

"I'm sorry!"

Scarlett immediately threw herself to the ground and apologized to Easter.

Easter sat with his palm on his cheek, watching Scarlett from a distance.

"I've never been slapped before, but it seems to be true..."

It's like he lost his mind.

Well, with that appearance, if you're a knight of the Etham family, you shouldn't be kneeling everywhere.

"I'm sorry... I just thought you were trying to harass me... There are some stalkers following me..."

Easter quickly regained his senses when he saw Scarlett explaining her personal story and apologizing.

"No, I did something disrespectful to the lady."

He immediately regained his senses and stood up from his seat. He reached out his arm and lifted Scarlett very gently.

Except for his flirtatious temperament, he definitely looked like the standard for a knight.

"Yes, yes. I'm sorry."

"Scarlett, calm down! So, can I buy this, right?"

"Yes, of course. Everything is possible."

Scarlett's eyes sparkled as she quickly got up and nodded.

"Sharnae unnie said Scarlett is amazing."

I gave Sharnae a little nudge.

"Lady Sharnae? Oh, my goodness..."

Scarlett covered her mouth with tears in her eyes. She seemed very impressed by the female protagonist.

"It seems I haven't taken everything."

Sharnae seemed to have progressed in the original story one by one, using the advantage of being the female protagonist and her unique, brilliant personality.

"Excuse me, but then, milady..."

"I'm Sharnae's cousin! My name is Eirin Etham."

"Oh my goodness. Lady Sharnae always bragged about having a cute younger sister, it's true!"

"Um, maybe?"

It's a bit embarrassing.

"She said you look like a cute bun!"


"She said she'd melt if you hold her like cotton candy... Isn't that right?!"


Who said what?

When I looked at Scarlett with a perplexed expression, she blushed slightly.

"I'm sure that's really the case."

So? How?

"You look delicious!"

Isn't she just hungry?

When I looked at Laurent, confused, Laurent nodded happily with curved eyes.

"I even received a doll as a gift from Lady Sharnae!"

Scarlett took something from the display case where the dress was showcased and handed it to me.

"It's a leather doll!"

It was me... with a tail.

It was my old self. But why is it here as a doll?

"It's strange."

No matter how you think about it, it's strange.

Why on earth has a doll that looks like me spread throughout the world? I felt the need to interrogate Sharnae.

"Oh, you can speak comfortably!"

"Yes...? Then, can you deliver this?"

"Yes! Yes. Sure! I'll pack it up and somehow get it there!"

Scarlett clenched her fists and said. I kept my mouth shut for a moment in the face of the expression that seemed like she would come to the Duke's house carrying all the burdens on her back.

"I'll send someone."

There's nothing more embarrassing than getting robbed on the way.

"Ah, I'd appreciate it if you did that."

"Sure, it's a gift for my father, so wrap it nicely."

"Yes, of course!"

Dad spends so much that I thought I'd have to rob a store to keep up.

"Yes, fix my dress too."

"Yes, I'll do my best!"

"Also, do what's written here on the paper, and I'll request it to be sent together. How long will it take?"

"I-I... I'll finish it in a week, even if I have to stay up all night!"

"I'll send someone in two weeks..."

"Ah, thank you so much for doing that too..."

Seeing Scarlett change her stance as fast as a bat, I nodded with a smile.

"It's okay, I understand."

Until I left the store, Scarlett kept bowing her head. She seemed openly happy.

"I'll turn it into a satisfying outfit. There's no better designer than me on this street."

I widened my eyes at those confident words.

"I think I know why Sharnae likes her."

I smiled widely and nodded.

"Yes, Scarlett will definitely become the most famous designer in the empire."


Scarlett's pupils widened at my words, and she soon smiled cheerfully with an expression that seemed about to cry.

"Thank you!"

Indeed, Scarlett later becomes a very famous designer to the point where she will be responsible for making clothes for the imperial family.

"Come on, Laurent, Adam, Easter."

The next target was a place that sold pets.

I heard it's a shop for abandoned animals that have nowhere to go.

As I walked forcefully while looking at the shopping district, I stopped when I felt a gaze somewhere.

Due to the sudden stop, I was a few steps away from the three.


"Oh, I'll be there soon."

Just as I was about to urgently join the three, suddenly a shadow fell over my head and his body collided with mine.


My body swayed as if I had collided with an adult man, then I fell and hit my butt on the ground.

"Oh... I'm sorry."

It was a man dressed in a robe.

In a soft and pleasant voice to hear, he bent down and extended his hand to help me up.


Laurent ran to me before him and quickly lifted me up, so his actions couldn't continue.

"You have to look ahead, in addition to being a noble, you're still a child!"

"I'm sorry, I was in a hurry to get somewhere, so I didn't see you."

He knelt down, made eye contact with me, then reached out and lightly touched my cheek.

"I'm sorry, dear miss."

The tips of his fingers smelled a bit familiar, but it smelled very sweet and pleasant.


As soon as I took a step back feeling like my eyes were spinning, he stood up and retreated from me before I realized it.

"That smell..."


As I murmured, I looked at him, and he tilted his head to the side, then let out a small exclamation.

"Ah, it must be because the cigarettes I smoke have a unique scent."

Then, he quickly distanced himself from me as if regretting it.

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