TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 153


However, Cale made a small mistake.

Ignoring absurd words was not easy.

Because the person uttering those absurd words was not ordinary.

"Please! Just one!"


Cale was surprised.

He looked down.

Pinnacle Demon, one of the top experts of the Evil Faction, had grabbed his ankle and lay on the ground.



Even though a beautiful melody had ceased and the sound of battle resounded everywhere.

"Evil Alliance Leader! No, Father! Why are you..."

"Stay still."

Despite there being a rather heart-wrenching battle between father and son, a battle between the Evil Alliance Leader, Sima Pyeong, and his son, Sima Seok...



Nokrim Leader (Green Forest), Ha Ryeong, was being brought down to the ground by Choi Han and Beacrox.

"Just one! Give me a Living Jiangshi! I want to study it!"

The Pinnacle Demon was crying.

Cale's expression, as he watched an elderly woman over eighty years old act so foolishly, was gradually distorting.

He thought he could communicate with this intelligent person.


Cale clicked his tongue.

Cale tried to move his leg to remove the hand holding his ankle.

But the Pinnacle Demon's hand didn't let go.

"Oh, seriously."

The Demon held onto his ankle firmly.

"Could you let go a bit?"

"Give me a Living Jiangshi."

The Pinnacle Demon was resolute. Even as Cale's expression grew harder and his face became more irregular, the Pinnacle Demon had no intention of letting go.

Cale casually said, "I'm busy. I'll purify it directly. I don't care if you get hurt."

"Oh, no need to purify."

The Pinnacle Demon gripped his ankle tighter.

"No, thank you."


A reddish-golden light surged through Cale's body.

He wanted the Pinnacle Demon to be shocked by the electric current and let go, but that didn't happen.


When the current touched the Pinnacle Demon, she made a strange sound.

"Oh, this feels good. Does it have a massaging effect? I love the tingling sensation."

What's going on with this old lady?

Cale's expression absurdly distorted.

"Now, even if I drank most poisons, I still felt unsatisfied, but this is really thrilling and electrifying."

She's insane.

This old lady isn't just crazy.

She's completely nuts.

Cale could see that the Pinnacle Demon's hand, which had been touched by the current, was turning red. It seemed she was using her Inner Energy to avoid burns, but it looked like she would have a burn soon. Despite that, the Pinnacle Demon was genuinely enjoying the current.

The Pinnacle Demon even brought it closer to her face.

"How refreshing!"

She even rubbed it on her shoulders.

"Oh, this feels like I'm getting a real massage. I like it more than the best masseur in Sichuan!"

The Pinnacle Demon was genuinely happy.

And Cale was bewildered. But he was growing increasingly afraid of this elderly Pinnacle Demon.

"She's lost her mind."

Her bright eyes were filled with enthusiasm for the Living Jiangshi and the massage.

"Kim Haeil."

The Heavenly Demon asked his side what to do.

Cale looked around.

"No, what is this?"

The members of the Evil Faction were surprised.

But due to the words 'Living Jiangshi,' they couldn't move easily.

"Ugh! Are you going to treat me like this, in this way?"

"Let go of me!"

"Father, why are you doing this to me?"

The Living Jiangshi were already subdued, as they had been caught off guard by a sudden attack.

Of course, there was a reason why Cale and Sima Pyeong's group were stronger than the Living Jiangshi.

When Cale realized that the subdued Living Jiangshi were becoming increasingly violent...

"They might become uncontrollable."

Cale opened his mouth in response to the Heavenly Demon's words.

"We need to purify immediately."

"Don't do it."

The Pinnacle Demon shouted.

Looking at her, the Heavenly Demon asked indifferently.

"Don't you think you'll hurt yourself if you strain your energy manipulation like this?"

-Heavenly Demon's words are correct! Human, let's get this Pinnacle Demon out of here!

Raon argued firmly in a loud voice while in transparent form.


Cale sighed and squatted down. He was at eye level with the Pinnacle Demon.

"Pinnacle Demon."

When he called her, she looked at him with bright eyes.

"Will you give me one?"

The corner of Cale's mouth lifted.

"No. I won't give it to you."

"No! Then...!"

Even her appearance, which had at least shown a minimum of courtesy in calling him Young Master Kim, was now thrown out the window.

Cale spoke kindly.

"But I can introduce you to one of the key spies of the Blood Cult who knows very well about the Living Jiangshi."


The Pinnacle Demon paused.

"I'm sure he knows quite a bit about how to make and handle Living Jiangshis."

"Is there someone like that?"

"Yes. There is. He's in our hands."

His name was Number 7 of the Blood Cult.

The guy who got stunned from time to time would be useful in finding the Blood Cult hidden in the Sichuan region in the near future, starting with the Silver Blue Commercial Guild.


The Pinnacle Demon shook the hand holding Cale's ankle. Cale smiled even brighter and spoke.

"And wouldn't there be a lot of good research material at the Blood Cult's Headquarters?"

"Yes, you're right..."

The Pinnacle Demon's eyes lit up.

Without losing that opportunity, Cale removed the Pinnacle Demon's hand from his pants. He jumped up and stepped a couple of paces away from the Pinnacle Demon.

And then, he simply shook his leg.

"The Blood Cult..."

The Pinnacle Demon asked Cale.

"Where is the Blood Cult?"

She raised her voice again.

"I found a lead on them here in Sichuan."

The Pinnacle Demon laughed as she shuffled her feet.

"Then we can go to the Blood Cult."

With that, the Pinnacle Demon retreated. Seeing this, Cale turned to the Living Jiangshi.

"Let's begin."

"Of course."

The Heavenly Demon smiled faintly with an expressionless smile and gathered his Inner Energy.


At that moment, Sima Seok, Sima Pyeong's eldest son, suddenly screamed and writhed while shouting.

It was an appearance that seemed like he could even go insane.


Sima Seok soon lost consciousness.

Sima Pyeong looked at the one who had made his son lose consciousness and furrowed his brows. Sui Khan calmly smiled and said:

"It's easier to stun him before he goes berserk."

That was the method Cale and his group had discovered after experiencing the madness of a Living Jiangshi twice.

Dealing with someone in a state of madness due to the Living Jiangshi was difficult.

So, what if they subdued him before he went crazy and then made him lose consciousness?

"I understand, that would be easier."

A soft smile formed on Sima Pyeong's lips.

As he looked at his unconscious son and nodded, thinking it was a good method...



The other four Living Jiangshi also lost consciousness.

Of course, the resistance of Nokrim Leader, Ha Ryeong, was considerable.

"It seems easier than dealing with Tunuka."

With Choi Han's calm words, Ha Ryeong settled down.

"How can they, like this...?"

The Iron Family Mansion Leader of the Neutral Faction was horrified at the sight. He was shocked to see those who were recognized as Masters in their own Evil Faction being defeated so easily.

"Why are you so surprised?"


The Pinnacle Demon somehow appeared next to the Iron Family Mansion Leader as if revealing the truth and spoke with a serious appearance. She looked at Cale's group and let out a sharp laugh.

"They're strong."

The Iron Family Mansion Leader paused for a moment when the Pinnacle Demon spoke.

"No. Besides those two."

"Not just those two."

"Are there two more in addition to them?"

"Yes. There are several strong ones."

The Pinnacle Demon's mouth corner lifted as she looked at Choi Han, Sui Khan, and the others with a mischievous expression.

But soon, that smile disappeared without a trace.


The reddish-golden energy grew in size.

And red smoke rose from the Heater.

The dark red energy from the Heavenly Demon went to Ha Ryeong first, followed by Cale's reddish-golden energy.


The Pinnacle Demon looked at her own arm.

It had been a long time since she felt chills in an arm full of scars.

"That's purification."

Young Master Kim Haeil.

The energy he emitted was completely opposite to the Pinnacle Demon's.

It was literally 'Purification' in itself.

'Living things contain both beneficial and poisonous properties.'

Poison. It was a combination of what these living beings contain in nature that is harmful.

Of course, sometimes medicine is poison, and sometimes poison is medicine.

In any case, whether it was medicine or poison, it had the property of trying to create some kind of change in living beings.

"He's destroying it."

However, what that energy contained was not simple destruction.

It was just a single devastating energy.

No, if one wished for it in their heart, it would make anything consumed and disappear.

The power that causes changes in existence and the power that destroys it.

That wasn't a contradiction; what could be a contradiction?

However, both forces were present in nature.


The Pinnacle Demon. An ancient expert who no longer saw a way to advance and had reached her limits. She felt a sense of expectation that perhaps she could open a way to overcome her limits.

"Sichuan, huh?"

She told the Iron Family Mansion Leader.

"Mansion Leader."

"Yes, Elder."

"You have many empty rooms in your mansion, right?"

The Iron Family Mansion Leader looked at the Pinnacle Demon and Cale, then bowed.

"I will make the arrangements."

"Yes. Let's make proper arrangements for them to stay with us instead of going to the Just Faction."


Even as she spoke, the Pinnacle Demon clicked her tongue.

"That's a power the Emei Sect would love to have."

Cale's destructive yet clean and pure energy reminded her of her old nemesis, the Leader of the Emei Sect.

Young Master Kim possessed a power that the madwoman would admire.


After a moment of concern, the Pinnacle Demon smiled broadly at Sima Pyeong, whose eyes were shining with Cale's purifying power.

"That simple bastard knows what he's doing, so there's no need to worry."

Sima Pyeong. He was the kind of bastard who never let go once he got a hold of something.

"This will be fun."

From the Heavenly Demon, the Evil Alliance Leader, to Kim Haeil's subordinates, whose true identity the Pinnacle Demon had yet to uncover.

It seemed that the surroundings of Young Master Kim would be very noisy.

'And it seems he desires that.'

Seeing Kim Haeil's indifferent expression, the Pinnacle Demon savored her interest.

But soon, she had to set aside her thoughts and admire.


The red smoke filled the room.

Having spent his entire life pouring his energy into poison, she knew. How much amazing, pure, and majestic content this power held.


Starting with Ha Ryeong opening his eyes as he vomited a gray liquid.

The other Living Jiangshi were purified one by one.

In that process, although Kim Haeil was sweating slightly, and his complexion turned pale, everything else seemed fine.

Of course, no one was mocking how he was weakening.

Because an immeasurable amount of pure power filled the space, flowing out of the pavilion and filling the surroundings.

Despite the presence of the Heavenly Demon and the Evil Alliance Leader, all eyes were on Cale.

'Yes, these descendants of the Evil Faction are like this.'

The Pinnacle Demon chuckled.

Evil Faction.

Respect for superiors? There was no such thing.

Eloquence? Wisdom? They didn't even care about that.

Only strong power.

Exceptional strength.

That's why, to be recognized in the Evil Faction, you only needed to show that strength.

And Kim Haeil demonstrated that exceptionally.

There was nothing more to say.

After the final purification.

Sima Pyeong called his subordinates into the pavilion.

"Lock them up."

The five purified Living Jiangshis, including his own son, were imprisoned.

-Human, we need to heal them, why are you locking them up? Our Disciple is strange!

Hearing Raon's words, Cale also looked at Sima Pyeong with a perplexed expression. In response to his gaze, Sima Pyeong answered softly, almost sweetly.

"They will be imprisoned, but a doctor will be assigned to care for them."

Upon the words implying they would receive care, Cale no longer said anything.

Wasn't it Sima Pyeong who had said he would kill the Living Jiangshis of the Evil Alliance, including his son? But now he was giving them medical care. It was better not to pay attention.

Evil Alliance.

They have their own ways there.

Cale, an outsider, had no right to say anything.


"Then, let's start the party again!"


"Hahaha, as expected, our Evil Alliance Leader is an open-minded person!"

As if nothing had happened, the musicians resumed playing their instruments, and the members of the Evil Faction returned to their seats.

Then the servants entered and cleaned up the broken objects and spilled food, making new preparations.

This process flowed smoothly like water.

"It's good to see that nobody lost their head today! That's why the alcohol tastes so good, kahahaha!"

"I don't drink until I see some blood."

"Kahaha, is that so?"

Cale listened to the voices that reached his ears and pondered.

This place isn't normal either.

Cale sighed to himself as Sima Pyeong approached and rubbed his hands together while speaking.

"The seat for the Young Master is over there."


The highest seat.

A place that was supposed to be Sima Pyeong's. That place was for Cale.

Moreover, next to Cale's seat, there was a small pale golden cushion.

Sima Pyeong muttered to the empty air.

"It's something prepared by a humble disciple for his great master."

It was a seat for the transparent Raon.

-Human, our Disciple is a bit strange, but strangely, I'm starting to like him.

That's for sure.


"We'll be arriving in Sichuan soon."

Choi Jung Soo, who had his face covered with a bamboo hat, slightly turned his face to point forward to Cale.

"There's a branch of the Silver Blue Commercial Guild inside Sichuan."

Raon's voice echoed in Cale's mind.

-Human, are we going to break something now?

A voice full of anticipation rang in Cale's ears, and a deep smile formed on Cale's face.



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