TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 428

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

Chapter 428


Raon sighed and lowered his gaze. Wrath, with a fully bloated belly, patted it while chuckling.

It's full!

'Is pineapple pizza really that good?'

Despite eating three servings of pineapple pizza and still feeling unsatisfied, he ended up eating ten pineapple cookies. It seemed like he was facing an insatiable hunger as if he were seeing a hellish demon.

'He's about to fall asleep from being too full.'

Perhaps due to an increase in laziness, he was overwhelmed by food coma, and his eyelids felt heavy.

It's because your minds are weak. This level of gourmet delight is hard to come by, so you should eat as much as you can when you can.

Wrath murmured that eating was the joy of life and the reason to keep going.

Even after giving it some thought, it seemed more like the Monarch of Gluttony speaking than the Monarch of Wrath.

'You've only had pineapple pizza since you came here. You made me eat two whole pizzas a day because of you.'

Wrath had demanded pineapple pizza every day since he arrived at Habun Castle, not just today. He didn't discriminate when it came to food, but now it was getting exhausting.

"Wow. Vice-squad leader, you finished all that?"

Dorian, who had ordered a scout's special, whistled as he looked at the empty pizza plate.

"Of course it's tiring. You beat that guy up pretty badly."

He nodded, saying that he had pushed Musten's mindset 180 degrees, making him as hungry as he could be.

"Yeah, it's really amazing."

Burren put down the beer glass he was holding and agreed with Dorian.

"How did you change that stubborn jealous guy?"

"Don't ask. There's no rhyme or reason to it."

Martha raised her clenched fist.

"No matter how much you complain, it's all part of the deal when you've been beaten to a pulp."

She clicked her tongue, disappointed that she couldn't see how she lost.

"Martha may be weak in strength, but her heart is even weaker. It won't do."

Runaan chewed on a pineapple cookie, raising his head.

"What? This is seriously insane!"

Martha frowned at Runaan and bit her tongue.

"Meow? Meow, Meow."

Runaan gestured to Martha with his hands rounded like a cat.

"Grrr! You come here!"


Martha and Runaan started playing together, rather than eating snacks.

While Raon watched Martha and Runaan fight like siblings, Wrath floated to mind, and he leaned in.

You know you're lucky this time, don't you?

'I know.'

'The Monarch of Jealousy was more evil than I thought.'

Envy's personality was the epitome of pathetic, but the contract she had made with Musten was a collar full of thorns.

If his bluff had been exposed, he might have been a slave for life, crawling on the floor like Musten.

Of course, he didn't do anything arrogant because it was luck that he had gained thanks to the coincidence of many situations.

That's right, the Monarch of Jealousy may be wicked, but she's even more vile and pitiful than the King of Essence thought. If she had been better controlled, you might have been able to make her withdraw with just the King of Essence's name, without needing the name of Sloth. But…

Wrath gaze darkened, making his belly appear less serious.

There are those who are not influenced by the King of Essence' name.

'Those who are not influenced?'

Raon tapped the table lightly, narrowing his eyes.

That's right. Pride and Greed.

Wrath voice became as heavy as dripping darkness.

Those two will come after the King of Essence or Sloth's name. Don't ever open your mouth. It would be more helpful to stay quiet.

'Aren't they're just another pushover?’

Thinking of Pride and Greed, Raon savored his food.

Demons are not fools! Those Sloth and Envy you met are just stupid!

They're not the only ones, though...

Raon looked at Ras with his eyes narrowed.

He doesn't even realize that he's the greatest fool of all.

Wrath, unaware that he was the king of fools, muttered that other demons were fools.

As for Lust...


As soon as you see it, run away. Don't engage, don't even look at it, just run!

He shouted that one should absolutely avoid confronting Lust and run away from it. It seemed like the other demons were meant to stay away from Lust and escape from it.

'If Lust is to be avoided, what about Gluttony?'

Gluttony is...

'Oh, you're gluttony, right? You must be busy with your dual role," Raon nodded, playfully patting Wrath's round belly.

Raon nodded and patted Wrath's chubby belly.

'So, when are you going to give me the power of gluttony? Does it get stronger the more you eat?'

No way! Don't compare the King of Essence to that rabbit!


Hearing the term "glutton" coming from Wrath's mouth, he couldn't help but wonder just how much the real king of glutton ate.

It seems like there's no such thing as a normal demon king…

* * *

Sword Demon looked at his disciple Musten, who was kneeling on the floor of the infirmary, and stroked his beard.

'Why is this guy doing this?'

His disciple's eyes were clear to the point of absurdity. The malice and jealousy that had been filled to the brim until just recently had disappeared, and there were clear eyes like a newborn child.

'Can people change this quickly?'

Even when he was giving advice about his character, Musten's eyes still had a strong sense of jealousy towards Raon, but it was hard to understand how that feeling had disappeared in such a short time.

'He seems to have gone back to the old days.'

It felt a little warm in his heart, as if he was seeing the young Musten who first said "Master".

"What happened?"

"Nothing happened."

Musten bowed his head more politely than ever before.

"Why were you with Raon?"

"He helped me to find the path when I was lost."

The word "path" seemed to have two meanings for some reason.


Musten had only ever referred to Raon as "that guy" or "that kid", so the confusion was compounded.

"Be honest with me. What are you thinking?"

"If you mean thoughts…"

"Are you pretending to change your mind and going to attack Raon again?"

He wanted to believe in his disciple, but he couldn't help but be suspicious because he had changed so suddenly.

"Never! How dare I harm him!"

Musten buried his head in the ground like he had committed a mortal sin.

"That person is my sky, and I could never lay a hand on 'that person.' Instead, I'd rather die!"

Musten began praising Raon like a devoted worshipper.


What is this...

Sword Demon lowered his gaze and looked into his disciple's eyes. They were clear, as if he were looking at an untouched stream, and he couldn't see any ulterior motives.

'Has he truly changed?'

Even when he said Raon's name, he didn't feel any malice. When he heard his clear eyes and voice, he couldn't help but believe his disciple's words.


What did he do?

It was certain that Raon did not beat Musten again. The blood that was dripping from his head was not because he was hit by someone, but because it had fallen to the ground.

He was curious how he had changed a person like this without resorting to violence.


"Yes! Master."

Raon told Musten to be polite to his master before sending him away, and because of that, he felt even more polite than usual.

"If you say so, I'll trust you for the last time."

"Thank you!"

"Take a break today, and tomorrow, go and apologize to the people you've harmed."

"I'm sorry, but I can't rest now."

Musten shook his head and stood up.


"Raon-nim told me to focus on my martial arts development and not to be swayed by unnecessary emotions, so I have to start practicing now."

He gripped his sword with his still bruised hand, as if he was serious.


Sword Demon let out a sigh as he looked at Musten, who had a serious expression on his face.

'To think you'd correct a person to this extent…'

Who is that child, really?

* * *

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For Indonesian: 

A week later.

Raon and the Light Wind squad finished their preparations to leave and headed for the gate of Habun Castle.

Not only the Habun Castle's warriors, but also the residents were lined up in the main street in front of the gate.

"It's no big deal, but why are you all coming out?"

Raon scratched his cheek as he looked at the Habun people who had gathered like clouds.

Since he had not saved everyone this time, but had simply enjoyed himself, he felt a little embarrassed.

"People's memories are not easily forgotten."

Milland, who had a cheeky grin, turned back. The restored city walls came into his view.

"Everyone in this city owes their lives to you. Those memories will be an unshakable fortress."

He smiled, saying that gratitude is not easily forgotten.

"The commander is right!"

"We haven't forgotten that day!"

"We are always grateful!"

"Live a healthy life!"

"We wish you good luck!"

The warriors and residents of Habun Castle, who were standing behind Milland, waved their hands in unison.

"Me too. Or rather, we're the same."

Raon smiled lightly and bowed his head to Milland and the Habun warriors.

"I will never forget that you saved us at the Arian family."

"Thank you!"

The Light Wind squad also followed Raon and bowed their heads to the Habun warriors.

Milland nodded his chin in satisfaction.

"We are each other's benefactors. This is truly the best kind of relationship where we help each other."

"I told you before. Habun Castle is behind you. Don't hesitate to call on us in the future."

The commander of Habun Castle, Milland, raised his hand and said that he would be happy to help if they needed it.

"We will do the same. If Habun Castle is in danger, we will come running even if we are asleep."

Raon nodded in agreement with Milland.


Rimmer yawned and stretched.

Why are these guys so slow with their goodbyes! Let's go already!"

He waved his hand as if he was annoyed.

"Why has he become such a troublemaker…"

Milland sighed and shook his head.

"I agree. He's the most annoying person in Zieghart."

Raon sighed as he stood behind Rimmer.

"Well, then, we'll be going."

"Wait a minute!"

Just as he was about to leave after bowing his head for the last time, the grandfather of Yua ran up to him and handed him a large basket.

"I packed your favorite pizza and cookies. I just made them. Please have them on your way."


Wrath, who had been looking bored and blinking his eyes, suddenly stood up and roared.

Pub owner! Good! From today, you are also my subordinate!

Another round of Wrath's forced recruitment began.

'Could it be... Ugh.'

Raon closed his eyes as he looked at the basket in his arms.

'Pineapple pizza and pineapple cookies...'

All thanks to that glutton. Now, he is stuck eating pineapple pizza until the day he arrives at Zieghart, even though he wanted to try other types of pizza.

It seemed that he would have to rely on Nadine's bread for a while to maintain his discipline.

"Grandpa, I!"

Yua raised her hand to her waist as if she was angry.

"Did you gain weight from eating too much while you were here? You need to fast a bit."


As her cheeks had indeed filled out from eating too much, it made her look even cuter.

"Thank you."

Raon bowed his head to the pub owner after taking the basket.

"No, please take care of this child in the future."

The pub owner held Yua's two hands tightly with eyes welling up with tears.

"Don't worry."

I will never let her die before me.

He laughed as he swallowed those words.


Raon slowly turned his gaze to Milland.

"Then, I'll be going."

"Is that the right way to say goodbye? It seemed a little different when you came."

Milland waved his hand without accepting the greeting.

"I'll be back."

He smiled again as he bowed his head. Only then did Milland and the others' faces light up with smiles.

"Yeah. See you again."

Raon nodded as he looked at the sunlight that made people's laughter even warmer.

"I will definitely come back."

* * *

Glenn tapped his fingers on the armrest of the throne, which had been neatly repaired, and frowned.

'Why aren't they coming back?'

He had prepared a lot of golden plates, rewards, and praise. He had even memorized a script, but Raon and the Light Wind squad didn't seem to have any intention of returning.

'They said they were going to stop by Habun Castle, but are they planning to live there?'

He was even more confused because he hadn't heard anything from Rimmer after his letter saying that he would be back after stopping by Habun Castle.


Upon seeing the "wow" and "poong" in a letter sent by Rimmer, his anger flared up again.

'I'll definitely kill him.'

He considered sparing him for old times' sake, but it didn't seem like a good idea. He made a vow to kill him for sure.

Tuk, tuk, tok.

As he tapped on the armrest of the throne in frustration, the door to the audience chamber opened and Roenn came in.

"My lord."

Roenn bowed his head to Glenn and smiled.

"The Light Wind squad is returning."


"Yes. They should arrive at the main gate in about two hours."


Glenn curled up his lips as he stood up, but then stopped.


He cleared his throat for no reason, tidied his clothes and hair, and sat back down on the throne.

"This time, I won't just let it slide. Once their mission is over, they should return immediately. They've been dragging their feet for so long; what do they think this house is?"

"That's right."


Glenn put his arm on the throne and lowered his eyes slightly.

"This time, the Light Wind squad did something extraordinary, so it would be right to praise them first. Roenn."


"I'll be holding a promotion ceremony right away. Summon the executives."


Roenn smiled faintly and left the audience chamber again.

After a while, all of the house's executives, including the direct and collateral lines, along with other high-ranking individuals, gathered in the audience chamber. They had been called abruptly but stood quietly and attentively.

Glen cast a colder aura than usual as he looked down at them.

Just as he was trying to hide his nervousness by twisting the armrest of the throne, Roenn's voice came from outside the audience chamber.

"The Light Wind squad has returned after completing their mission!"

"Let them in."

With a low voice, he nodded, and the door to the audience chamber opened and the Light Wind squad members, covered in dust, entered.

'That kid....'

Glen trembled his fingertips as he saw Raon.

'Did he grow again?'

He thought he had gained enlightenment by defeating Manghongwi, but his body, mind (mental), and martial arts had all improved one step further in the time he was gone.

'He really can't be underestimated.'

Just as he was unconsciously trying to soften his coldness, a sharp gaze from the back of the Light Wind squad members met his.

When he raised his head, he saw a white-haired old man looking at him.

'That person is...'

Glenn gripped his lips, which were curling up, and narrowed his eyes.

'Is he Sword Demon?'

He is a warrior with a reputation that shakes the entire continent, but what came to mind now was not his achievements, but the contents of Rimmer's letter.

<He seems to get along well with Raon. I thought he was his real grandfather…>

Glenn crumpled the armrest of the throne that he had just repaired and twisted his lips.

'His grandfather?'

How dare he?


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