TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 429

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Chapter 429

Raon walked to the center of the audience chamber with the Light Wind squad members. He ignored the stares of the executives, especially the direct line members, and stood in front of the stage.

"Greeting my lord!"

He kneeled and lowered his head while looking into Glenn's eyes, which exuded coldness more than emptiness.


Glenn's voice was also heavier than usual. The atmosphere of the audience chamber was also chilly, so it seemed that something was wrong.


Raon stood up with the squad leader, Rimmer.

"We should greet our guest first."

Glenn's gaze turned to the end of the Light Wind squad members, beyond Raon, to Sword Demon and Musten.

Sword Demon knew that he was being referred to and stepped forward and bowed his head.

"It is an honor to meet the lord of the north. I am a swordsman named Rekthar."

He lowered himself and raised Glenn, showing his respect as a guest.

"I have often heard the name that blows like the north wind. I am also having an eye-opening experience to meet one of the Five Great Swordmasters."

Glenn also had respect in his tone, as appropriate for the other.

Raon frowned as he watched the two swordsmen greet each other.

"What's going on?"

Is it an illusion?

Although the greetings to each other were gentle, there was a feeling of sharpness in their eyes.

"I know that swordsman Rekthar usually doesn't visit Six Kings unless there's something special. Can you tell us the reason for your presence in Zieghart?"


Glenn's eyes flickered. Sword Demon did not answer immediately, but looked at Raon next to him.

"I love traveling and exploring the entire continent. Meeting many people along the way, I've encountered many talents, but someone like swordsman Raon here is truly exceptional. In terms of martial skills, mental strength, talents, and even character, there is nothing lacking."

An unusually gentle aura emanated from his sharp eyes.

On the other hand, Glenn's thin eyes burned with even colder cold.

"I also raise a disciple, and while I'm satisfied with my students' skills, I believe there's much room for improvement in terms of character. I'm curious about who raised such a monster like him, so I came all the way here to find out."


Glenn covered his mouth as he listened to Sword Demon's praise of Raon.

'To hear such praise from Sword Demon...'

Sword Demon is a martial artist who has attained the status of the strongest among the Five Great Swordmasters and is reputed to be capable of battling the leaders of the Six Kings on equal footing.

And today, his martial arts were not much different from the rumors.

"Sword Demon says that?"

"I heard that he is a person who does not give praise even if he gives lessons?"

"Yeah. I heard that he was cold..."

The executives of Zieghart swallowed their saliva as they listened to Sword Demon's extreme praise.


Glenn stroked his left sleeve. When a martial artist who has made a name for himself on the continent praised his grandson sincerely, his frozen heart melted away.

'Of course, Rimmer was talking nonsense.'

The guy said that Sword Demon was acting like a real grandfather, but now it was clear that Sword Demon came to Zieghart to nurture his disciple's character by following Raon.

"Cough! That's right."

As he tried to allow the visit with his rising lips, Raon came forward.

"Sir Rekthar has imparted a lot of guidance to me and the Light Wind squad members. Thanks to his daily training sessions, we have all made significant progress."

Raon seemed to take Sowrd Demon's side, listing the ways he had helped. He felt as though he was defending him, like a disciple recounting the daily martial arts lessons he had received.

"...He provided guidance in martial arts?"

"Yes, he didn't teach martial arts, but he offered advice on martial techniques."


Glenn listened to Raon's words, his fingers trembling.

'He gave guidance... every day?'

Sword Demon, being an exceptional martial artist, couldn't possibly be offering strange teachings, so it was reasonable to regard him as Sword Demon. However, the passage from Rimmer's letter resurfaced, making his chest feel tight.

'Could he possibly intend to take him as his disciple? Or as his grandson?'

The warm affection that had been evident in Sword Demon's eyes towards Raon since their first meeting seemed even more apparent now. Raon, in turn, appeared to trust and follow Sword Demon, with a faint smile on his face.

'This... this can't be.'

At this point, there was no way to prevent Sword Demon's visit. It seemed that the gifts Glenn had prepared in advance for Raon would have to be set aside, and new ones would need to be prepared.

"The children have been indebted. Thank you."

Glenn suppressed his inner thoughts and forced a nod.

"No, it was a pleasure as they are all talented individuals."

Sword Demon smiled gently and extended his hand.

"Having received such help, we cannot refuse your visit, swordsman Rekthar. Welcome."

Glenn concealed the urgency that seemed to constrict his chest and allowed Sword Demon's visit.

"Thank you."

Sword Demon, along with Musten, bowed slightly before stepping back.


Raon scratched heis temple, glancing between Glenn and Sword Demon.

'Why does it feel like the atmosphere has become more tense?'

Even though Sword Demon had mentioned helping, it appeared that the air had grown colder.

Are they hungry or something?

Wrath yawned as if he had no interest in the situation.

"Light Wind Squad."

Glenn shifted his gaze from Sword Demon. The heavy aura in his eyes seemed to weigh down on their shoulders.

"You're quite late considering your mission should have ended quickly."


Since Rimmer hadn't said anything, Raon spoke on behalf of the squad and bowed.

"From now on, report right away if you're going to be late. It's fine to be late, but not reporting is the problem."

"Yes? But our leader said he'd let you know..."

"Report? He mentioned going to Habun Castle, but I didn't hear anything about you taking a long time."

"Oh, I forgot!"

"Habun Castle was surprisingly good for eating and playing. I forgot to send a letter."

He muttered, "It happens in life," and licked his lips.


Was it because it was too absurd? The audience chamber, which was filled with many people, fell silent.

'That darn leader!'

Even if others didn't know, you shouldn't be the one saying that!

Raon clenched heis fists and glared at Glenn, whose temple was pulsing.

"Be more careful next time."

However, he didn't show anger and just nodded quietly.


Rimmer, not expecting such a reaction, widened his eyes.

Raon looked at Glenn, who was supporting his chin with his right fist, and rubbed his fingertips.

'He seems different from usual.'

Perhaps because of the guest, Sword Demon, Glenn didn't scold Rimmer or rain down lightning, but took a deep breath in silence.

"I understand the reason for the delay, so let it pass. From now on, you will report on the activities undertaken within the Arian family."

"Yes. When we first arrived at the Arian family..."

Raon told him about how corrupt the Arian family's executives were, how many people were exposed to danger, and the sudden tidal wave in the swamp and the battle with Manghongwi. (the skull mask)

When Raon finished reciting the events that happened at the Arian family, the audience chamber fell silent.

"You defeated Eden's Manghongwi? That Manghongwi?"

"That, that's a grandmaster level!"

"That's right. Even if he was caught off guard, could the Light Wind squad defeat a senior executive of Eden?"

"And he used some strange energy orbs..."

"Something about this seems peculiar."

As Karoon and Balder began voicing their doubts, the executives grew restless and exchanged hushed conversations. Many expressed their amazement, but others couldn't bring themselves to smile.

"Master of Shadow Agents."


At Glenn's call, Master of the Shadow Agents, Chad came forward.

"Is what the Light Wind vice-squad leader said true?"

"After comparing the information from the Shadow Agents, it is 100% true."

Chad nodded firmly, as if it were nothing.


"The master of the Shadow Agents acknowledges it, huh...?"

"Then it's true!"

"Even grandmasters have missed Manghongwi... "

"They didn't just do a great job, they hit it big."

"I understand why they're called Mad Dogs instead of Light Wind."

The executives on either side of the audience chamber couldn't hide their surprise and opened their mouths wide. Even though Glenn was sitting right in front of them, they continued to whisper to each other.

Many executives expressed their admiration, but there were also many who could not laugh.


"Damn it..."

"What's so special about that?"

Direct line members like Karoon and Balder frowned as if they had heard something distasteful, and they sent icy glances that suggested nothing would be good enough.

They sent a cold stare as if they could not accept it no matter what.

Glen slowly raised his hand, and the buzz of conversation in audience chamber quieted down as though it had turned into a library.

"Light Wind Squad."


Raon nodded and answered on behalf of the squad.

"Do you remember what my original intention for the Light Wind squad was?"

"To save the Arian family, which had fallen into decay."

He told him exactly what he had realized when he went to the Arian family.

"Then do you remember what the mission was?"

"It was a mission to go to the Swamp of Death and identify and resolve the cause of the increase in the number of undead."

"Is the mission I gave you different from what you solved?"

"No. It's the same."

In the end, the undead and lazy executives that had been around the Arian family had disappeared, so it was no exaggeration to say that they had fulfilled the mission.

"Exactly. You've cleansed the Arian family, removed the filth that tainted it, and dug a new well to bring in fresh water. Therefore, you've successfully fulfilled your mission."

Glenn slowly closed his eyes, then opened them.

"That is what a Grand Mission is. It differs from the regular missions, necessitates gathering various pieces of information and making your own judgments. Through this mission, the Light Wind squad has proven its qualifications to fulfill a Grand Mission. Therefore!"

He stood up from his seat and extended his hand.

"As of this moment, I am promoting the Light Wind squad to the Light Wind division!"


"Congratulations, Light Wind division!"

"One more competitor has been added."

"I look forward to seeing you run hard in the future!"

"We will definitely follow you!"

The collateral line executives and a small number of direct line executives cheered and applauded. The Warring Steel was not seen, as it seemed to be on a mission.

"Thank you!"

The Light Wind division bowed to Glenn and the executives in turn.

"May I say something for a moment?"

Raon bowed, then stood and approached the podium.

"Can we change the name of the military unit?"

"Are you going to change the name of the Light Wind division?"

"Yes. Not Light Wind,  but Mad... Cough!" (lmaooo)

As he tried to continue speaking, Burren and Martha covered his mouth and poked him in the waist. Other Light Wind division members also approached him and pinched his thighs and arms.

"Shut up!"

"If you add that Mad, I'll really leave! I absolutely don't want to be called the demoness of the Mad Dog division!"

"Go crazy on your own! Please!"

The Light Wind division members shook their heads quickly, saying that they hated 'Mad' at all.

"I like Mad."

Only Runaan muttered that she liked it.


Glenn scratched his chin and shook his head.

"The name is not something that one person decides, so discuss it properly and let me know again."

"Oh, yes...."

Raon nodded, rubbing the places he was pinched.

"That's fine, but what about the leader? Will it go this way?"

Glenn frowned as he looked down at the fidgeting Rimmer.


Raon followed Glenn's gaze and looked at Rimmer, drawing a light smile.

"To be honest, our leader is a person who shows a lot of unreliable behavior. He is lazy, loves gambling and money, and is firmly stuck in the protagonist disease."


Recalling the old memories as he saw Rimmer, who seemed to not know how to swear here, opening his eyes wide.

In his trainee days, more than a hundred trainees' strengths, weaknesses, and ways to improve were all written in the notebook that Rimmer slept on.

That's why he was still and will continue to be the best teacher and leader.

"However, Rimmer is needed as the leader of the Light Wind division. We still have a lot to learn."

"That's right. I don't like it, but that person has to be the leader for us to be comfortable!"

"I think so too."

"I don't want to change it yet."

Not only Raon, but other Light Wind division members also nodded and said that they would like Rimmer to be the leader.

"Is that so."

Glenn nodded with a slightly regretful expression.

"Since the members want it, I will let Rimmer continue to inherit the position of leader."


Rimmer let out a sigh of relief as he looked around the Light Wind division. His lips trembled as he felt good.

"I didn't know you liked me so much! Good! I'm ordering you all to the training grounds only three days a week from now!"

He grinned as he said something that would get him beaten, but Glenn didn't say anything and turned his eyes away.

"Let's move on."

Glenn's gaze turned back to Raon. His red eyes seemed to sparkle like stars.

"As I said a moment ago, the Light Wind squad all did more than their part in the promotion exam. If it weren't for you, the Arian family would have been destroyed, and the fact that Eden was involved would have been buried in the swamp. You have made great contributions, so I would like to give you an award that is worthy of that."

As he snapped his fingers, a golden flame flared up in the air and a small bookshelf sprang up.

"This is also ready."

Roenn stood next to Glenn with a tray covered in black cloth.

"First, Martha Zieghart, the first team captain of the Light Wind division. Come forward."


Martha bowed her head and then went up to the podium.

"Your impulsiveness can sometimes lead to danger, but you must have been a source of courage to many. Good work."

Glenn took out a silver plate and a yellow martial arts book from the tray on the podium and handed them to Martha.

"It's a sword technique that suits your personality. Check it out and learn it."

"Thank you!"

Martha was so happy that she bowed her head to say hello, but she bit her tongue. Her face turned red as a beet.

'Runaan will have something to tease her about now.'

When Raon smiled faintly, laughter could be heard from the side of the executives.

"Martha is cute!"

It was her father, Glenn's third son, Denier Zieghart. He was one of the few people in the direct line to applaud. He just smiled brightly as if his daughter was pretty.

"Next, Runaan Sullion."

Even at Glenn's call, Runaan did not take her dull eyes off her. She went up to the podium in a calm posture.

"Your gentle atmosphere seems to have helped to ease the hearts of others. Well done."

He patted Runaan on the shoulder and handed her the silver plate and martial arts book.

"It's a rough sword technique that is the opposite of your personality. It's good to be a different being sometimes, so it will be helpful if you learn it."

"Thank you."

Runaan received the silver plate and martial arts book and nodded calmly before going down from the podium.

"Our daughter is the prettiest!"

Rokan Sullion raised his fist and shouted loudly.

"Third team captain, Burren Zieghart."


Burren let out a loud response that shook the audience chamber and went up to the podium.

"I heard that your calmness and judgment were a great help to the Light Wind division. I think of you as another captain, and I hope you will continue to take care of everyone."

Glenn nodded in satisfaction and handed Burren the silver plate and martial arts book as well.

"Thank you!"

Burren shouted again as if his throat was going to burst. He met eyes with his father, Karoon, for a moment before going down from the podium.

Starting with the captains, all the members of the division received the silver plate  and martial arts books prepared by Glenn and went down from the podium.

"Finally, Raon Zieghart."


Raon answered in a low voice and went up to the podium.

"I'm sorry you had to work hard to carry out the mission from start to finish and fight the war in place of the Light Wind division leader."

Although he had heard good things like excellent and great, it was the first time he had heard that he had worked hard, so his heart felt a little flutter.

"Saving the Arian family and finally defeating Eden's Manghongwi is no exaggeration to say that it is a feat. I will award the golden plate to Raon Zieghart, who has achieved a new feat."

At the mention of the golden plate, the audience chamber became noisy again.

"That, golden plate...?"

"Another golden plate?"

"This is how many golden plate already?

"How many times has this happened already?"

"It doesn't seem like it deserves a golden plate."

"No, it's a worthy achievement... because he defeated Manghongwi."

"That's right. He did something that even the direct line  members couldn't do."

Some of the executives muttered that Raon was getting too many golden plates, but no one dared to confront them directly, as Karoon and Balder, who were direct line member, kept their mouths shut.


Glenn handed over the golden plate with a thin smile on his lips, as if he was not happy with something.

He glanced at Sword Demon below the podium and pursed his lips. He looked determined to do something.


Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at the bookshelf next to Glenn.

'Why didn't you give me the martial arts book?'

There were still three martial arts books left on the bookshelf. It seemed like he had prepared the martial arts books for the others, but he doesn't know why he didn't give them to him.

"I'll give you that later for your injuries."

Glenn shook his head after flicking his fingers to send the bookshelf back. I he doesn't know the reason, but it seemed like he changed his mind about the reward.

"I understand."

Raon bowed his head and went down from the podium, as he had done something similar in the past.

Glenn stood up from the podium and looked at the Light Wind division members and the executives.

"You've probably heard that new forces are emerging on the continent recently. These forces, known as the Shinjuo-rei (Shinsuoryeong), are expanding their forces by taking advantage of the gaps in the Six Kings and Five Demons."

Even though he spoke suddenly about the state of the continent, everyone looked at him and listened to his words.

"The Six Kings are each trying to build up their military power, and the Five Demons are rampaging in the shadows. It's not an exaggeration to call this a chaotic era. In the future, there is a high chance that you will fight unexpected enemies on missions, so use your cold judgment to make decisions about what to do and what not to do, just like the Light Wind division."


Glenn nodded as the executives and the Light Wind division bowed their heads in response to his teaching.

"This is where the promotion ceremony ends today."

He waved his hand as if he had said all he had to say.

The executives left the audience chamber first, and Raon and the Light Wind members bowed their heads one last time before leaving the audience chamber l.


Rimmer didn't leave with the Light Wind division members. He rubbed his hands together and approached the podium where Glenn's throne was.

"You're not giving me anything? I also did quite well this time?"

He boasted that he had saved everyone by appearing spectacularly when Manghongwi was trying to take down the Light Wind squad.

"I see."

Glenn nodded gently.

"I know. You did a great job this time."

"Yes! If it wasn't for me, Raon and the Light Wind squad would have all died."

Rimmer nodded quickly, as if he thought, That's right!

"I don't care about golden plates, just money."

He smiled slyly, forming a circle with his thumb and forefinger.

"Don't worry. I have something prepared for you."

Glenn said to follow him and left the audience chamber first.

"Wow! What's going on?"

Rimmer smiled slyly and winked at Roenn.

"Will the sun rise in the west tomorrow?"


Roenn smiled as usual with a calm expression.

"Ah, the lord has finally come to his senses. He realized who he needs to take care of."

"Huhuhu, let's go for now."

"Ah, that's right."

Rimmer nodded his head and followed Glenn. He headed out of the audience chamber and towards the private training ground reserved for the head of the house.

"The training ground? Why are we here?"

Rimmer raised an eyebrow as he looked at the neatly kept training ground. He couldn't understand why someone would bring money to a place like this.

"This is the place."

Glenn gestured to the floor of the training ground by rotating his wrist.

"What place? I don't see any money."

Rimmer looked around, but there was no sign of gold coins, let alone silver or copper.

With a sly smile, Glenn snapped his fingers. Faint smoke rose from the ground as a massive lightning sphere materialized above them.


Before Rimmer could react, a barrage of lightning bolts shot down, as if there were countless streams of them.


There was a deafening explosion, and the once pristine training ground was now a smoking ruin.


A red-haired elf who had been embedded in the center of the wreckage, where the lightning had struck, coughed up smoke and trembled all over, breathing fire from his mouth.

"W-What kind of place is this...?"

Glenn prepared for a second lightning strike, letting his lips part.

"Your grave."


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