IBRV (Novel) Chapter 100

C 100

The room became as silent as a dead mouse. Even though there were so many people, I couldn't even hear their breathing.

I didn't know they would summon me in the middle of the banquet, so I couldn't even breathe properly because of the embarrassment.

The emperor was looking at me, who had suddenly appeared, bewildered, and Enosh, who was beside him, was shaking his head.

"... The main character managed to appear."

Even the emperor, as if he didn't want to hear more, was trying to pass this mute situation with the ease of a snake.

"Yes... Dad told me not to be late."

"It's already late."

"... I'm sorry."

As I bowed my head, Charniel Etham came to my side and bowed with me.

"I'm sorry, you should have arrived on time, but other circumstances must have arisen."

"... I'll believe that."

So don't go into details.

"This banquet is to commemorate the safe growth and recovery of the Etham family's princess, who cured my son of an incurable disease."

"For me?"

When I opened my eyes wide, the emperor let out a light and languid laugh.

"Jim was a bit worried because you didn't respond to the invitation until the end."

It was only at a meeting two weeks ago that the decision was made to attend this banquet.

I think he was initially thinking of declining, but was it okay to ignore the emperor's invitation so easily?

"I will take this opportunity to speak formally. Eirin Etham."

"Oh, yes!"

"Thank you very much for saving Jim's son."

The emperor bowed.

It was only for a brief moment that he lowered his head, but it was a very unconventional action for an emperor.

Moreover, anyone knows what this means. The surroundings became more solemn.

I was frozen with embarrassment, but Charniel Etham touched my shoulder.

Only then did I hastily bow my back.

"Ah! I was just helping a friend."

There was no greed. At that moment, I just wanted to save Enosh somehow.

I hoped I hadn't given them false hope with my arrogance.

"Raise your head."

At the emperor's words, I raised my head carefully.

"I did it for a friend... Actually, the hardest thing is to put into practice words that sound trivial."

"Is it?"

At my question, the emperor simply smiled and looked at the second prince.

"It would be nice if the prince had good friends."

"Yes, imperial father."

While bowing his head at the very innocent answer, which was not characteristic of Enosh, the back of my head tingled slightly with the thought that suddenly came to my mind.

"This is so that people know that our relationship is strong."

I am a dragon and, although it has not been revealed yet, I will be the next head of the Etham family.

"... That wasn't very nice."

Of course, words of thanks should be sincere, but it was clear that the intention was to gain a lot along with the gratitude.

"I hope this banquet is an enjoyable one for you and the Etham family."

"Thank you."

"Then, everyone, enjoy."

As the Emperor waved his hand slightly, the orchestra began to play.



"Where is Erno?"

"Ah, Duke Collin..."

... It was just as I was about to answer that he seemed to be in his mansion when I looked around just in case.

Dad was naturally present among the members of the Etham family. As someone who has been there from the beginning.

"... behind."


"He's behind Uncle."

When Charniel turned around, Erno Etham walked toward me with a smile on his face.


The moment he reached out his arm to me, Charniel Etham blocked his path.

"You, come with me."

Charniel murmured quietly to his father. Looking at Charniel's annoyed eyes, Dad shrugged indifferently.

"I'm busy."

"Where have you been?"

"I had a matter to attend to for a moment."

"If you don't want to bother me anymore and ruin your daughter's banquet, come with me."

Charniel Etham turned around with an angry expression.

Dad looked at me and then at Charniel's back, then clicked his tongue and followed him.

"The maknae will be scolded."

Nelia Zardan clicked her tongue.

"Scolded? Dad?"

"Yes, they always scold him if he does something wrong. Of course, due to the maknae's personality, our older brother will only end up angrier."


I wondered if a shadow had fallen over my head, but someone approached me.

It seemed to be one of the nobles.

When I opened my eyes, he smiled benevolently and entered my field of vision.

"A pleasure to meet you, I am..."

"Oh, you're Baron Barton."

Nelia Zardan opened her fan and cut in.

"Oh, long time no see. Lady Zardan, but I would like to tell the princess..."

"You have so much time, then why are you in such a hurry?"

Nelia Zardan patted him on the shoulder as she bowed.

"This time, my husband said he wanted to talk about business again..."

With a smile, she grabbed the aristocrat who was eagerly waiting to speak to me and pulled him away.

However, that was just the beginning.

Even after that, unknown aristocrats approached me with large strides and introduced themselves.

And every time, the Ethams would come out as if they had been waiting and snatch them away one by one in order.

So naturally, they began to distance themselves from me.

"Now... I think I know why all the collateral and direct descendants attended."

And why they had moved more than ten carriages.

It wasn't some kind of one-on-one meeting, and I was honestly surprised by how naturally they snatched up nobles on my behalf.

"Everyone was eager to come to me..."

As a dragon, a mythical creature known to be extinct, everyone seemed to be interested.

The first aristocrat clearly cut the exit while watching, and everyone gathered courage.

"Thank you."

If I had been alone, it would have been very difficult.

Being protected by someone, having a family fence called a family must be something like this.

"So, would it be better for me to hide?"

It was at the moment I began to look around with that thought.

I felt a piercing gaze from somewhere. A gaze so unpleasant it felt like it touched my skin.

"... Who is it?"

When I looked around to find the source of the gaze, a man was looking at me near the entrance of the banquet hall with a lady.

He was a fairly well-dressed man, but it was hard to see because he was far away, but he looked a bit sinister.

The man's gaze and mine met in the air. Then, as if the man had been waiting, he raised his hand and signaled to me.

As if for me to approach.

It was at the moment I frowned in disgust and amazement at the unfamiliar action.


My vision was blocked by a familiar voice.

The pure white clothing caught my attention first, followed by the blue eyes.


"Yes, long time no see. Mistress."

Lucilion, who blocked my vision, knelt down.

There are so many people in the banquet hall, but he acts like this. Indeed, I could hear whispers around me.

"Isn't that the boy who is said to have become a high priest?"

"You mean that candidate who cheated and became a high priest...?"

"The former High Priest was in trouble, wasn't he? Plus, it's said that he released all the Suins and purged 30% of the existing priests in just two weeks..."

"But why is he kneeling before the princess of the Etham family...?"

A buzzing sound pierced my ears.

Embarrassed with a flushed face, I quickly grabbed Lucilion's shoulder.

"Get up, Lucy."


Lucilion, smiling happily, got up and stood by my side.

Then, this time, Richard suddenly appeared behind Lucilion.

"Bam Bam."


Richard approached me with a slightly tired expression.

"I'm sorry for sending you like that... It took me a lot to make that doll, but once it lost its limbs, I still can't recover it with my own abilities."

Richard murmured as if he was quite embarrassed by what he had done.

"You're more important than dolls."

Richard cautiously handed me the now intact doll.

"I did it because I wanted to give it to you."

Accidentally, I accepted a doll that looked like a copy of my dragon form and that I had never seen before.

Then Richard looked at me and smiled.

"Thank you, but, is your house okay...?"

"... Mmm."

Since I couldn't bear to say no, it must be a mess.

Still, most of it will probably be restored with magic.

Even so, my position is embarrassing.

"I'll tell Dad to compensate for everything..."

"It's okay, what need is there for a relationship between in-laws?"

Richard said with a wide smile like a snake. It was when I frowned and tried to tell him not to say anything strange.


Lucilion approached me and asked.

"What is he talking about, Mistress?"

When he leaned his body and asked with a sad expression, I kept my mouth shut.

"It's nothing, don't say anything weird either."

Why are you trying to slip away?

"It's a shame."

Richard shrugged and licked his lips with a smile.

"Hey, you guys are having fun except for this body. Lucilion, this body invited you, but what are you doing without even greeting me?"

"Oh, I didn't know he was here."

"... Ungrateful bastard."

While threatening, this time even the second prince joined the conversation.

Seeing my friends gathered around me with enthusiasm made me feel better.

"As expected, everyone loves that dragon..."

"Didn't the current head of Etham say he would die because of that dragon? If we don't align ourselves quickly..."

"But they say you can live forever if you eat dragon blood and scales, is that true...?"

My body shivered involuntarily at the unpleasant words that followed.

After my hearing improved, I kept hearing things I didn't want to hear.

"It seems like we don't need to be here, how about we go have tea or something?"

As if he had seen my expression darken, Enosh stared at me and invited me.

I wondered if he had heard that whisper.


"Can I go too, Mistress?"

"BamBam, me too."

"If His Highness is going, I must go as well."

As soon as I finished my words, Lucilion, Richard, and Lillian, who had joined, responded one after another.

"... It seems like some kind of strange meeting has formed."

Enosh said, shrugging.

Still, indeed, they were all strong candidates to play a role in the future.

It was a bit hard to believe that I, who had always been on the outside, was now in the center.

Was it for that reason?

Suddenly, I remembered the unpleasant gaze of someone who had been watching me before and even signaled to me.

The strange feeling of that man, unpleasant but not entirely unfamiliar, lingered for quite some time as if it were imprinted on his retina.


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