TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 421

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

Chapter 421


The sound of Raon's fist punching through Musten's face shook the snowy ground.

"Shouldn't we stop this?"

Burren swallowed his saliva as he looked at Musten, who had collapsed like a broken doll.

"He's going to die for real, isn't he?"

Compared to the still energetic Raon, Musten couldn't even lift his fist.

His eyes were wide open like a rotten fish, as if he had lost the strength and will to resist.

"Leave him alone. He'll figure it out."

Martha snorted as she looked at Raon.

"But he's Sword Demon disciple..."

"Why are you so small-minded? He won't die from that."

"He's been hit over 60 times now, of course I'm worried! If he dies, there will be a big fuss!"

"That weasel-like guy wouldn't lose his cool. Even though he looks angry, he must have a plan."

She muttered that it would be fine, as if she trusted Raon.

"No, it's not."

Runaan shook her head, puffing her cheeks like a frog.

"What do you mean, it's not!"

"He's angry."


"Raon. He's really angry."

She pointed to Raon's eyes with her finger.


Burren and Martha followed Runaan's finger to look at Raon's eyes.


"He's, he's right. That guy's eyes are a little crazy..."

The two of them shuddered as they saw Raon's eyes, which were filled with madness, like when he was commanding the Mad Dog squad.

"That, that's the look he has when he's doing the extreme focus training..."

"Hah, the trauma is coming back..."

"Why is the vice-squad leader so angry?"

"That's what I'm wondering. Why did this spar start suddenly?"

The Light Wind squad members, curious as to why this spar had started.

"I don't know either."

Dorian shook his head, saying that he didn't know why the two of them were fighting.

"I know."

Radin, the third scout party leader of Habun Castle, raised his hand.

"A while ago, Sword Demon's disciple told Raon-nim that your squad leader is a  degenerate."

At that, the entire Light Wind squad shut their mouths. They glared at Musten with eyes filled with madness, like Raon.

"The squad leader is degenerate?"

"That kid insulted our leader?"

"That rude bastard..."

"Should we go down and beat him up?"

The Light Wind squad members raised their savage aura, as if they were about to join the spar, but then stopped.


"Isn't that true?"

"Right. The squad leader does have a bit of a  degenerate aura..."

"Not a bit, but a lot."

"Then it's no big deal."

"Think about it, it's true."

Everyone relaxed their raised aura, saying that it wasn't wrong.

"It's true, indeed. It's a straightforward statement!"

Martha glared at the Light Wind squad, baring her teeth.

"That guy might know that our leader is a  degenerate, but the only ones who can say it are us!"

She said that she had to be the one to defeat Musten and clenched her fist.

"Yeah, now I understand why Raon is so angry."

 Burren nodded as he looked at Raon.

"Even if someone insults him, it's our job to do it. When others do it, it flips my stomach. But..."

He groaned and bit his nails.

"If this goes on, he might really die. Should we stop it now?"

"Let it be! Let him die in the fight if he must. If it were me, I'd have snapped his neck right away."

 Martha seemed disappointed that she couldn't fight herself.

"It's okay."

Runaan lowered his gaze under his voice and shook his head.

"Raon. You're free now." 

She blinked, watching Raon repeatedly kicking Musten's waist.

"Is he really okay?"

"Yeah, he'll do it reasonably now."

Raon chuckled when he heard Runaan's voice.

As Runaan said, although he deliberately didn't hold back and beat Musten while still showing madness, when the Light Wind squad showed anger from the wall, his anger subsided.

What a waste.

Wrath shook his head as he looked at the limp Musten.

'Has that jealousy you mentioned completely disappeared?'

How can the King of Essence knows when he's completely out of his mind?

He frowned, saying that he had made him look worse than death, and nothing but pain could be seen.

No matter how I think about it, you are a talent that is too precious to be on this land.

Wrath looked at him with a serious look and patted his shoulder.

Come with the King of Essence to the Devildom. You are the only one who can become the new Monarch, the Monarch of mockery and violence.

'Well.. no, thanks.'

Raon pushed Wrath away and looked down at Musten.

'Looks like it's been resolved.'

He lifted Musten's head and locked eyes with him.

"How many hits did you count?"

"... Sixty-eight hits."

"But you only counted up to seven though?"

"Th-that's because my mouth couldn't open properly..."

"That's your problem. You still have thirty-something left, right?"

He smirked as he clenched his fist.

'I clearly counted, I counted, but..."

"If I didn't hear it, it didn't count."

He struck Musten's side with his clenched fist.


A thunderous sound echoed as Musten bent over in agony, his eyes rolled back.

His pained expression was evident as he struggled to breathe properly.

That's right, you crazy dog! The only one who can create a new wave in the Devildom is you!

'Be quiet for a moment.'

Ignoring Wrath's words, he stepped on Musten's head.

"If your master is precious to you, other people's masters are precious too. Whether it's a degenerate gambler, a lazy bum, a money-grubber, a protagonist syndrome, or a  degenerate with many of issues."

"You, you're openly insulting..."

"That's because, I am the only one who can insult my master."

Raon kicked Musten's solar plexus with the clenched fist.


Musten couldn't bear the pain and rolled his eyes, trembling in agony.

"Well done! Only we can insult the squad leader! That damn gambler!"

"That eel-like elf that can survive anywhere!"

"The only one who shame both the elf and Zieghart!"

The Light Wind squad members insulted Rimmer and shook their hands vigorously.

"Well, It's refreshing, but..."

Raon scratched his cheek as he looked at the battered Musten.

"What do we do now?"

* * *

Advance chapters: 

For Indonesian: 

Miland put his wine glass down and looked out the window.

"It seems to have quieted down, so it's probably over."

"Yes. It took longer than I expected, but it seems like a decision has been made."

Sword Demon nodded as he poured wine into Milland's glass.

"You don't need to go out, do you? According to what you said, that boy should have lost..."

"They should be coming this way. We'll wait here."

He smiled faintly, as if he could feel Raon approaching from this direction.


Rimmer looked outside as he chewed on a finely diced pineapple.

"Your disciple. He seems to be seriously injured."

"It's fine. To be honest, I hoped Musten would be completely broken."

Sword Demon stroked his beard with a calm expression.

"My disciple has had to live a pampered life since he was young. Now that he's been defeated by Raon, who is younger than him twice, he'll finally wake up."

"What if he's beaten too much?"

"I told you a while ago, I hope he's properly broken."

"No, it's not that. What if he's beaten so badly that his body is damaged...?"

Just as Rimmer was about to say what he was worried about, there was a knock at the door.

"It's me Raon. Is it okay to come in?"

"Come in."

Milland put down the side dish he was about to eat and spoke.


The old door opened with a low cry, and Raon, carrying the unconscious Musten, came in.

"There was a small argument with Musten, and we had a sparring match, but I used my hand too much and he lost consciousness. I'm sorry."

Raon looked at Musten on his back and bowed his head.

"It's okay."

Sword Demon shook his head with a faint smile.

"Children grow up by fighting, you know. Don't worry about it."

"Um, he fainted from being beaten...?"

"Did his arms and legs get cut off?"

"No, it didn't."

"Then it doesn't matter. That kid is both mentally and physically tough, so it's better to be hit hard when he's hit."

"Still, I beat him a little too hard..."

"It doesn't matter. In fact, I'm grateful to you for fighting your best."

He leisurely took a sip of whiskey as if he was really okay.

"I'll take care of Musten, so go back. You still have a lot to do, don't you?"

"...I understand."

"Oh, wait a minute."

When Raon was about to put Musten down with a hesitant expression, Sword Demon raised his hand.

"Can I ask why you argued?"

"He insulted my master."

"Me? He insulted me?"

Rimmer pointed at himself with his finger and opened his eyes wide.

"What did he say?"

"He called you a degenerate."


Sword Demon sighed deeply and stood up.

"I'm sorry. I didn't teach my disciple well."

He immediately bowed his head to Rimmer.

"An idiot..."

Rimmer frowned and put down the bowl of duck that was served.

"Degenerate... To be honest, that's not a wrong word to describe me, is it? To pick up on that and say it directly, that's pretty amazing."

He started eating duck as if it was nothing, saying that Musten's eye for detail was no joke.

"Squad leader..."

Raon looked at  Rimmer with a look that said "pathetic."

"I'm still sorry, even if you say that. I'm really sorry."

Sword Demon apologized politely with a serious expression even at Rimmer's joke.

"And Raon , why didn't you beat him to the point where he couldn't get up?"

"Well, I did beat him quite a bit..."

"It should have been more than just fainting, you should have smashed his mouth shut so he can't spout nonsense again."

"I already did."

"He won't be able to talk back when he gets up. You can trust me on that."

He gestured for him to leave. 


Raon set Musten down and nodded to the three of them before exiting the room.


Sword Demon sighed and approached Musten.

"This pitiful guy. He's lucky, isn't he?"

He looked at Musten, sprawled out like seaweed on a rock on the beach, and his mouth dropped open.

'He took quite a beating. I didn't expect him to be this broken.'

Unlike his expectations, his disciple was in ruins like a neglected abandoned house.

From head to toe, his disciple looked like an abandoned ruin for over a decade, with limbs being the only things intact. There was not a single unharmed spot.

'Is it possible to shape a person like this?'

It was amazing that he could beat a human so well, even if he had killed him, he would have been a cripple or died here.


As Sword Demon turned his gaze with a dazed look, Rimmer sighed deeply.

"I told you."

"Raon is a real mad dog."

He even beats his master if he goes crazy!

* * *

Raon left the commander's residence (mansion) and headed to the branch of frost. The branch was bustling with activity as the Light Wind squad had arrived to watch the spar.

"I missed this taste. The stew and the set meal are the best here."

Dorian was drooling as he enjoyed the meat stew made by the Pub owner.

"It's really delicious."

"I understand why you bragged about it."

"Not just pizza, the food itself is delicious."

"Now I understand why Yua is so good at cooking."

The members of the Light Wind squad laughed happily as they enjoyed the various dishes spread out on the table.

What are you doing!

Wrath pointed to the table with his tongue lolling out like a puppy.

Hurry up and sit down and eat! You know how much the King of Essence loves the food here!

He patted his shoulder, saying that there was a table set up and why he was putting on a show.

'I'm not here to eat, you know?'

Even if you don't, eat! Eat a little! You're so thin that you need to gain weight!

'I'm not thin, you're fat.'

As he said that, he rubbed Wrath's bloated belly like cheese.

"Oh? You're here?"

As he was stretching Wrath's belly like cheese, Yua walked out of the kitchen.

When he saw her forehead with a bandana on and her pigtails swaying, he thought of the first time he saw her.


As soon as he heard Yua's voice, the pub owner ran out. He wiped his floury hands and bowed his head.

"If you have arrived, please sit down. We have prepared your favorite pineapple pizza and pineapple cookies!"

He said that he had raised the level of the two dishes by one level, and then went back into the kitchen.

"Grandpa made a new recipe for pineapple pizza and pineapple cookies for Raon-ssi."

"Pineapple pizza and pineapple cookies..."

"You like that, don't you?"

Yua grinned, saying it was a special treat just for him.

"It'll be out soon. Please sit and wait."

She gestured to the seat next to Dorian, who was earnestly sipping his stew.

"Pineapple pizza? You eat that kind of stuff?"

Martha furrowed her brow as she chewed on her meat-packed pizza.

"I knew that ever since you ate mint chocolate. His taste is terrible."

"Pineapple on pizza, like dipping apples in peanut butter."

Burren shook his head with a chuckle.

"Tasteless fools."

Runaan was the only one who defended pineapple pizza.

"How good is mint chocolate?"

His argument was more against mint chocolate than in favor of pineapple pizza.


Raon sighed as he looked at a floating candy in the meantime.

'Thanks to you, I'm going to be known as a glutton.'

It's because their taste buds are off! Pineapple pizza is the pinnacle of all pizzas!

'It's delicious, but I prefer plain cheese pizza.'

But didn't what that Eyepatch guy said about apples and peanut butter make you think they might go well together?

'Give me a rest...'

Anyway, sit down quickly! You must not disregard the sincerity of the Pineapple Girl and the pub owner!

Wrath smacked Raon on the back as if he had good posture.


Raon sighed and sat down at the table.

They didn't have to wait long; Yua came out with a large pizza.

"Please, have some! It's Grandfather's masterpiece. It should be delicious!"

Seeing the steaming pizza, his mouth watered. The variety of toppings made it look even more delicious than before.

Quickly, quickly! Put it in your mouth! Hurry!

Wrath's mouth was wide open, drooling like a broken dam.

Raon hesitated, then took a slice of pizza. He bit into the cheese, which stretched like rubber.

Well-cooked pineapple combined with sweet pork, beef, and savory shrimp. With each bite, it felt like joy flooding into his mouth.


Wrath smacked the table and sighed coolly.

The harmony of countless toppings and roasted pineapple is incredible!

He said he would have died earlier if it wasn't for this.

'He still can't express the taste properly.'

The taste of the pineapple pizza had changed significantly, but Wrath's way of describing it was just as gruesome as ever.


After eating his pizza, Raon called Dorian, who was enjoying his dessert.

"Do you happen to have pillows and blankets?"

"Of course."

"Not the regular ones, though, the top-notch ones."

"From scratchy to top-notch, I have them all. Those are essentials."

Dorian laughed, and Raon couldn't understand what the non-essential ones would be.

"Then, please give me one of the top-notch ones. Deduct the money from my purse."

Raon took out his spatial pocket and handed it to Dorian.

I can do that, but why do you suddenly need bedding? You sleep well on the ground, don't you?"

"I'm not the one who's going to use it."

Raon licked his lips as he looked at the peak of the Stallin Mountains, which was only visible in the distance.

"It's a gift for a sleepyhead."

Now was the time to go find Sloth and ask for his advice, so he needed a gift for him.


Runaan, who was chewing on a pineapple cookie, suddenly raised her head.


No, not you…


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