TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 422

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

 Chapter 422

The next morning.

The Light Wind squad members gathered in the training ground in response to Raon's summons.

"Didn't we have a day off until tomorrow?"

Burren, the first to enter, turned his shoulders and stood in front of the stage, looking sluggish.

"That's right! Why he calls us early in the morning?"

Martha frowned, her hair sticking up like a crow's nest, without even combing it.


Runaan yawned like a hippopotamus with his eyes closed, still not awake.

"What's going on today? Did anyone hear anything?"

"I don't know."

"He's an impulsive person by nature ..."

"Why hasn't the squad leader been seen since yesterday?"

The Light Wind squad members had dark circles under their eyes, as if they had had a lot of fun the day before.

"I don't feel good..."

"This is weird..."

Dorian and Krein swallowed their saliva, looking around their surroundings as if their sense of danger had been triggered.


Just as the Light Wind squad members were shaking their heads in confusion, Raon walked out of the indoor training ground.

"Everyone's here."

Raon smiled faintly as he climbed onto the stage.

You're smiling evilly, you must be planning to torment them again.

'That's not the case.'

He had no intention of tormenting them. He genuinely wanted them all to succeed, even if he had to be a little harsh.

"I told you to rest until tomorrow, right?"

Raon scanned the tired-looking Light Wind squad members with his arms crossed.


"Don't disturb our rest, just disappear quickly!"

"I'm scared because I don't know what you'll make us do!"

The Light Wind squad members frowned and demanded that he leave them alone to rest.

"Are you really going to rest?"

Raon took a step forward, a stern glint in his eyes.


"What do you mean by that?"

"Are you really going to rest?"

The Light Wind squad members blinked their eyes rapidly, as if they didn't understand what he was saying.

"I was going to give you a break until tomorrow, but are you really going to rest?"

Raon glared at the Light Wind squad members with a cold gaze.

"We didn't fight any battles on our way here, just traveled. And you're going to take two days off? You still have a mountain of swordsmanship, footwork, and training to learn, and you want to rest again? The world is full of Zieghart's enemies, and you want to rest?"



Every time he emphasized the word "again," the Light Wind squad members trembled and lowered their heads.

"Yes. You can have fun. You can have a lot of fun. You can eat, rest, sleep. But if you do that and can't keep up with my training later, it might truly become a living hell. A hell from which there's no escape."

The Light Wind squad members's heads bowed down so low that their hair touched the ground, as if the word "hell" had weighed them down.

"We'll... we'll do it..."

"Just give us the training from the beginning!"

"This is really unfair!"

"You're not giving us a rest, just punishment!"

The Light Wind squad members shouted in frustration.

"I'll ask one more time."

Raon raised his hand as if he hadn't heard their outbursts due to anger.

"Anyone want to rest today?"


Of course, no one raised their hands.

"The fact that the members voluntarily participated in training really moved me. I hope to see active participation in the future," Raon said, nodding satisfactorily as if he were a military officer.

Is the 'voluntary' in the human world different from the Devildom?

Wrath scratched his ears with his round hands and tilted his head.

"Damn it!"

"That demon. No, the child of the Demon King!"

"You're not going to die so gracefully!"

"What is the demon king doing? Why isn't he taking that human away!"

The Light Wind squad screamed and scattered to various parts of the training ground to prepare for training.

I'm sorry.

Wrath lowered his head like a defeated warrior.

The king has been caught.

* * *

Advance chapters:

For Indonesian: 

Raon supervised the Light Wind squad's training until noon and then headed to the infirmary where Musten was.

Musten had not yet woken up, and instead of a healer, Sword Demon was sitting by his side.

"Is he doing alright?"

"It'll take some time to recover, but it shouldn't be a major issue."

Sword Demon nodded awkwardly and swiped his lips.

"There shouldn't be any lasting effects or life-threatening problems."

"That's a relief."

"Where did you learn how to beat someone? You almost turned it into an art form."

He expressed amazement, even going so far as to use an offensive word that didn't match his appearance.

"I'm sorry. I think I overreacted because of his insults toward my master."

"Cough, I really have nothing to say about that. I apologize."

Feeling a bit embarrassed, Raon mentioned that it was because of Rimmer's insult, and the Sword Demon narrowed his eyes.

"I'll scold him right away when he wakes up for not educating him properly."

Sword Demon lowered his head, saying that he deserved to be scolded about that part.

"No, it's not like that."

Raon shook his head and looked at Sword Demon.

'He's really different from what I heard.'

The Sword Demon was rumored to have a sharp and stoic personality, but living together showed that he was a fine individual.

I don't know why such a person would take on such a scoundrel as his disciple.

"Give this to Musten when he wakes up."

Raon placed the medicine for wounds that he had brought on the table.

"He must have also suffered internal injuries, so it will be helpful in healing."

"Thank you."

Sword Demon did not refuse and accepted the medicine without hesitation.

"I'll come back again later."

Raon nodded and turned around, but then stopped and looked at Sword Demon again.

"And please lower your tone now. You're a senior to me, and it makes me uncomfortable."

Because Sword Demon had not spoken casually since they first met, he said to lower his tone first.

"That's... I'll do it later."

Sword Demon suddenly looked like he had aged a few years and shook his head.

"...I understand."

"Without further questioning the Sword Demon, who seemed to have some concerns about his complexion, Raon left the room.


Sword Demon let out a low breath as he looked at the door Raon left.

'He's grown up well.'

He smiled faintly as he stroked the wristguard containing the medicine that Raon had left behind.

"I can't wait to see him soon."

* * *

After lunch, Raon went to Milland's office.

His office was as humble as before, but there was one difference.

"What is that?"

A red-haired elf who was drunk was sleeping in the corner on the right, snoring.

"He drank too much here and passed out on his own."

Milland put down his teacup and sighed.

"I don't know how that stoic Zieghart's Sword of Light could have become such a fool."

He shook his head, saying that there is no limit to how much a person can be ruined.

"I understand. It seems like the squad leader thought this is the end, so he dug a hole and went in."

Raon clicked his tongue as he looked at  Rimmer, who was scratching his stomach and talking in his sleep.

"You didn't come here to see that drunkard, did you? So why are you here?"

Milland raised his head as he pushed aside the papers on his desk.

"I have something I want to ask."

"Something to ask?"

"Yes. Have the number of monsters decreased lately? I haven't seen them much..."

"I wanted to talk to you about that."

He nodded, clapping his hands on the desk.

"Strangely enough, the number of monsters has decreased significantly since you left. The monsters that come from the waves have also decreased by more than twice."

Milland smiled brightly, saying that the number of casualties had decreased significantly.

"I guess you were our lucky charm."

He approached and held his hand, saying thank you.

"Hey? That lucky charm is mine! My money. My treasure. But where did all my money go... Choke!"

Rimmer muttered in his sleep and wriggled, so Milland lightly kicked him to a corner.

"That worked out well."

Raon smiled as he looked into Milland's excited eyes.

'He kept his promise.'

He had asked Sloth to manage the monsters a bit, and it seemed he was  adjusting the numbers accordingly.

'Fortunately, he still remained.'

That lazy demon king would not have done such a thing even after leaving this place. He was clearly still at the top of the Stallin Mountain.

"Commander. Can I go to Stellar Mountain for a while?"

"Stallin Mountain? Why there?"

"I just wanted to go back and see it. Also, I want to check if the monsters have decreased as you said."

"Then I'll prepare a scout team."

Milland nodded as if he understood.

"No. I want to go alone. I'm planning to move at a speed that the scout team can't keep up with."

"Well, there's no one who's been to that mountain more often than you, so it's okay"

He shook his head as if he believed it.

"I'll be back soon."

Raon bowed his head and turned to the door again.

"Oh, wait a minute."

Miland pointed at the sleeping Rimmer, snoring with his nose.

"Take that with you on your way."


 Raon shrugged with a puzzled expression.

"I don't know him..."


* * *

After quickly packing his belongings, Raon set off for Stallin Mountain. As he stood on the untouched, pure white snow, it felt as if his chest had been pierced, refreshing him.

"Indeed, this place has the best snow."

As the place where the whitest snow in the world falls, the sensation of stepping on the snow itself was enjoyable.

"Shall we go?"

Without the need to recall old memories, he set his gaze far ahead toward Stallin Mountain.

'It wouldn't hurt to practice Supreme Harmony steps here.'

Since it was a long way to the Stallin Mountain, it would be better to practice footwork while going, rather than simply running with his footwork.

Raon continued on his way to the Stellar Mountain while practicing Supreme Harmony steps with various martial arts.

Despite practicing while coming here and the change in the degree of his power, he was able to reach the entrance of Stallin Mountain before it got late at night.

Raon looked at the mountain and narrowed his eyes.

"The number of monsters has indeed decreased."

Around Stallin Mountain, there used to be powerful monsters everywhere, but as Milland had mentioned, he couldn't sense the presence of as many monsters.

'How did he do it?'

What do you mean?

Wrath frowned as he looked at Stallin Mountain.

He put them all to sleep.

'He put them to sleep?'

Sloth spread his energy of laziness and put all the monsters here to sleep

He muttered that it was crazy to put monsters to sleep to control the population.

Raon opened up his perception of the snow flower to explore the monsters in detail.

As Wrath had said, the monsters were in a state of hibernation, breathing softly like hibernating bears.

'It's true.'

Spreading sloth's aura to put the monsters to sleep was a unique and efficient solution.


Raon chuckled and climbed Stallin Mountain.



However, since Sloth didn't put everyone to sleep, a group of Ice Trolls, who had caught the scent of humans, appeared.



They came forward as if they were about to rush, holding their clubs. However, as soon as they made eye contact and met  Raon's gaze, they abruptly stopped in their tracks.



Without increasing their aggression or using their auras, the Ice Trolls trembled all over, their tails shaking vigorously as if they had grown a dozen tails.

'Is it instinct?'

As if their wild instincts had warned them, they couldn't make a move and remained frozen in place.

Even though they hadn't exerted any power or intention to attack, the mere eye contact made the Ice Trolls tremble and cower in fear.

'I feel the difference in my strength.'

Raon climbed Stallin Mountain with a contented smile.

When Raon first came here, he had a life-or-death battle with the ice trolls, but when he saw them cowering in fear just by making eye contact, he felt that he had grown on his own.

"Step aside. I have no intention of bothering you."

Raon waved his hand at the intimidated monsters and continued to climb the mountain.

Occasionally, monsters stronger than ice trolls appeared, but they too could not move their mouths and move like dumb people as soon as they met his eyes.

As he climbed up the ravine like a knife blade, it was already dawn.

As he was about to increase his speed near the summit, he felt a drowsy scent that seemed to relax his whole body.

'What is this?'

Although it was not visible, a blurry black light rose from the entire summit of the mountain and formed a huge barrier in the form of a semicircle.

'Is it a protective barrier?'

Even though it surrounded a wide area, the aura was so strong that it didn't seem easy to break.

'This is....'


When Raon frowned at the wall, Wrath smiled in a shrill way.

It's finally here.

Wrath nodded his head bigly as he looked at the blurry black barrier.

'It's finally here? Do you know what this is?'

It's a barrier.


That's right. That sleepy guy has put up a barrier so that no other being can enter.

He licked his lips, saying that it was rare for Sloth to put up a barrier.

'What is the effect of the barrier? Will it put you to sleep if you approach it?'

It's not like that. As soon as you come near, you will naturally feel the feeling of being bothered and your desire to climb the mountain will disappear. Boredom is also the power of Sloth.

Wrath muttered that it was a way that worked for both humans and monsters.

'It won't make you sleepy?'

Raon inquired about the nature of this barrier.

For a guy like you who has the power of sloth, it doesn't create boredom, but builds a wall like this.

Wrath boasted that this barrier wouldn't break, even if the weaklings like Raon hit it for a hundred years.

'You knew about this?'

Well, the King of Essence is the 

Monarch of Wrath. Naturally, the King of Essence knew.

Wrath laughed, saying it was hard to come here.

Seeing your puzzled expression after a long time makes the King of Essence feels refreshed!

'This guy....'

Wrath made a gesture of cutting his neck with his thumb, saying that he was the enemy of the two slices of pineapple pizza that he didn't eat yesterday.

'Well then....'

That gluttonous demon king is no help.

Raon shook his head. He's not the Monarch of Wrath, but the Monarch of Childishness. He didn't want to deal with him.


'Sloth's barrier looked solid.'

He bit his lip as he looked at Sloth's barrier.

Until now, He couldn't feel it because it was hidden, but when he saw it, I felt a tremendous power that made his hair stand on end.

As Wrath had said, the power of sloth imprisoned in the barrier was so strong that it seemed impossible to break it, regardless of which sword technique was used.

'I guess I'm still a long way off.'

As he had promised himself a while ago, he couldn't settle at peak master level. He needed to push forward and improve.

"So, do I have to wait until Sloth wakes up?"

Stupid fool. Once Sloth falls asleep, he doesn't wake up for years. Unless you go close and slap him, he'll never wake up.

Wrath laughed, saying that anything he did would be in vain.

How does it feel to have an unbreakable barrier right in front of you? It must be turning your insides, right? The King of Essence feels that way every day!

He spoke in a sarcastic tone, as if he didn't want to miss this opportunity.

If you break through that wall and get inside today, The King of Essence will give you stats and skills directly!"

Wrath smiled brightly, muttering that it would never happen. It was a happy expression that could only be seen when he's eating pizza..

'Remember that promise well.'

I'll break through, no matter what.

Raon took a deep breath and reached out to Sloth's barrier.


He was trying to touch the barrier directly to check its strength, but his body went through the barrier and went inside as if he had put his arm in water.



Raon opened his mouth in surprise, and this time, he pushed his left arm into the barrier. Once again, his arm went in without any resistance.

"It's working?"

It was too easy.

"What's this?"

What? What? What the hell is this!

Wrath's pupils darted around like a freshly caught fish.

"What's going on here!"


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