TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 420

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

Chapter 420

He told us to rest, and now he is suddenly having a fight?"

Martha frowned as she watched Raon and Musten descend into the snow.

"And why is he fighting with that man?"

She muttered that it was pointless.

"Did that old man do something wrong?"

Burren narrowed his eyes as he looked at Musten.

"Old man? Isn't he a kid?"

"Although he's older than us, his behavior is like a child's."

"Oh, that's true. He acts like a whining little kid."

Krein laughed, finding Martha's words amusing.


Runaan seemed uninterested in the spar, leaning against the wall and pursing his lips.

"There's no ice cream shop..."

"You fool! It's winter here all year round, and it's a battlefield. Who would sell ice cream?"

"Martha, you're ruthless."

Although the situation had nothing to do with it, a vein popped on Martha's forehead.

"This rascal!"

"Martha is weak. She keeps crying and fainting."

"Oh, if you want to die, let me help you!"

Martha leaped at Runaan like a frog.


"The Captains of team 1 and Captains of team 2 are fighting!"

"This side seems interesting too!"

The Light Wind squad members expressed their excitement as they watched Runaan and Martha start their struggle.

Despite Raon and Musten's fight starting shortly, there was no tension on their faces. They had complete trust in their respective leaders.

Raon stood on the snowy ground, receiving the unconditional trust of the Light Wind squad members.

On the opposite side, Musten approached with fiery eyes.

'Someone would think I'm in the wrong.'

He started the argument first and sent such a look. It was unbelievable that his jealousy was so intense. He knew he was jealous, but he didn't know it had reached this level.

'I tried to bear with it, but this time he's crossed the line.'

Although he had received a lot from Sword Demon, he couldn't stay silent when he heard him mocking Rimmer.

"As you say, our leader is a mess."

Raon raised his hand to Heavenly Drive, wearing a faint smile.

"But only the Light Wind squad can say that. We can criticize him. You don't have the right to say those words."

A cold chill emanated from his mild smile.

"I'll give you the training that your master sir Rekhtar couldn't."

"I told you not to mention my master's name!"

Musten shouted and drew his sword. Fierce energy emanated from the blade directed toward Raon.

"Very well. We don't need any warm-up exercises."

When Raon twisted his lips and drew Heavenly Drive, Wrath jumped out from the bracelet.

That guy is a bit dangerous.

Wrath briefly examined Musten.

'What's dangerous about him?'

His feelings of jealousy have become quite poisonous.


Emotions like anger (wrath), sloth (laziness), and jealousy are closely related to the primordial power of humans and demons, and his emotional intensity is on the verge of touching that primordial aspect.

Wrath shook his head, implying that Musten had a problematic mentality from the start.

'It doesn't matter.'

Raon aimed Heavenly Drive at Musten, raising his arm.

'It will be fixed if I hit him..'


'There's a saying that goes, If things don't go as expected, consider whether it's due to a lack of training.'

Is there such a saying in the world?

When Wrath tilted his head with a curious expression, Musten moved first.


Musten forcefully struck the ground. A lightning-fast move. In an instant, he surged forward and raised his sword.

He's fast, but that's about it.

Due to Musten's heavy emphasis on speed, he neglected to infuse his swordsmanship with strength.

Raon raised Heavenly Drive towards Musten's rapidly descending blade without needing to swing it.

With the heavy sword's technique, he created a solid wall by simply placing it there.


Musten's sword seemed powerless in front of Heavenly Drive, blocking his advance.


As if he had anticipated this block, Musten withdrew his sword, twisted his waist, and launched a sword strike from below. The blue astral energy rippled on the blade, creating a massive wave.

'Is this the swordsmanship he originally learned?'

Judging from the intense light emitted, it seemed to be the Myeonghong Sword Technique (bright red sword/crimson sword), one of the advanced sword techniques of Sword Demon.

The light blade that he swung contained speed, strength, precision and flexibility.


As Raon stepped with his left foot and unleashed the principle of Fangs of Insanity sword, he extended Heavenly Drive with explosive muscle strength and then circulating the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation's aura through his mana circuit.


The powerful Heavenly Drive easily parried Musten's sword with a single strike. Musten's wrist tilted like a sailboat hit by a wave.

Raon looked at the stunned Musten, narrowing his eyes.

'This is weaker than I expected?'

No, perhaps I've become stronger.

After reaching peak master level and receiving advice from Sword Demon, his progress in swordsmanship had made a significant difference from before.

"That's impossible!"

Musten gritted his teeth while sharpening his trembling wrist. After forcefully suppressing the tremors, he unleashed a sword strike filled with powerful Astral Energy.

"This time, I'll break through that sword technique."

Raon approached Musten and raised Glacier. He channeled the energy of frost from his fingertips, releasing it with the wind.


The Frostwind swordsmanship shattered Musten's attack and generated a massive shockwave.


Musten was sent tumbling as he looked at his discarded sword. Raon delivered a strong punch to Musten's abdomen with his left fist.


A deafening roar resounded as Musten was forcibly thrown back, rolling on the ground.

"Quick reactions."

It seemed Musten's training as a disciple of Sword Demon had paid off, as he had created a defensive aura wall in front of his abdomen the moment he received the punch.


Despite the severe impact to his abdomen, Musten, who was still trembling, displayed no signs of pain and continued to exert his strength.


"What's the matter? You're weak."

Raon lightly shook his left fist and approached Musten.

"Stop exaggerating and get up. We haven't even started yet."

Raon's right foot pushed against the ground, and advanced gracefully. The earth caved in as Musten's bewildered eyes suddenly appeared.


The sharp edge of Heavenly Drive clashed with the intricate design of Fangs of Insanity. The teeth of the beast became more menacing as they revealed their ferocity astral energy.


Musten quickly backed away and swung his sword. Even in his desperate situation, his sword strike was filled with proper strength.

But it was only proper swordsmanship at his level.

He added the quick sword technique around the Fangs of Insanity. The scarlet blade, now accelerated, forcefully pushed Mushton's sword back.


It was a clash of strength, but the result was too easy to see.


Musten's sword strike shattered and bounced off like it had hit a wall, while Heavenly Drive  continued on its path unhindered.


At the moment Heavenly Drive was about to cut Musten's neck, Raon laid the blade down and slashed Musten's shoulder.


Musten flew away like a rubber ball and crashed to the ground. A huge hole was dug in the ground, and the snow on the ground was scattered into the air.


Raon lifted Musten's head up like a carrot, who was unable to come to his senses properly.


"Is it over yet?"

When Raon threw Musten like a stone, he got up staggering.

"Of course not!"

Musten lowered his stance and began to gather his aura at full power.


The waves of burning aura melted the snowfield, and the flow of the air began to twist.

'His aura is amazing.'

As befitting a disciple of Sword Demon, he had consumed elixirs like water, and his immense strength was evident.

'But I didn't say I would wait for you to gather your strength.'

Raon stepped on the ground unleashed the Supreme Harmony steps footwork and broke into Musten's space in an instant.

"You dirty bastard!"

"In actual combat, shouting 'dirty' will get your head cut off."

He twisted his upper body to deflect Musten's downward sword strike, then struck Musten's forehead with the blade of Heavenly Drive.


Musten collapsed backwards like a puppet with its strings cut. The impact was so severe that blood spurted from his mouth.


Raon approached Musten, who had fallen. With every step he took, the ground cracked and took on the shape of skin that had been torn off.

"Words spoken cannot be taken back."

He clenched his fist as he looked down at Musten.

"Let's say 100 punches, just as many times as you opened your mouth."

"Why, why 100 punches...?"

"Because I said so."

Just as he was about to argue, Raon slammed his fist, which was holding the sword, in the center of his face.


Raon raised his finger as he looked at Musten, who was lying on the ground.

"Now, one punch."


Musten shivered, his face covered by his hands.

"I think I've already punch you four times..."

"I'm not good at math."

Raon illuminated his crimson eyes and raised his chin.

"If you don't want to lose, count every time you get hit."

Milland and Sword Demon clinked glasses filled with whiskey and looked out the window.

"It seems like the two kids are clashing."

Milland lightly chuckled after taking a sip of whiskey.


Sword Demon set down his glass and let out a sigh.

"I anticipated it, but it's still bitter."

"It's never easy raising disciples. I understand."

Milland nodded as he recalled the challenges of raising his son and successor, Terian.

"Is it that difficult?"

Rimmer tore into a whole roasted chicken as he teasingly raised his eyebrows.

"Our Raon is doing just fine on his own, isn't he? He's becoming strong on his own, making his own way. Hehehe!"

Rimmer laughed, suggesting that disciples can grow just fine on their own.


Milland shook his hand that held the glass with a hint of frustration, but he couldn't argue.

Indeed, Raon had been able to move and grow independently even here.

"Why did a misfit like you get a kid like Raon? Even the heavens seem indifferent, don't they?"

Sword Demon furrowed his brows while looking at Rimmer, but oddly, he wore a faint smile.

"Sir Rekhtar?"

"Oh, sorry."

Sword Demon slowly lowered his head.

"Raon is truly remarkable, but I prefer my own disciple."

He said that Musten might have a narrow-minded character, but he wasn't a bad person.

"But who do you think will win if they fight?"

Rimmer shrugged his shoulders while eating a yellow apple. It was obvious that he knew, yet he still asked, and there was a shrewdness in his eyes.

"You ask even though you know. Your personality is worse than my disciple, naturally, it's Raon."

Sword Demon gave a firm answer and then took a sip of whiskey.

"If it were during the Arian family days, they might have had a good competition, but there's a big difference now. The current Musten can't surpass Raon."

He let out a short sigh and lowered his head.

"But are you just going to leave it at that?"

"My disciple needs to experience defeat properly."

"That's true. To avoid getting stabbed elsewhere, he needs to come to his senses."

Rimmer chuckled and nodded his head.

"So, do you trust Raon?"

"I do. I believe that he won't leave lasting scars in the way he handles Musten, even if he treats him roughly."

Sword Demon said he naturally believed in Raon, whose temperament was warm and bright.

"Urgh.. But my disciple was not that bright"

Rimmer touched the lump on his eye that he had received from Raon before and shivered.

"He even beats his master..."

*   *   *

Advance chapters:

For Indonesian: 

Musten bit his lip, his hands shaking as he held his sword. Raon, who was slowly approaching, looked like the grim reaper from the underworld.

'What is this?'

Why can't I block it!

His swordsmanship was torn like a sheet of paper, but Raon's swordsmanship pierced through with sharpness like a split reed.

They are clearly on a similar level, so why is there such a difference?

'Damn it…'

He had already been hit more than thirty times, and his body was battered. If he received any more shocks, it would be difficult even to swing his sword.

'I don't understand.'

I've learned all his swordsmanship, so why am I losing?

While watching Raon's swordsmanship with his master, he had mastered the flow and the form. But he couldn't understand why he couldn't defeat him.

"I don't get it."

Raon approached and raised his sword.

"You look confused."

"If you don't understand, continue to feel it with your body."

With those words, Raon's sword dropped down. It was an intuition sword, Fangs of Insanity, which penetrating into the opponent’s disordered flow or defective parts to tenaciously rip them apart.

'I can block this.'

It was a technique that combined speed, strength, and balance, so he tried to cut it down using both the decisive and flowing sword techniques.


Certainly, it should be stopped in the middle or diverted, but Raon's swordsmanship pushed inward like a wild boar.

Although the flow and form seemed the same, the inherent nature of martial arts within was different.

"Could it be..."

Musten's eyes quivered like the wings of a rain-soaked butterfly.

"Have you gone one step further from master's teachings?"

It seemed like Raon had further developed his swordsmanship, taking his master's advice as guidance.

Otherwise, the current situation didn't make sense.

"Now you understand."

Raon nodded calmly.

"Sir Rekhtar told you, didn't he? An intuition sword can utilize various martial arts depending on the situation. Until now, I've only used swordsmanship techniques that can exploit your weaknesses."


Musten bit his lip. After hearing Raon's words, he vaguely remembered the advice his master had given him.

"You focused on my sword instead of your master, so you ended up like this. You told me not to approach your master, but it seems you're not even listening to your master's advice."

"Shut up!"

"He exploded with the emotions that were boiling up inside him and kicked the ground.

'I have to end this somehow right now.'

He gathered all of his astral energy and unleashed the ultimate technique of Myeonghong sword technique, Gwangchan Talhon. (광찬탈홍) (Light steals red. This is a literal translation of the Korean words)


Gwangchan Talhon was a technique that thrust like light. It was a superb sword technique that had been refined to the extreme in terms of sharpness, speed, and accuracy.

Just as it was about to approach, Raon's eyes shone with brilliance.

'This is quite good.'

Among all the swordsmanship he had seen from Musten, this was the most powerful one.


Not now.

Raon stepped forward towards the sword tip that flickered with blue light and swung Heavenly Drive.


The breath of the fire dragon that burned from the blade swept away the sharp blue light.


The brilliant astral energy that was contained in Musten's sword melted away, and the thin blade snapped like a twig.


"It's not over yet."

Raon raised his knee and kicked Musten's jaw, who was out of his mind.


Musten couldn't support his body and fell to the ground.


While looking down at Musten, who was screaming with his mouth covered, he raised his index and middle fingers.

"Is it two now? There are still ninety-eight left."

"What nonsense! You've already hit me more than thirty times...!"

"I told you to count carefully. You should have said how many times you got hit."

Raon smiled eerily and swung Heavenly Drive.

“If you don’t want to eat porridge for the rest of your life, clench your teeth tightly.”

Even so, it will be pulled out.


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