TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 418

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 Chapter 418

Under the purple evening sky

In the camp, the members of Light Wind squad and Habun Castle knights, and swordsmen finished their dinner and chatted in groups.

Raon ate the swamp grape that Dorian had brought out as dessert and licked his lips.

'It's definitely delicious.'

Swamp grapes were larger in seed than ordinary grapes, had a color like a ripe apple, were seedless, and were easy to eat.

He could now understand why people raved about the wine made from these grapes.


Wrath, who was lying on Raon's head with his stomach, sniffled as he looked down at the swamp grapes.

'Why are you crying? And get off my head.'

There are only a few swamp grapes left now. To live without being able to enjoy that taste is a loss of life!

Wrath cried with tears in his eyes, saying that he had already eaten all the blueberries and that there were only a few grapes left now.

'No, you're a demon.'

Stop saying the word "life." And get off my head.

Why does the time of pleasure end so quickly?

Wrath, who did not listen to Raon's words, pouted at the sight of the slowly diminishing grapes.

'Get down.'


Raon pushed Wrath, who was rolling on his head, with his backhand, and stood up.


He clapped his hands loudly to draw the attention of the Light Wind squad members , who were playing.

"You're not going to waste this golden evening time, are you?"

"Um, well."

"That's it... It seems fine as it is, but...

The Light Wind squad was startled by the clapping sound and trembled their lips.


"Help us!"

"How long has it been since we left the Arian family? It's already starting!"

The members tried to find Rimmer, but he had lost his mind due to the enormous amount of gold he had just lost and had not regained his composure.

"Hee hee..."

Rimmer wiped his drool away as he devoured another grape

Doing such a foolish thing!

Wrath watched him and tore at his hair.

You should savor each one slowly. What are you doing, snatching them away like that! Take them away now!

'You stop it.'

Raon threw Wrath to Rimmer and turned his gaze to the Light Wind squad.

"Should I tell you directly? Or do you want to do it yourself?"

Raon curled his lips as he looked down at the Light Wind squad, who were embarrassed.

"Of course I'll do it myself. I was going to practice even if you didn't say anything."

Burren was the first to stand up and hit the hilt of his sword.

"I realized my shortcomings so painfully in this battle."

He said with a fiery look in his eyes that he never wanted to experience that again.

"You're right for once."

Martha brushed her hair, which was covering her forehead, and straightened her back.

"It's damn annoying, but it's true that I wasn't much help this time."

She pushed Burren's shoulder away and went into the forest first.

"I have to."

Runaan nodded and gripped her beloved sword, Snow Flower.

"I don't want to be behind anymore either."

She left the ice cream she was eating and went into the forest on the opposite side where Martha had disappeared.

The three captains, who had faced the wall that could lead to master level through this war, began their training, thinking that they were still lacking.

"Vice-squad leader."

Mark Gorton approached and bowed his head.

"I'll go too."

He was also on the verge of reaching intermediate master level, so he was still practicing hard to break through the wall even while moving.

"I want to go too!"

Yua jumped like a frog and started swinging her sword right next to him. She was full of energy because she was about to meet her grandfather.

"If you do it, I'll do it too!"

Yulius immediately followed Yua and drew his sword. He seemed determined not to lose, so he swung his sword twice as fast as usual.

"This is...?"

"It can't be helped. Let's go too."

"Well, we have to digest it."

"I also want to stop being protected."

The Light Wind squad members, as if they were inspired by the enthusiasm of the captains and Mark Gorton, hardened their faces and scattered to various places in the forest.


Milland put down the grapes he was eating and sat on a thorny cushion, looking awkwardly at the knights and swordsmen.

"Are you just going to sit there?"

A chill colder than the evening breeze emanated from his eyes.


"No sie!"

"I'll go!"

The knights and swordsmen jumped up and ran into the forest.


In the previously quiet forest, a small orchestra composed of the collective sounds of the members reverberated.

"I'll go and stretch my body."

Raon bowed to Milland.

"Nothing has changed from before."

Milland smiled as he threw firewood into the campfire.

"Even when you were in the Habun Castle, didn't you monopolize the training grounds for most of the time?"

"People change and die."

"That's true. It suits you."

He waved his hand as if to say goodbye.

Raon nodded with a faint smile and headed for the back of the forest, where no one had gone yet.

He was about to draw his sword, when Sword Demon and his disciple Musten appeared behind him.

"Is it okay if I watch you train?"

The Sword Demon whispered softly.

"Of course."

Raon had planned to train using the basic sword techniques, so it didn't matter to him. Moreover, Sword Demon had been a great help to him.

"Make sure to watch closely."

Sword Demon called Musten to his side and pointed to Raon.

"You still have a limited perspective. You need to see a variety of sword techniques. That boy is walking ahead of you on the same path, so it will be a good learning experience for you."

"All right."

Musten stared back, not looking pleased with Sword Demon's words.

'Well, it doesn't matter.'

He had already surpassed that level.

Raon drew Heavenly Drive and struck it vertically, incorporating the flows of the basic, quick, and heavy sword techniques.


Even without using aura, a powerful wind erupted, slicing through the evening air.

"Even with basic swordsmanship, the effectiveness and speed can vary depending on the subtleties. Operate your sword techniques differently each time to find a style that suits you."

Sword Demon pointed out Musten's shortcomings while offering advice.

'He doesn't seem to be accepting the teaching.'

Seeing the jealousy in Musten's face, it seemed like he was only half-listening to Sword Demon's words.

'That's his lose.'

Sword Demon's teachings were simple but hit the core. Raon couldn't help but smirk at realizing his ignorance.

"Now, for the next..."

Raon finished the basic sword techniques and unfolded Fangs of Insanity. As he performed the third technique, he heard Sword Demon's voice from behind.

"Ah, if you extend your left foot a bit more and adjust the sword's trajectory 5 degrees to the right, it might be better."

This time, it was not a word to Musten, but his own advice, which he claimed was just talking to himself.

"This time, shift your center of gravity down by just one-tenth, and focus on the subtleties of the quick sword technique."

He continued offering his critiques even during the fifth technique.

'It's starting again.'

Raon tried to use Fangs of Insanity as he heard his advice.

'It's much better.'

The third technique became faster and more powerful, and the fourth technique created a thicker aura barrier that blocked the enemy's space.

"See, swordsmanship is a profound art that can create significant changes with slight differences. Always strive for a better way."


Musten nodded to Sword Demon, but his eyes were sharp, like a drawn blade.

Of course, he gave more teachings to his disciple than he gave advice to himself, but Musten's expression gradually became like a demon.

With a small sigh, he continued with Frostwind technique, but this time Sword Demon's advice reached Raon's ears.

"By slightly increasing the angle of your ankle from there, it would be perfect."


Raon winced at Musten's groans.

'I'm grateful, but…'

Why are you doing this here...

* * *

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Musten bit his lip until it bled.

'He said I'm the only disciple…'

Why is he teaching that guy?

His master had made it clear he had no intention of taking on other disciples, yet he was offering swordsmanship advice to Raon.

He did give some guidance to Musten as well, but watching the techniques of a person who might become an enemy someday was beyond his comprehension.

'What reason does he have? What on earth is that reason?'

He had asked his master directly why he was teaching Raon.

He promised to tell Musten first when it became clear, but he found it hard to believe.

"Damn it..."

He didn't like Raon, who was accepting the advice, and Sword Demon, who kept giving advice to that guy.

His heart boiled with frustration, making it difficult to hear what Sword Demon was saying

'How can I not be suspicious if he went to Zieghart!'

He's going to take that guy as his disciple!

The house Zieghart  is the most important force to be wary of in `Alliance'.

I could tell why he was going there, and my heart tightened.

'This is all because of...'

It's all because of that guy.

He was recognized for his talent in 'Alliance' and became a disciple of Rekthar, and now all that's left is to become the strongest by inheriting his sword, but everything went awry because of that guy named Raon.

He wanted to rush at him and knock his sword away right now.

"Musten, that swordsmanship is an intuition sword that exploits the opponent's weaknesses. It's not just about storing strong techniques; it's about incorporating appropriate techniques for the situation. Using intuition sword at that level, even if he shows weakness, you won't be able to catch a flaw."

"...I understand."

Musten clenched his fist so hard that his nails dug into his palms. He glared at Raon, revealing his feelings of jealousy.

'I will never lose to you.'

He watched the swordsmanship unfolding before his eyes without fail in order to crush Raon and regain his master's attention.

* * *

House Zieghart.

Glenn, who was sitting on the throne with his back to the window, looked down at the stage below. 

"Are the preparations ready?"


In response to his question, Roenn, who was standing on his left, bowed his head.

"We have prepared a new golden plate for young master Raon and a new silver plate for the others."

Roenn walked up to Glenn with a large wooden box.

"Please check it."

When he opened the box, plates emitting brilliant light appeared.


Glenn narrowed his eyes as he looked at the golden plate in the box.

"The sword pattern on the golden plate seems to be slightly twisted... "

"It looks like that because the color has been darkened to emphasize the Zieghart pattern."

Roenn gently stroked the golden plate as if it wasn't the case.

"We have put our utmost effort into making the golden plate for young master Raon, the best we have ever made, so please do not worry. In addition, it is only gold on the outside and platinum on the inside."

"Not bad."

Glenn nodded in approval when he heard that special attention was paid to Raon.


Sheryl approached Glenn, who was slightly curling his lips.

"Raon will be happy just for you to personally present the golden plate. Don't worry."


Glenn cleared his throat and shook his head.

"I don't care what he thinks of me. If the house crest is drawn incorrectly, it will damage my reputation as the person giving the award. That's why. I have no intention of giving him special treatment... "

He shook his head and muttered a pathetic excuse.

Sheryl smiled faintly as she looked at Glenn, who had turned slightly red.

'You're so cute.'

Glenn had no idea when Raon would return, so as soon as he returned to the house, he ordered a new golden plate and arranged the gifts, and even compiled a list of the drinks he wanted to share with Raon. Observing his openly affectionate nature but inability to express it outwardly, Sheryl and Roenn couldn't help but laugh when they looked at each other. They laughed when they saw Glenn.

As Sheryl and Roenn looked at each other and laughed at Glenn being cute, Chad, the master of shadow agents, entered the audience chamber with a heavy knock.

"I have come to see the lord."

Chad bowed his head respectfully and then approached.

"What's the matter?"

"I received a message from the Light Wind squad leader."

He took out a yellow envelope from his bosom.

"Have you seen the contents?"

"No. I brought it as soon as I received it."

"Let's read it."


Chad nodded and opened the envelope. There was a thin sheet of paper inside.


He read the letter with his eyes and his chin trembled.

"Master of Shadow Agents?"


"Don't add anything unnecessary, just read it as it is."


Chad wet his lips with his tongue and started reading the letter again.

"Raon defeated Manghongwi. Wow... "

His voice trembled as he said "wow" as if he had a convulsion in his throat. He glanced at Glenn. It looked like thick veins were protruding on his forehead.

"Sword Demon came to the Arian family, and he seems to get along well with Raon. I thought he was his real grandfather…"

Chad felt like his shoulders were being crushed by the heavy air that seemed to collapse the sky. He felt like a waterfall of sweat was pouring down his back.

"We're going to play in Habun Castle. I don't know when we'll be back. Please be patient...!"

He lowered the letter with trembling hands. His mouth was no longer open due to the cold that felt like it would frostbite his skin.

"He's crazy. He's just gone crazy."

Sheryl shook her head in disbelief, exhaling.


As Chad was wondering what to do, the letter flew up to Glenn on its own.

Glenn confirmed that the letter really said that, and burned the paper without leaving a single piece.

"So he acts like a grandfather…"

His mouth curled up slightly. It was a terrifying smile that made your heart stop just by looking at it.

"Roenn, Sheryl."

Glenn bared his teeth as he crumpled the armrest of the throne like a piece of paper.

"Prepare the funeral for the Light Wind squad leader."

As if he was serious, a scarlet spark flickered around him.

"Since you want to die, I'll kill you."



Sheryl nodded with her fists clenched, and Roenn smiled as usual.

Chad swallowed his saliva, looking at the three people who were emitting a threatening aura.

'Light Wind squad leader.'

Rest in peace.

* * *

Raon raised his head after climbing a hill covered in white snow.

A tall wall with dried blood and yellow dirt was visible.

The appearance of Habun Castle, where he took the final exam to become a swordsman and acquired his first nickname, was not much different from before.

"This scent brings back memories."

"Aaah! The smell is still the same!"

Dorian made a squealing sound and wrinkled his nose. Fortunately, he didn't vomit like he used to.

When he saw Habun Castle, which still bore the scars of battle, he remembered the time he had spent there. It was a place where he had experienced countless battles and laid the foundation for who he is today, so he could feel his heart beating faster.

"The Commander is coming back! Open the gates!"

"Open the gates!"

The gates of Habun Castle opened with a deafening sound that shook the earth.

Milland looked at the gates opening, revealing the silver of the snow-capped mountains, and then turned around.

"When I first came here, I was a rookie mercenary not welcomed by anyone."

He flashed a deep smile and thumped his left breastplate with his fist. His gaze was commanding, not that of a fellow traveler, but that of someone who had returned as the lord of this castle.

"In the name of Habun Castle Commander Milland Brydon, I welcome the return of our benefactor, Raon Zieghart"


A huge cheer erupted from inside the castle along with Milland's shout.

A chill ran down his spine at the heavy military music of Habun Castle, like a lance.


The fact that they still considered him a member of the castle stirred a mixed feeling of gratitude and unease in his heart.

Raon looked at the knights and scouts waving their hands, and punched his left chest.

"I've returned."


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