IBRV (Novel) Chapter 95

C 95

"Ugh, what am I talking to this stupid father about?"

Just as Callan Etham was about to leave the conference room while scratching his head.


"Yes, yes."

Callan replied insincerely.

"Don't overdo it."


Callan Etham opened his eyes wide at the added comment, then turned around to look at his father.

Then he smiled and nodded.

"Yes, who am I? My father's son. It doesn't bother me."

"I'll help you, brother."


Callan Etham and Silian Etham left the conference room. I scratched my cheek and looked at my dad.

"It seems a bit different, doesn't it?"

But it wasn't me who said that.

"You seem to be growing too."

Said Miriel Etham, who had been silently observing the situation. She slowly turned her head.

"I wondered what you were doing when the others were growing up, but didn't you only really see clearly after you had a daughter?"

Miriel Etham, who said that, seemed a bit weary of the years, unlike when she had lived a solid life.

"Now it seems I don't have to be in this meeting. The one I was most worried about has come to his senses."

Miriel Etham said.

She approached me, stroked my hair, and smiled.

"My time has passed, so it's time for you to take over. I'll spend my days watching my grandchildren play tricks in the back room."

"Suddenly you want to sit and talk about getting old? You're too famous to be a backroom elder."

"It wouldn't be a bad idea to go down to the southern estate that our young matriarch received and take care of it."

Despite Grandma's scolding, Grandpa looked at me with a refreshing expression and said.

"What do you think, matriarch?"

I blinked only when he actually said he would retire and leave the Etham family.

"I was going to choose someone to take care of the property anyway..."

Miriel Etham's words were not unreasonable.

"Did we become a family, but now he says he's leaving...?"

I couldn't understand why he wanted to leave.

"Why are you leaving, Grandpa?"

"Originally, the title should have been transferred in the past. But, as you can see, there was no one decent enough."

He clicked his tongue as if he didn't like it. Despite his words, there was a lot of love in his eyes.

"But finally, these bastards have come to their senses, so there are no regrets anymore."

He got up from his seat. Devane Etham, who had been looking at Miriel Etham disapprovingly, got up with him.

"I'll get the answer later."

Miriel Etham looked at the children sitting around her and spoke.

"The one who was crazy about swords and power and roamed the battlefield, or the one who was crazy about money and hid in guilds at a young age..."

Charniel and Nelia shook their shoulders.

"The one who hated losing and had a pride as high as the sky from a young age, or the one who ended up leaving before her parents because she wanted to live an escapist life after falling in love with a man..."

Akrea and Sharnae's eyes widened at the words that continued slowly.

"The one who has been buried in books playing with insects in her room, let alone socializing since she was young, or the one who entered the temple without knowing she was putting a knife to her parents' chest and looked down on them..."

Hayel Etham shrank, and Chronos Etham stiffened and raised his head.

"This unpleasant bastard whose breath was immoral..."

At that, Erno Etham snorted.

"They didn't like anything, but I know that each of you was born into this great family and faced many difficulties."

Miriel Etham smiled coldly. She looked over the round table once with a very refreshing expression.

"Nevertheless, each of you has overcome it and grown up well. Thank you for growing up well. I thought raising children was a failure..."

Miriel Etham's words continued slowly. The Etham family had various expressions, probably feeling a little embarrassed by the sudden turn of events.

"Looking at it that way, it seems quite plausible. I thought I would only say it once in my life, but..."

Miriel Etham cleared his throat with a very embarrassed expression and averted his gaze.

"Although I was like that, I loved you all quite a bit. I never wanted anyone more or anyone less. Regardless of what you may have thought while growing up, please keep that in mind."


There was a chilling silence, as if someone had poured ice water on them. Miriel Etham also seemed very embarrassed and coughed strangely several times.

"Well then."

Then he shuddered, turned around, and hurriedly left the conference room.

Everyone stared at Miriel Etham, who had disappeared with a red neck, with a bewildered look.

Devane Etham also looked at Miriel Etham's back as if she were very surprised, but soon turned her attention to her children.


The silent woman began to speak.

"I liked Erno. Because he was the cutest."

I opened my eyes wide at Devane's sudden words. Seeing her father frown, it was clear that he was uncomfortable.

"Because he looked better in a dress and an animal tiara."


What? I think I'm hearing something I shouldn't have.

As expected, everyone's faces contorted. As if their painful and dark past had been brought to light.

"Well, I didn't expect you to grow up to be such an unattractive bastard..."

Devane clicked her tongue.

"Still, it's embarrassing to think that I didn't love you all equally."

She said one after the other.

"Especially you, Cream."


Unlike me, who was embarrassed, there was one person who immediately wrinkled their face.

"Uncle Chronos...?"

The faces of the people sitting at the round table darkened, as if a dark story from the past they wanted to forget had been brought up.

Of course, there was nothing to be said about Chronos Etham. He opened his mouth, frowning.

"A nickname like that..."

"Have you finished wandering while tormenting yourself?"


"Did you think we'd like it when you entered a temple and abused yourself because you didn't like the lineage your parents gave you?"

Chronos Etham pursed his lips with a strange expression of shame and then closed his mouth.

"Why? How did we know?"


"Did you think your parents wouldn't care if you left? Have you ever wondered why your father pays a large sum of money to the temple?"

Chronos Etham remained silent.

He didn't open his mouth to respond, but the furrowed brow seemed to know what Devane Etham was talking about.

"Still, it's not bad to see them huddled together to protect one of their youngest nieces."

"My mother is also..."

Charniel Etham smiled and casually replied.

"Cherry, am I not speaking?"

Wow, I think I know why everyone is afraid of Grandma. Charniel Etham's nickname is Cherry, so I had to try not to open my mouth.

"Anyway, I've never discriminated against you in anything other than your cuteness."

Devane said.

"We don't discriminate among those who awakened the Dragon's ability, those who didn't, and those who lacked it."

Devane's words calmed the atmosphere a bit.

"Even the direct Etham line rarely awakens special abilities."

I could see several Ethams silently listening to their parents' sincerity. Somehow, I feel like my heart is full.

Everyone seemed embarrassed, but none of them had dark expressions.

"I didn't ask you to do what you didn't like, and I didn't bother you even though I didn't support you kindly if you wanted to do something."

There was never a time when she stopped them from doing what they wanted.

"Or did you ever feel uncomfortable because I only bought dresses for you? Should I buy more now?"

The heads of all the Ethams shook from side to side at the same time. The men turned pale, and the women seemed to have remembered something.

Erno Etham's back overflowing with magical power instead of answers.

What kind of dress did she wear, for Akrea Safile to turn pale too, even though she liked dressing up?

Only Sharnae and I seemed bewildered.

"Still, I didn't love anyone in particular. I was fair to all of you."

The room was quiet, and her voice was hoarse and low.

"So from now on, act like my children. Why is it that no one came to visit while your mother lived in isolation?"

She clicked her tongue as she turned and headed for the conference room door.

"You have a new matriarch to die for, so do your best and work hard."

"...to die for."

"The little chubby and cute thing will soon possess all the family members... see, I've already bought it."

She took something out of her waist pocket.

It was a small dragon with wings.

To be precise, it was a doll representing my real form with silver scales and a faint pink glow.


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