TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 417

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Chapter 417

Raon opened the doors of the training hall on a still-dark morning, before the sun had risen. 

The training hall was empty, as everyone had enjoyed the second festival that Rimmer had 'sponsored' at his own expense.

"It's been a while since I felt like this" Raon thought.

He had seen this view every day when he was with Zieghart, but it had been a long time since he had been alone in the early morning training after coming to the Arian family.

'So much has happened' he reflected.

He had come thinking it was a simple mission, but the actual mission was not just about eliminating monsters; it was about uncovering the darkness of this family. However, once the darkness was uncovered, real threats had emerged, almost causing the entire land to collapse. 

Thanks to Half Habun Castle, Owen, Balkar, Warring Steel, and Rimmer's support, they managed to drive away Manghongwi. But it was a close call.

'It was dangerous.' Raon mused.

Raon looked up at the pre-dawn sky with a hint of sea-blue and tightened his grip on the hilt of Heavenly Drive.

'It's because I was weak.'

At 20 years old, he was a peak master level. He was renowned for having the greatest talent on the continent, but that was the extent of it.

'In real combat, they don't cut you any slack because you're young.'

In sparring, they might show some consideration for youth, but in real combat, if you were young and inexperienced, they would exploit your weaknesses. To face stronger opponents, you needed to possess transcendent martial skills.

'Now I need to focus on myself.'

After experiencing this war, all the members of the Light Wind squad had become at least expert level, and there were many who had reached peak level. Burren, Marta, and Runaan have reached the wall of master level, and Dorian is not far from reaching the wall as well. 

Now was the time to instruct Light Wind members members on personal training and work on their own progress.


Raon frowned when he heard Wrath groaning.

Wrath came up on the bracelet and groaned. He had been eating well lately, so he had become a fluffy cotton candy like a cumulus cloud.

It was nice that it was quiet lately, but you're going to be doing boring swordplay again in the early morning, aren't you?

'Then how about giving me some advice?'

Hmph! Why would the the King of Essence help his enemy!

Wrath retorted, saying he wouldn't help the enemy and disappeared back into the bracelet.

It took some time to get back into the bracelet, possibly due to his chubby belly.

'Boring swordplay in the early morning….'

Listening to Wrath's grumbling, it felt like he had returned to the days of his trainee years.

'Training hasn't changed much.'

Just as he was about to draw Heavenly Drive for basic training, the door of the training hall opened.


He thought it was strange that he couldn't feel it with his aura, but then Sword Demon appeared.

"Sir Rekthar?"

"I've come out to stretch, so don't mind me and continue training."

Sword Demon waved its hand and stepped back.

Raon sighed while looking at Sword Demon.

"Are you doing early morning training at that level?"

No, that's probably why he reached that level.

Seeing a warrior who was not inferior even to the Ten Heavenly Kings training at such an early hour, he felt a renewed determination to work hard.

He immediately drew Heavenly Drive. He lifted the sword above his head. The weight of a mountain hung on the blade, which dropped straight down from the top.

Raon relaxed his body with vertical and horizontal slashes, diagonal slashes, and thrusts before lowering Heavenly Drive.

'It's clearly different.'

Just by displaying basic swordsmanship, he could feel the difference. It seemed that all his martial skills had grown unrecognizable after the match with Sword Demon.

Raon raised Heavenly Drive again and placed it in the center.

'This time, let's use the Fangs of Insanity.'

He unleashed the swift strikes of Fangs of Insanity, exploiting the enemy's weaknesses one after another. Fangs of Insanity delivered powerful strikes, as if sharpening a beast's fangs.

After executing Fangs of Insanity once and preparing for the second swift strike, he felt a presence behind him.


It was Sword Demon. He had been far away, but he had somehow approached Raon's back.

He muttered in a low voice, glancing at Heavenly Drive.


Raon stopped the flow of Fangs of Insanity and turned around.

“Oh, I was just talking to myself, but I guess you heard me.”

“Talking to yourself?”

'Is that how people talk to themselves these days?'

Sword Demon smiled awkwardly, having spoken clearly right behind Raon and then claimed it was just talking to himself.

“But what do you mean by ‘take it easy’? Can I ask?”

“Are you asking me now?

“Yes? Oh, yes.”

“Well, I guess I have to answer.”

He nodded quickly and approached Raon.

“What is the name of the intuition sword you just used?”

“It's called Fangs of Insanity.”

“Fangs of Insanity is an intuition sword, so it's essential to have a precise understanding of your own abilities."

Sword Demon drew his sword and swung it down, as if demonstrating. It was almost identical to the first form of Fangs of Insanity.

"You reached peak master level in the blink of an eye, so you haven't fully adapted to the evolved sword techniques."

He continued, swinging his sword in a similar pattern to the second form of Fangs of Insanity.

“Your physical strength and aura have become stronger, so your sword skills look powerful, but they are actually easier to deal with than before. Keep your aura the same and focus on the subtleties of martial arts to improve the perfection of your sword skills.”


Sword Demon told Raon that he was not yet able to fully draw out the subtleties of his grown sword skills.

“Take out the power and aura that are overflowing from your shoulders, and let the subtleties of martial arts that you have realized sink in deeper. You will be able to create a more savage yet subtle strike than before.”

“Thank you for your advice.”

Raon lowered his sword and bowed his head.

‘He really is the Five Great Swordmasters.’

Just by seeing the basic swordsmanship and the Fangs of Insanity, he had identified the issues and provided advice, and words were insufficient to describe his excellence.

He was not called Sword Demon for nothing.

Raon, remembering Sword Demon's advice, unleashed Fangs of Insanity again.


The energy that had gathered at the center of the sword spread throughout the entire blade, and the newly refined techniques intertwined with it. Fangs of Insanity, now changed compared to a moment ago, let out a fierce cry..

“Hmm, if you add a little more of the subtleties of the heavy sword and straight sword in there, it might be even better.”

Sword Demon muttered as he passed by Raon, as if talking to himself again.


“Oh, did you hear that too? I'm sorry. I'm getting old, so I talk to myself a lot.”

He laughed and waved his hand.

Raon looked at Sword Demon with a puzzled expression.

‘What is it?’

Why is he acting like this?

* * *

Rimmer scratched his chin as he looked down at the training hall from the top of the wall.

His eyes were filled with the image of Sword Demon advising Raon.

'Is he harboring desires of taking him as a disciple?'

Having witnessed Raon's talent up close, it wasn't entirely strange that he might want to make him his disciple.

'Anyway, Raon won't accept it, so it doesn't matter. But…'

Their similar appearance is a concern.

Raon and Sword Demon look more similar when they stand side by side. To be honest, it looks like they are blood-related.

'It's also strange that he's coming to Zieghart.'

Raon told him that Sword Demon and his disciple would be visiting Zieghart as guests.

It was clear that there was something going on when Sword Demon, who had never come to the north before, came to Zieghart as soon as he saw Raon.

'If they're really related by blood, it would be quite interesting.'

With Glenn as his maternal grandfather and Sword Demon as his paternal grandfather, it was a setup that would garner criticism even if it were a drama.

'The head of house won't be able to just sit back then, will he?'

Glenn might consider himself Raon's only grandfather, but with Sword Demon intervening, he might no longer have that luxury.

'I hope my thoughts are not a mistake!'

He smiled excitedly, hoping for even more fun things to happen in Zieghart.

'Oh my God. Please continue to give me... Hmm?'

He stopped praying and looked at the tower in the center of the castle. Musten, Sword Demon's disciple, had climbed to the top of the tower and was glaring at Raon.

'Why is he there?'

He saw Sword Demon come out of the training hall on the other side, but why is he staring at Raon in the middle of training?

'I can understand why he would be angry that his master is taking care of another guy, but that expression is a bit much.'

A face full of jealousy. Musten, Sword Demon's disciple, showed a humanistically immature appearance that was not appropriate for his age.

It seemed that he was good at swordsmanship, but he was not good at raising disciples.

Rimmer laughed with a smirk, pointing his thumb down at Sword Demon.

"I win in the disciple contest."

* * *

Raon lowered Heavenly Drive after the sun was at its zenith.

He smiled with a satisfied expression, as much as the sweat on his forehead.

'He's amazing.'

Sword Demon dissected the areas where he fell short and showed him how to improve his swordsmanship, like a ghost from another world.

'I didn't think I would be able to adapt so quickly.'

Thanks to Sword Demon's constant advice, he was able to change his swordsmanship to fit his grown martial arts even though it was only the morning training.

"Sir Rekthar."

Raon approached Sword Demon, who was awkwardly stretching his body after putting Heavenly Drive in its sheath.

"Thanks to you, I seem to have properly embodied my grown strength. Thank you for your help."

"The embodiment is still far off. Keep practicing."

Sword Demon nodded, telling him not to be satisfied with what he had now and to move forward.


Raon rubbed the back of his head and rolled his eyes.

"Your disciple seems to be watching this place constantly. Is that okay?"

It appeared that yesterday's lesson had not quite sunk in, as Musten was glaring at him with a fierce expression.

It is said that when one is blinded by jealousy, one becomes ugly like that.

Wrath spit out his tongue as if he felt sorry for him.

To waste time like that due to jealousy is pathetic.

He wrinkled his face, saying that he'd rather eat a delicious meal than waste time.

"It's fine."

Sword Demon raised his gaze to the top of the tower, and Musten, who had met his eyes, hurriedly descended.

"That lad may be older than you, but his life experiences are extremely limited. He'll come to understand things as he sees and experiences more. Of course, you should continue to educate him."

He let out a voice that carried his concerns for his disciple and offered a faint smile.

"Seems like you have someone similar here as well."

Sword Demon turned his gaze to the western castle walls.

"Your master seems to be more interested in this direction."

"Don't worry about it."

Raon looked at Rimmer and exhaled a sigh.

"My master is naturally inquisitive."

Knowing he was exposed, he extended his hand confidently and shook it.

"People suffering from the protagonist syndrome hide and only appear in times of crisis."

"Anyway, you helped me today, so thank you."

"It's nothing special."

He waved his hand and left the training hall.

Raon bowed to Sword Demon and picked up his sword again.


Expanding the Frostwind sword technique, creating a gust of frosty wind. Suddenly, a low voice came from the door of the training hall.

"It would be even better if the sword's direction pointed slightly higher."

Didn't he go?

* * *

Advance chapters: 

For Indonesian: 

In front of the eastern gate of the Arian family.

The members of Light Wind, Habun Castle, Owen, and Warring Steel, along with Morell's magicians, were gathered in formation. They had all made their preparations to depart, wearing armor and combat attire and sitting atop horses.

Wendy, wearing a banner inscribed with the Arian crest, which signified the family's protector, approached them all.

"Arian will never forget the help of the benefactors."

She folded her sleeves neatly and bowed politely.

"Thanks to benefactors, Arian's people are still alive."

"Thank you!"

The people of the Arian family standing behind Wendy bowed in the same manner, offering their gratitude.

Raon received the greeting from all the members of the Arian family and looked to his side. Milland, Borini Kitten, Trevin, and Morell were all smiling warmly.

"All the troubles have passed. I hope you regain the reputation you had a thousand years ago."

Acknowledging the gratitude of the Arian family, Raon bowed his head.

"If the greetings are over, we'll go first."

Morell turned around first.

"I'm the type to get goosebumps in these situations."

"Thank you for coming."

"It's not because of you; it's because of that the princess. Don't worry about it."

He waved his hand as if he couldn't be bothered.

"Still, you helped us sincerely, didn't you? If you need help later, please let us know."

"That won't happen. But let's see each other again."

Morell said goodbye and disappeared with the magicians in the form of light.


Trevin approached and tapped him on the shoulder.

"The Light Wind squad is said to be stopping by Habun Castle, so we'll be leaving first."

"Yes. I'll visit you when I come back."

"It looks like we'll be on a mission right away, so you won't find us even if you look for us. Let's get together for the first time in a while when we return."

"We welcome you at any time."

"Then before the end of this year."

With that, Trevin and his subordinate exited through the castle gate, wearing refreshing smiles.


Borini Kitten bowed his head. He smiled brightly, saying that he had a pleasant time.

"Thanks to you, I was able to gain good experience and connections. Thank you."

"No, it was really reassuring to have you come."

Raon returned the greeting to Borini Kitten and looked at the Third Prince.


The Third Prince nodded with zombie-like, clouded eyes. Seeing the bruise on his eye, it seemed that the information about Martha from Rimmer had been of no use.

"Then we'll see you again. Let's have a spar next time."

Borini Kitten dragged the dazed Third Prince out of the city gates.

"Then let's get ready."

Burren turned around and instructed the members of Light Wind squad to prepare for departure, while Martha expressed her frustration.

"Ugh, annoying."

Judging from her demeanor, it appeared that the Third Prince was not well-liked.


“Ah, I couldn’t pack that much…”

Runaan bit her lip, holding the blueberry ice cream she had only eaten in this place. There was a look of regret on her innocent eyes.


Raon approached Dorian and held out his hand.

“Can you give me that?”

“How am I supposed to know what you mean by ‘that’!”

Mumbling that he wasn’t a mind reader, he pulled out a large paper bag from his belly pocket.

“You’re good at getting things out.”

He took the bag and approached Wendy Arian.

“Didn’t you ask me for something before?”

“What request? I don’t remember…”

She tilted her head in confusion.

Raon stood in front of Wendy with the paper bag he was holding.

The bag was so full that a few items that were on top of it fell to the ground. They were red and yellow candy sticks.

“This is….”

Wendy looked at the two candies she picked up from the ground, then at Raon’s bag. The large bag was filled with assorted candies.

“I just said it, but…”

She swallowed her saliva as she looked at the candy.

“Memories are forgotten with new memories. Please give your strength to those who believe in you.”

Raon smiled and handed her the candy bag.

“…I have to.”

Wendy took a deep breath and nodded.

“I’m the head of this family.”

She smiled as she felt the memories of her childhood with Wigen being covered by the happy memories she had with Raon and the others.

“Then we’ll be leaving now.”

Raon nodded in satisfaction when he saw Wendy smile.

As he was about to turn around to leave, he heard the sound of a skirt brushing against the ground behind him.

“Wendy and the Arian family will be waiting for the lord's call."

Wendy knelt down on one knee with her sword in hand. Following her lead, the other Arian family knights also shouted that they would wait.

When he heard the entire Arian family call him their lord and say they would follow him, his heart felt like it was going to burst.

Raon looked at the people of Arian who had kneeled down and placed their hands on their hearts, and clenched his fist.

"I'm also looking forward to the day when I call upon Arian again."

He turned around with a smile filled with sincerity.

Looking at the eyes of the members of the Light Wind squad, which were filled with surprise, bewilderment, and pride, he headed for the gate that was wide open, unlike when he arrived.

“Let’s go.”

Raon stood at the front and waved his black dragon coat away, and the Light Wind squad and the people of Habun Castle followed behind him.


Wrath looked back and landed on his shoulder. Seeing his strange expression, he seemed to be moved by the current situation as well.


By the way….

Wrath licked his lips and looked back. He was feeling proud that he had touched Wrath's heart, but his hot emotions were cut off by his words.

Do you have any candy left?



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