TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 413

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

 Chapter 413

"Come on, opportunities like this don't come around twice! You can watch Raon's sparring, make money, catch a wild bird, and collect its eggs!"

Rimmer clapped his hands and raised his voice to attract more customers.

"The match between Raon Zieghart, the vice-squad leader of the Mad Dog squad, and Musten, the disciple of Sword Demon, who will shake the world in the future, can be enjoyed even more excitingly at this gambling den!"

His cheerful shouts filled the makeshift gambling den to capacity.


Wrath looked at Rimmer and shook his head.

The King of Essence has seen many elves, but he never seen one so different from the usual elf character.

He muttered that he was surprised that such a person could come from the proud elves.

Raon nodded stiffly.

'I didn't know there were elves like that either.'

If you think about the elf race, you will usually think of beautiful looks, high affinity with nature, exclusive personality, and a quiet life surrounded by nature. Of these, the only category that Rimmer belongs to is his appearance.

The King of Essence told you. Those ears are detachable. If you pull on them, they will fall off.

'That might be true.'

He nodded, laughing. If it weren't for his good looks, he would be doing the exact same things as the gangsters in the back alley.

He started to suspect that those ears were detachable, as Wrath had said.

Raon approached Rimmer's gambling den, which was starting to get crowded.

The people who gathered were trying to guess the outcome of the day's match in order to bet money.

"Oh, who should I bet on?"

"Of course, it's Raon. Don't you know the name of the White Sword Dragon?"

"I would usually pick our benefactor, but it's not that simple when you consider the opponent."

"That's right. It's not someone else, but the disciple of one of the Five Great Swordmasters, the Sword Demon, so you can't take it lightly."

"Ah, it's difficult. What should I do?"

Normally, the crowd's money would flow towards Raon's side, but the overwhelming reputation of Sword Demon made people hesitate to bet easily.

"Oh, well, I don't know! I'll trust our benefactor!"

"That's right. If you don't know, go with your heart!"

"Yeah, let's go with loyalty!"

"True, the White Sword Dragon is no pushover. He ended the last war all by himself."

"Me too, Raon-nim!"

When the people in front of the counter bet on Raon, those behind them nodded their heads, saying that they would also bet on Raon.

"Oh, you guys don't know much."

Rimmer smiled smugly as he looked at the money piled up in front of the counter.

"As I said before, Raon did not finish the war on his own. I helped him."

He said that he had barely finished the war thanks to his support when Raon was exhausted and staggering, and he let out a sigh of excitement.

"Oh? The person in question is over there! Raon!"

Rimmer waved to Raon, who was standing there blankly.


Raon sighed as he looked at Rimmer.

'That guy really...'

He was more shameless than he had imagined. He even thought about exploiting the situation for gambling. He was audacious, almost as much as Merlin.

"Raon, why don't you tell them! Did you finish it all by yourself in the end?"

"Well, it's not like that."

Raon admitted that he couldn't have done it without the help of Rimmer and Wendy Arian.

"Then, without my help, how do you think it would have turned out in the middle of it all?"

"It would have been much riskier."

Raon replied truthfully.

This time, he had no choice but to be honest.

"See! He's all talk! He's just like a king-size bubble. The kind that, when you touch it, will burst like soap bubbles!"

Rimmer, who had been hyping up Raon as the leader of the Mad Dog squad and the White Sword Dragon just a moment ago, was now making a fuss about him being a soap bubble.

"It pains my heart to see you all confused. I'll give you a little hint. There are rumors that Sword Demon's disciple defeated the apostle of the White Blood religion and the floor master of the Black Tower before coming here."

He had claimed that he had only recently learned about Sword Demon having a disciple during the festival, but now he was speaking nonsense.

"In addition, Raon was once given the nickname 'young Sword Demon.' Even for the sake of taking that nickname away, Musten will do his best to fight in the duel!"

"Huh! He defeated an apostle and a floor master?"

His momentum was certainly sharp; he was more than just the Sword Demon's apprentice in name.

"I'm more confused after hearing that..."

As people were getting deeper into their thoughts, the Third Prince went to the counter and placed a bag of gold coins.


The heavy sound of the bag hitting the table drew everyone's attention.

"I'm betting 500 gold coins on Raon Zighart."

His huge bet filled people's eyes with greed.


"That, 500 gold coins?"

"500 means...?"

Everyone was silent, as if they were calculating the odds in their heads.

"I've decided! I'm going for Sword Demon's disciple!"

"10 silver coins for Musten!"

"Move aside! I'm next!"

"I'm even betting my kid's candy money on Musten!"

The people who were still undecided threw their money on the table in a frenzy.

"Third Prince?"

Raon called out to the Third Prince.


The Third Prince flinched and looked away from Raon, avoiding his eyes.

'What's going on?'

Seeing his own money on the line and the expression on his face akin to a child caught stealing, something seemed peculiar.

'Surely not?'

He frowned and sent an aura message to the Third Prince.

[Did our leader order this?]


The trembling reply confirmed that Rimmer had given the order.

[Why would the Prince be involved in our leader's gambling... Ah!]

Rubbing his head, it became clear how Rimmer was manipulating the Third Prince.

[Is it Martha?]


When he saw the Third Prince's look of horror, he was certain.

Rimmer knew that the Third Prince had feelings for Martha and offered information about her in exchange for getting him to gamble. Raon bit his lip.

Raon bit his lip.

This was bordering on cheating at gambling. It was almost unbelievable that such a person existed.

"Here! Here!"

"Hurry up and take my money!"

"I'm betting on Sword Demon's disciple!"

"I'm betting on Raon!"

Raon contemplated stopping this madness, but the people's eyes were already consumed by madness. Trying to intervene might incite a riot.

"Now, it's your turn!"

Since Rimmer couldn't handle all the guests alone, he gestured to the side.


Dorian, who had been hiding in the corner, suddenly emerged, jotting down the betting amounts people had placed and stuffing the money into his belly pockets.

"What are you up to again?"

"I'm the banker today...."

Dorian hastily collected the money.

"Today, a portion of the fees from this gambling session will be donated for the reconstruction of the Arian family! Please consider it all as a donation and place your bets!"

Rimmer enthusiastically announced that a significant portion of today's earnings would go to the Arian family.


"Well, let's bet more then!"

"Give me my money!"



As the idea of donation was introduced, people started betting even the money they had saved for a rainy day.

That can't be true, can it?

Wrath shook his head, saying that the ear-sucker could never do a good deed.

‘He can’t just say he’s going to donate and not do it.’

Even Rimmer wouldn’t lie about donating. He couldn’t imagine him having such a good thought, so he laughed.

Now that he looked at it, the sign at the gambling table also mentioned the donation.

'Rimmer is... huh?'

While looking at that sign, Raon's mouth hung open.

At the end of the sign, in very small letters that even a master would have to focus his vision to see, it said [Commission 40%].

‘Forty… Forty percent?’

The commission rate for illegal gambling is only 10% to 20%, but 40% is a crazy rate that would make even a loan shark cry.

'I see why he wants to donate.'

If the comission was 40%, then they would definitely be raking in money, and it was clear they would take a slice of that.

As the King of Essence said, that ear-sucker is beyond salvation.


Raon sighed as he looked at Rimmer, whose eyes had turned into gold coins.

That's a real Dark Elf....

* * *

Advance chapters: 

For Indonesian: 

Musten finished preparing for the duel and headed to Rekhtar's room.


He bowed to Rekhtar, who was sitting on the couch and staring out the window.

"It's time for the duel."

"Is that so."

Rekhtar, who had been in that state for two days since meeting Raon, turned his head for the first time.


Musten bit his lip as he looked at his master, whose eyes had lost their intensity.

'Damn it....'

He had wanted to fight the guy to show that he was better than Raon, but instead, it seemed like he was only fueling the guy's determination.

Since meeting Raon, Rekhtar had been looking up at the sky without even sparing a glance for Musten.

Musten gripped his sword hilt, thinking of Raon, who seemed to be reflected in Rekhtar's eyes.

'Arrogant bastard.'

'He said he would break me and share a sword with my master?'

The thought of the guy who kept talking arrogantly without knowing his skills made him squeeze his hand without knowing it.


The hilt of the sword groaned as if it might shatter, and a pained moan escaped him as he thought of Raon, who had taken the titles he desired – young Sword Demon and White Sword Dragon – and even gained his master's attention. It left a bitter taste in his mouth.

'No matter what happens, I'll break him.'

Raon was part of house Zieghart collateral line, and he had not inherited Glenn's martial arts. He believed that with the martial arts of the Sword Demon and years of training, he would naturally emerge victorious.


Musten took another step towards Rekhtar.

"Today, I will win the duel to ensure that the arrogant guy's sword doesn't reach you."

"Be cautious."

Rekhtar turned his head slowly.

"That boy is strong. Don't underestimate him. Regard him as the most formidable opponent you've ever faced."

"The most formidable opponent...."

Musten bit his lip.

'So he does acknowledge that guy...'

Rekhtar was not one to easily acknowledge others. The thought that this haughty master had praised the young boy over him squeezed his heart. Especially since he wasn't Rekhtar's first choice as a disciple, anger had now risen beyond frustration.

"Watch over me. I will prove that I am the only one who is worthy of being your disciple."

Musten turned, his eyes filled with determination.

Rekhtar watched Musten's back and lowered his head. It seemed like his first disciple had fallen into a big misconception, but at this point, saying anything didn't seem to hold any meaning. He decided to let it be, as it might actually help Musten.


Rekhtar turned his gaze back to the window and let out a heavy breath.

"Today, I'll find out if my thoughts are right or not."

* * *

Before the sun rose to the center of the sky, Raon ascended the dueling grounds. (arena)

Word of the duel had spread, and the area around the dueling grounds was not just filled with supporters from Zieghart but also included members of the Arian family.


"He's here!"

"Raon! Raon! Raon!"

"White Sword Dragon! White Sword Dragon! White Sword Dragon!"

Raon raised his hand in response to the cheers, and on the opposite side, the crowd parted as Sword Demon Rekhtar and his disciple Musten approached with firm strides.

Musten bowed his head to Musten and then ascended the dueling grounds.


"Musten! Musten!"

"The Sword Demon's disciple!"

"The holy one who defeated the Apostle and Floor Master!"

Thanks to the people who bet on Musten because of Rimmer's trick, the cheers for Musten were not so far behind.

Musten ascended with a fierce gaze, as if determining life and death on the line.

"How long I've been waiting for this day, I can't even describe."

"I felt the same."

Raon nodded calmly.

"The nicknames of 'young Sword Demon' and 'White Dragon Sword' were obtained by you by luck. If I had come out before you, those titles would have been attached to me."

"I don't care about them, so you can take them."

Raon shrugged his shoulders. He didn't care about it. He was fine with being called Raon Zieghart, just like before.

"That's the point. I don't like your arrogance."

"It doesn't seem like that at all."

Musten had been shooting a fierce aura similar to this since Raon first saw him. It wasn't just because he was arrogant.

"I'll make you shut that mouth of yours today."

He grabbed his sword and shot a strong glare like fire.

"No one has ever been able to do that."

"Shut up!"

"Your insults are the same too."

Raon smiled wryly and stepped forward. He faced Musten at a distance where their breath could reach each other. 

As the two men took their stances, Borini Kitten, who was the referee, came up to the arena.

"I am Borini Kitten, the referee from Owen Kingdom."

He bowed to Raon and Musten in turn.

"Killing is strictly prohibited. This is a spar, so please treat each other with respect."



Borini Kitten stepped back to the end of the arena after hearing their answers.

"Then, let's begin the duel between Raon Zieghart and Musten!"

He lowered his hand that was pointing to the sky and left the arena.

"Raon Zieghart."

With his sword already drawn, Musten rushed forward, a direct assault from the beginning. He was brimming with feelings of inferiority as he brought down his sword with intense determination, his eyes ablaze.


Raon frowned as he observed the intricacies within Musten's sword strikes. Something was amiss.

'What is this?'

The sword techniques were far more varied than he had expected. They were fast, heavy, powerful, sharp, and constantly changing, infused with fantastical qualities (Illusion). Musten's strikes demonstrated precision and flexibility.

"Why are you running?"

Musten's sword, like a snake chasing its prey, followed Raon's movements closely, coiling and striking relentlessly. Moments ago, Raon had felt the countless diverse aspects of Musten's swordplay.

Raon bent backward, using the force of the strike to guide the tip of Musten's blade away. The uncut hair on his forehead seemed to be split apart, drifting in the air.

With a sudden surge of power in his ankle, Raon pulled back, as though pushing away ice. He opened his eyes wide.

'Could it be the Myrad Swords?' (만검인가) (Mangeom)

The techniques of swordsmanship are as diverse as the number of swordsmen. Most sword techniques are created by combining a few techniques from different martial arts, but those who have learned Myrad Swords are different.

They draw on the techniques they have learned and will learn in the future to constantly develop new sword techniques.

The smell of Myrad Swords emanated from Musten's swordsmanship.

'The Sword Demon's sword was Myrad Swords?'

Glenn Zieghart and Derus Robert were the only ones known to have mastered the Myrad Swords, but it seems that the Sword Demon had also mastered the Myrad Swords.


Raon looked at Musten, who was unleashing a series of sword strikes with his fiery astral energy, and clicked his tongue.

'This guy is just all talk.'

Myrad Swords is a unique swordsmanship that is created by combining many different martial arts, but Musten's sword was not harmonious.

It was not fast enough for a quick sword, not heavy enough for a heavy sword, and not strong enough for a strong sword. He had mixed all sorts of swordsmanship, but none of them were his own, and none of them were harmonious.

'Besides, he's not even looking at me.'

His shoulders were stiff, and his hands were full of strength. He was using uselessly powerful swordsmanship from the beginning, and it seemed that his goal was to show it off to Sword Demon behind him.

'This is a pointless duel.'

Raon's eyes hardened. There was no need to waste any more time on someone who was just getting angry because he wasn't getting attention.

"You won't be able to avoid this!"

Musten charged in like lightning and swung his sword, which had been held back.

He surrounded the space with the shape of a heavy sword so that he couldn't escape, and in the center of the sword, he combined the shapes of a quick sword, a strong sword, and the shapes of a change sword and an illusion sword that bedazzle the eyes.


The body felt heavy, as if the gravity had increased, and the eyes were filled with a swirl of sword light wrapped in red astral energy. It was a sword strike that contained the extreme of splendor.

'Even a peak master level would not be able to properly respond to that flashy and intense swordsmanship. But...'

Raon thought, "Not me." As he walked a path one step ahead of Musten on the road of creating his own unique 'Myrad Swords,' breaking apart Musten's unrefined swordsmanship was a matter of moments.

He decided to teach a lesson to the fool who was walking the same path of Myrad Swords.


Raon stepped on his footwork. As the surging energy started from his legs, it surged throughout his body, narrowing the gap between Musten and himself.


The moment his sword tip was about to touch his skin, he drew Heavenly Drive. The explosive energy of Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation rushed through his mana circuit and emitted a strong red flame from his right hand.

Musten's eyes, which were filled with jealousy, changed. His eyes bulged with surprise, and his mouth opened wide.

'It's too late.'

Even if he had regained his senses at this moment, it would be too late. Raon's attack was already imminent.


The shapes of Heavenly Drive were not as diverse as Musten's, but at this moment, the speed, accuracy, and strength that were most needed were in perfect harmony.

The shapes, which were simple yet perfectly blended, shattered like moonlight and collided with the powerful sword strike that Musten had created.


The shapes that were embedded in Musten's sword disappeared one by one.

Speed disappeared, heaviness broke, and changes and illusions became less frequent. In the place where all the shapes had disappeared, there was only a plain sword.


He put his last strength into his wrist as he swung Heavenly Drive.


The sword that had lost everything broke in half and was embedded in the arena.


He turned Heavenly Drive around and held it to the neck of the terrified Musten. He was unable to react in any way and his lips trembled.

"I kept my promise to show you with results."

Raon lowered Heavenly Drive, looking at Sword Demon behind Musten.

"I would like to request the second duel."


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