TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 412

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 Chapter 412

Raon bit the inside of his cheek. Even though he was under the cold gaze of Sword Demon, he endured it by rotating the ring of fire.

'This person is the real deal' he thought.

It wasn't just his aura or his power. Sword Demon was so powerful that he could create this pressure with his mere presence. The name "Sword Demon" that shook the entire continent was not a lie.


What was that look in his eyes?

Even though Sword Demon was in an overwhelming position in terms of strength, mental power, and everything else, his eyes seemed to flicker slightly like a stone thrown into a lake.

"You have the courage and confidence, White Sword Dragon. That's not a bad thing," Sword Demon said, nodding his head. His eyes were now as still as a rock.

"Good. Let's accept that challenge."

"It's not a challenge." Raon said, shaking his head. "I only wished to see my senior's sword as a junior walking the path of the sword."

"You're so arrogant!" Musten said, glaring at Raon with the fierce eyes of a predator. "Your sword will never touch my master. It'll end right in front of me."

He threw away the courtesy he had been maintaining and gritted his teeth, speaking in a rude tone.

"Well, we won't know until we cross swords, right?" Raon said, smiling faintly as he met Musten's murderous gaze.

"I'm sorry, but I can't let this opportunity go to waste." he thought.

Musten may not have a big reputation yet, but he possesses the strength befitting Sword Demon's disciple. Fighting him might yield more than what he could gain from Sword Demon at this stage.

However, it was clear that even just one exchange of swords with Sword Demon would lead to a much deeper understanding at his current level.

He wasn't ignoring Musten, but he just wanted to take the better opportunity.

"Fine, draw your sword right now. Right...!"

"Stop," As Musten was about to reach for his sword, Sword Demon raised his hand.

"You are still not fully recovered."

He knew that Raon's strength hadn't fully recovered with just one look.

"Two days should suffice, right?"

"Yes," Raon said, nodding his head. Thanks to his improved Sloth trait, he could recover in a day, but he needed time to adapt to his enhanced strength, so he nodded.

"Then, let's meet at noon two days from now." Sword Demon said, turning around and walking back to his quarters.

Musten did not follow Sword Demon, instead locking eyes with Raon and clenching his lips.

"I will never lose to you," he said, his eyes flashing with murderous intent. He turned around and followed Sword Demon, looking like he held a grudge.

Raon narrowed his eyes as he watched Musten.

'Why is he so angry? It's not like I challenged him.'

'I haven't even met him before. Why is he reacting like this?'

Musten had shot him a sharp look from the moment they met, and even now, there was no hiding the malice in his tone.

It's jealousy Wrath said, snorting as he looked at Raon. 

You're not human if you don't even know the emotions of others.

'Jealousy? Why would he be jealous of me?'

Raon couldn't understand why someone in the enviable position of being Sword Demon's disciple would be jealous of him.

Jealousy is one of the ugly instincts that humans possess. The reasons don't matter.

He muttered that it was probably some trivial reason and that he should hurry up and wash up and go eat.

'I see.'

'Jealousy huh…'

It might be true.

Humans often find it challenging to understand their own emotions, and they may not even know why they're feeling a certain way.

'Still, thanks to this, I've gained the opportunity to spar with Sword Demon.'

Raon had just washed his mud-covered hands and face and headed to where the festival was taking place.

Many hours had passed, and people were scattered throughout the festival grounds, enjoying the festivities.

Dorian had set up a long table, and not only the Light Wind members but also Milland, Borini Kitten, Morell, and Trevin were there, raising their glasses and toasting.

:They've all gathered.'

Raon approached with a faint smile.

"Where have you been wandering around like that?"

Rimmer, with a red face from drinking too much, scowled at him.

"You should be here to pour the drinks for you squad leader!"

"Yes, yes."

Ignoring the drunken Rimmer, Raon went to sit beside Milland.

"Commander, I want to thank you for your help."

He nodded and bowed his head, pouring a drink into Milland's empty glass.

"How many times are you going to say that?"

Milland accepted the glass with a shake of his head.

"It's nothing compared to what you've done for Habun Castle."

He smiled, saying that all the warriors and swordsmen who came here from Habun Castle participated voluntarily.

Hearing that everyone had come voluntarily, it was a heartwarming feeling. There was no reluctance, just a pleasant excitement.

Milland seemed to understand that feeling and lightly patted Raon's shoulder.

"Our Owen is the same."

Borini Kitten put down his fork and smiled.

"Without you, Lord Raon, our Owen would have faced the disgrace of convening a Six Kings Assembly and failing to halt Tacheon's attacks. You've rescued both the people and our honor, and it's impossible to adequately repay such a favor."

He bowed his head, saying that he couldn't repay this favor even if he tried his whole life.

"Furthermore, this time, it was a battle against the formidable Eden's Manghongwi, who aimed to conquer the continent. Conversely, I'm grateful for providing me and my knights with a valuable experience."

Borini Kitten suggested not to treat this as a favor, giving Raon a gentle smile.

"Isn't that right, Your Highness?"

"Uh? Oh, right! Of course!"

Third Prince hesitated for a moment as he glanced at Martha, who was drinking, and then replied in a fluster.

"Hey, why have you been glaring at me all this time?"


When Martha got angry, the Third Prince pretended not to see her and quickly turned his head.


As Raon was watching and about to chuckle, Wrath popped out and grabbed him by the collar.

Stop talking! Please stop talking and eat already!

Wrath screamed, saying that there was a table full of food, so why was he only talking?

'What do you want to eat first?'

The blueberry pie right in front of you!

Raon nodded, and Wrath had been screaming about wanting to eat the blueberry pie. He took a bite.


The crispness of the layers of pastry, the sweet and tangy blueberry filling that filled his mouth, and the nutty crunch of the sprinkled almonds decorated the end. One bite was enough to bring satisfaction.

'It's delicious.'

Raon understood why Wrath was so eager to eat this.


Wrath shed chicken-like tears as soon as he finished eating the pie.

'Is it that delicious?'

It's not just about the taste; it's because the King of Essence can't help but think about all the hardships the King of Essence has endured under you, the wicked human!

He patted himself on the back, saying that he was admirable for working hard under the evil human.

Now for the next one! Bring the King of Essence a sandwich with grape jam and roasted mud duck!

Wrath shouted the names of the dishes as if he had been possessed. He laughed and granted all of his requests.


Wrath, who had a full stomach, lay down and smiled with satisfaction.

This is living!

Ignoring Wrath, who had become the living embodiment of gluttony, Raon went to Morell and poured some wine into his empty glass.

"While I may not enjoy everything here, at least the grape wine is excellent."

Morell tasted the wine and found it satisfactory.

"Seems like it suits your taste."

"Well, the wine from the Arian family isn't something you can buy with money."

He raised his gaze with the glass.

"Do you still have no intention of telling me?"

"What do you mean?"

"How did you managed to win over Princess Jaina?"

"Win over? I only made a few promises with her in exchange for his assistance."

Raon shook his head with a faint smile.

"Well, that's not important anyway."

Morell wet his lips with wine.

"Just having that stubborn princess kneel before me and beg was enough."

He had watched Princess Jaina grow up, and this was the first time he had seen her bow so submissively.

"That's good."

Raon laughed. It was only natural for Morell to react that way, as Jaina would not have been able to keep quiet even within the kingdom.

After clinking glasses with Morell, Raon went to the table where the Warring Steel members was gathered and sat down next to Trevin.

"Are you enjoying the festival?"

"Not too bad."

Trevin nodded his head, saying that there was some food and wine worth finding.


He is a person who is honest but also has a lot of affection. He was a person who did not fit in with the direct line members of Zieghart in many ways.

"Thank you for coming."

"I was just bored."

Trevin shook his hand, saying that he came because he had nothing to do.

"Our leader is doing that again."

"He's making a fuss about going to save him right away."

"Let's be honest."

"How long will he keep doing this?"

"Shut up!"

Trevin slammed the table, his face red, at the murmurs of the Warring Steel members.

"There's no need for swordsmen from house Zieghart to speak like that. Don't pay them any mind."

Trevin said so and took a sip of his glass.

Raon watched Trevin, who was drinking heartily, and trembled at the edge of his fingertips.

'Swordsmen from house Zieghart  should not speak like that,' he thought. If someone from the direct members had said such words, he would have likely sneered at them.

However, when Trevin, who came to rescue the Light Wind squad without any compensation, said those words, a great emotion welled up in Raon's chest.

'It's a statement worth remembering.'

As Trevin had said, it was the role of the house to go and rescue the vassals and people without regard for any particular situation or circumstances. If he ever established a family of his own, he wanted to build it with such devotion.

"Thank you."

Raon nodded again to Trevin and the Warring Steel members before taking a seat at the table.


Wrath, who had been sprawled out like laundry over his shoulders, raised his face over his round belly.

Is it time for the second course? The King of Essence can still eat more!

Raon thought, 'Isn't his stomach going to explode?'

What are you talking about! If there is room in my stomach, you might stuff Nadine bread in it! I need to fill it up more!

Raon sighed.

Raon carefully loaded the untouched food onto his plate, despite Wrath's continuous demands.

"But why did you come so late?"

Martha, who was eyeing the Third Prince and taking sips of her drink, asked.

"Well, that's tight. It took a long time when you through the swamp, and taking a shower also took a while."

"Did you sleep?"

Runaan asked if he slept on the street or something, offering a blanket.

"No, it's not that. It's just that I happened to meet with Sword Demon and his disciple."

"Why those people?"

"By chance, we ended up having a duel."

"A duel?"

"What are you talking about all of a sudden?"

Not only the Light Wind members but also the warriors from other factions suddenly stood up and opened their mouths.


Raon briefly explained what had happened at the well.

"A duel with Sword Demon...,"

"Isn't that amazing?"

"Whoa, it's not just any duel, He is the Five Great Swordmasters."

"I'm jealous..."

The people sipped their drinks and began to place bets on who would win the duel.

"Well, no. First, we have to defeat that man's disciple."

"His aura isn't normal."

"Just looking at his eyes, he was a master."

"As Demon Sword's disciple, it's hard to judge by just the stage. He's likely several times stronger."

"But still, I believe Raon will win."

"He didn't aquired the nickname White Sword Dragon by gambling."

Everyone clinked their glasses and started speculating on who would win the duel.


Quietly sipping his drink, Rimmer's pupils sparkled like stars.

"A duel..."

He stood up from the table with his drink in hand.

"I need to prepare as well."

*   *   *

Advance chapters: 

For Indonesian: 

Raon stood up, holding Heavenly Drive that he had laid on the table. He clenched his fist with his right hand and nodded.

'I'm in a good condition.'

Having rested for a day to recover his body and adapted to his current physical and aura state through a day of training, Raon was confident that his physical condition had reached its peak.

Being at your best is a must.

He turned to look at the snickering Wrath. A chubby and bloated marshmallow-like figure was there.

After two days of recovery and nutritional replenishment, he's turned into that shape, eating everything he wanted.

Don't lose to that old man's disciple, and do your best.

'That's what I intend to do.'

Raon needed to become stronger as quickly as possible. His duel with Roman was only a year and a half away. Facing Musten would grant him something, but he wanted to go to a higher place by facing Sword Demon.

Raon put on his combat attire and strapped Heavenly Drive to his waist before leaving his quarters.

The news about the duel had spread, so it seemed like the festival from two days ago was continuing, with food stalls set up, and many people gathering around the arena.

'It's almost like a festival.'

Although it was an unexpected event, but it seemed that the people of the Arian family were getting a little more lively through this duel.

Look, they have grilled chicken skewers over there! Grilled with mud, it's not something you see every day! Let's go eat!

Wrath, who had set his eyes on mud-grilled chicken skewers being sold at a stand to the right, licked his lips.

'I'm going to go fight now…'

You need to fill your stomach properly for a good fight!

'I already had a meal.'

Having a snack was not counts as having a meal!

Raon looked at Wrath in bewilderment and sighed. He couldn't understand why he was getting angrier and hungrier.

The Monarch of Gluttony.

No matter how he thought about it, he felt like he picked the wrong personality. He wanted to meet the person who gave him the title of the Monarch of Wrath.

Let's go quickly!

'Alright, alright.'

Raon pushed Wrath aside and made his way through the stalls, heading toward the center of the castle where the duel was to take place.

"Give me a beer!"

"I'll have some popcorn!"

"Who do you think will win today?"

"Of course, it's our benefactor!"

"But this Musten guy, isn't a joke. His gaze is like that of a beast!"

"He's a disciple of Sword Demon, after all. He must be far superior to his age."

"Still, it's clear it won't be an ordinary fight."

People enjoyed their food and chatted about who would win the duel taking place today.


As he made his way to the dueling arena, he noticed a large platform where an unusually large crowd had gathered.

"I'll bet on our benefactor!"

"Me too! It has to be benefactor!"

"But Musten is no ordinary swordsman. His gaze is like that of a wild beast!"

"Well, if it's Sword Demon’s disciple, he must have been raised properly."

It seemed like gold and silver coins were raining down onto the platform from above. It looked like a gambling arena.

'Of course there would be a gambling den.'

In a duel where the outcome was difficult to predict, it was only natural that there would be gambling. Raon didn't bother with it.

'I wonder if the squad leader is here.'

A fly doesn't pass by dung.


He thought that Rimmer would be here for sure and was about to search for him, but strangely, he couldn't spot him.

'Did he already place his bets and leave?'

It seemed like Rimmer, a notorious gambler, had placed his bet and left. However, as he was about to continue on his way, a familiar voice came from inside the platform.

"Oh, they don't know any better. It wasn't Raon who ended this war; it was me! No one knows the outcome!"

At the sly voice, Raon and Wrath turned their attention back to the platform.

In the place where the owner should be sitting, a red-haired elf was standing, grinning.



Raon and Wrath gaped at Rimmer, who had not only set up a gambling den but was also taking bets.

How far will this elf go?


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