IBRV (Novel) Chapter 92

C 92

"Do you say that while your mother is dying? I really have wasted my life."

"This is what my mother did. Or else, she just disappears."

Erno Etham spoke softly with a smile, probably to avoid provoking Eirin.

He was smiling, but that made it even creepier. The former duchess let out a dejected sigh. Fear could not be read on her face.

"But, Dad."


"Then I'll also get rid of jail."

"Oh, my daughter will be hunted by the Templars. Are you going to destroy the empire then?"

At Erno Etham's words, Eirin pursed her lips.

It was because she instinctively realized that getting rid of the empire was not possible with her current ability.


"Daughter, if you want to kill someone, tell me. There's no need for you to do this."

Eirin pursed her lips at Erno Etham's words. But no sound came out.

The girl fell into a deep depression as if she had been scolded and bowed her head deeply. It was because she realized that this situation was embarrassing.

"I'm sorry."

The golden magic disappeared, and the body

of the former duchess, who had become translucent, returned to its original state.

"Thank you, my daughter."


Eirin replied and stared at the former duchess, then puffed up her cheeks and turned her head.

"Girl, I'm sorry..."



She looked at the girl with a slightly puzzled expression.

It was because Eirin was burying her face in Erno Etham's arms, who was firmly angry.

The former duchess, who had been

contemplating for a long time, abandoned playfulness and levity and opened her mouth again.

"I'm sorry, Eirin. I acted so childishly. Your reaction was cute, so I played a prank that went too far. Erno and you are family enough for me."

Eirin squinted her eyes and looked at the former duchess.

"I did it because I'm the matriarch."


Eirin buried her forehead in Erno Etham's chest and opened her mouth without anyone noticing.

"What the hell did I just do?"

I felt a wave of shame for the actions I couldn't control. I don't know what kind of childish behavior this is all of a sudden.

Eirin's eyes turned red with embarrassment.



"Shall we rest?"

Eirin nodded, and Erno Etham turned around without hesitation.

"Don't come near for a while."

He added a few more words and quickly disappeared with Eirin in his arms.

"Yes, if you're going to pass, you should do it kindly. Why the hell are you so angry as soon as you arrive?! It's fun to make a girl cry!"

"I know I did something wrong, but what do you mean by kindly? Miriel Etham."

"What, what...! What's the matter?!"

"You plan to keep quiet about the fact that your son stupidly stabbed you in the back and took the title of family patriarch from you."

The sore point of the family title made Miriel Etham's mouth shut like a clam.


After the commotion with the former duchess, I ate dinner in my father's arms and even listened to the fairy tale book my father read.

I couldn't sleep, so I pretended to sleep while receiving pats from my father.

Dad thought I was asleep and left, but in reality, I couldn't sleep.

Still, the moment I started counting sheep, as I closed my eyes tightly to try to fall asleep.

"It's been a while, Eirin."

Seeing a man in silver armor suddenly appear under the moonlight streaming through the window, I jumped out of my seat.


"Yes, I heard you were sick... You seem to be fine now."

"... Yes, ah, I'm sorry. I couldn't contact you properly, and I couldn't keep my promise..."

I had several opportunities, but I couldn't even convey the words correctly.

"Richard is beside himself because he hasn't been able to see you."

"... Ah."

Now that I think about it, I said I would write to Richard every day, but I stopped in the middle.

It was a problem because I unexpectedly fell asleep because I was growing.

It wasn't particularly intentional, but when I regained my senses, I got distracted by this and that, so I couldn't even get back in touch.

"Am I so foolish?"

I let out a brief sigh. I don't know how many people I haven't been able to keep my promises properly with.

"Can you keep your promise now?"

"Yes, I'm sorry."

I nodded and quickly wrote something on paper and handed it to him.

It was the name of the village and the name of the monastery to visit. And also the name of Albion's daughter used there.

"... Thank you."

"... Not me... I'm sorry for being late."

I said with an awkward smile. I felt embarrassed by myself. He ruffled my hair with his large hand.

"All right, I heard about your situation."

"How did you make it to the capital?"

"Late, I heard about my family's young nephews."

"... Nephews?"

Did Albion have nephews?

I don't think I've seen anything like that in the novel. Seeing me with a perplexed expression, he smiled slightly.

"My father was a natural noble. My father, who had come to visit, enjoyed a secret meeting with the best maiden in the village. It's a common story and, of course, was abandoned."

"Ah... Which family is she from?"


Ah, did I mishear the name?

Albion leaned against the wall and looked out the window when I raised my head at the unexpected name.


"Yes, my father died a long time ago, and my only half-brother died in an unexpected accident."

That's probably something your nephew did...

"Since I completely cut ties with the family... It's only been a few months since I realized only the children were left."

I felt stunned for a moment by the truth tingling in the back of my head.

"They definitely look alike..."

The color of the eyes and the color of the hair were almost identical. However, I couldn't connect this honest and upright man to Hill Rosement and his split personality.

"Still, I'm glad the children grew up quite well. It seemed like there was nothing I could do to help, so I was thinking of meeting you and going back."

"... Ah."

Albion, who said that, had a very tired expression somewhere.

Hill Rosemont is not the kind of person who needs help.

"What about the orphanage...?"

"The same as always. There are children who have become independent and children who have just joined."

I nodded, and there was silence. He looked at me incomprehensibly for a moment, then straightened his back from the wall.

"But how did you get in here?"

"... How did I get in? Well, I don't know if I got in or if I was allowed in."


"In other words, it means my throat will be cut if I do anything useless."

Albion looked up at the empty ceiling and said.

"I've stayed too long. I'll be going now, take care."

"Is something wrong?"


"When will you leave?"


He replied as he waved the note he had written. I hesitated for a moment and nodded.

Then, in an instant, he jumped out of the window and disappeared.

Watching that, I hugged my knees and thought.

Albion seemed very thoughtful.

The reason was understandable.

Probably, he felt guilty after seeing Hill Rosemont.

He values the children very much and may blame himself for not taking care of them in time.

He had such low self-esteem that it was almost at the level of depression.

"How much guilt must Hill Rosemont have awakened in that person?"

He could have acted as if it were a fun toy.

"Anyway, those two are uncle and nephew..."

I couldn't believe it either. While burying myself in the blanket, I suddenly raised my head.



When I called him softly, someone fell from above and appeared. It was instantaneous.

"He really appeared?"

I was a little surprised.

They said they would escort every move, but it seemed to be true.

I wrote something else on a piece of paper with the pen I had used before and handed it to him.

"If you go to this address, there's a warehouse. From there, can you bring me an egg?"

"... An egg?"


"Okay. Looking at the address, it seems like I'll be back by tomorrow morning."

The man prostrated himself, took the paper from me with both hands, and stood up.

"He didn't really ask anything."

He might disapprove of me being the family matriarch, but it was novel. One of the Terems bowed.

"I'll go and come back."

He disappeared in an instant.

I still couldn't fall asleep, so I tossed and turned for a while, and finally fell asleep as dawn approached.


"Eirin Etham! Can't you tell him to cancel my dismissal immediately?"

"Oops, I don't know!"

Startled by Chronos Etham's voice, I ran into the room and closed the door.

"I don't know! Unemployed uncle. Just stay unemployed!"

I had to shout at him when he was about to go to the temple.

The healing time of Chronos Etham, who had become a handsome unemployed, had just begun.


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