RDM (Novel) Chapter 543

 Chapter 543

The aftermath of the Unmado riverboat massacre was devastating.


So much so, in fact, the Golden Heavenly Hall and the Silver Lotus Hall momentarily halted their strife, proclaiming an investigation into the incident.

This brought peace, albeit temporary, to the shores of Poyang lake, But the depressed public mood remained menacing.

People treated martial artists as if they were non-existent, and some inns outright refused to host them. Such was the rampant hatred against martial artists in the streets.

Of course, they did not outright oppose martial artists, but they expressed their animosity through petty acts of defiance.

The inn where Pyo Wol was staying was no different.

The innkeeper, under the guise of the inn being fully booked, no longer accepted martial artists.

Despite the substantial loss the innkeeper had to bear, there was no hint of regret about his decision.

Fortunately, the innkeeper showed no hostility towards Pyo Wol.

This was because Hong Yushin of the Hao Clan had guaranteed it.

The inn was one of the places linked to the Hao Clan.

Having had a longstanding relationship with the Hao Clan, the innkeeper couldn't refuse Yushin's request.

Thanks to this, Pyo Wol could comfortably stay at the inn.

With the decrease in guests, the inn was significantly quieter.

Pyo Wol sat by the window, gazing at the Poyang Lake.

The number of ships on Poyang Lake had definitely decreased since the Unmado Riverboat massacre.

Except for the fishing boats that had to go out for their livelihood, hardly any were visible.


Pyo Wol took a sip from his tea cup.

His mouth felt refreshed after eating.

Just then...


The inn door opened, and someone walked in.

A man with tightly tied hair came in.

He was a jovial-looking man in his late twenties with a radiant smile, and in his hand, he held a sword with a gently curving blade.

The innkeeper stood in the man's way,

"We don't allow martial artists in our inn. I'm sorry, but please find another place."

"I didn't come here to stay at the inn. I just want to have a brief conversation."


"It will only be for a moment. There won't be any trouble."

The man reassured the innkeeper and entered.

The innkeeper, unable to block his path any further, just watched the man's retreating figure.

After a brief look around the inn, the man walked straight to where Pyo Wol was sitting.


He sat across from Pyo Wol without asking for permission.

"It's been a while."

At the man's voice, Pyo Wol turned his head to look at him.

"Lee Geomhan?"

"Good to see you!"

The man who greeted Pyo Wol with a refreshing smile was none other than Lee Geomhan, the young master of the Mad Martial Sect and the lifelong nemesis of Jang Mugak.

His appearance caused Pyo Wol to show a surprised expression.

His appearance was entirely unexpected.

"Weren't you supposed to have left Lake Poyang?"

"I was planning to, but then my plans changed."

Lee Geomhan casually lifted the teapot in front of Pyo Wol and poured tea into an empty cup.

Pyo Wol watched him in silence.

He chuckled and raised his teacup.

"Sorry! I was just really thirsty."

Despite Pyo Wol's intense gaze, Lee Geomhan drank his tea undisturbed.

His behavior was as if he and Pyo Wol were lifelong friends.


Finally, having finished his tea, Lee Geomhan set down his cup. And opened his mouth.

"I want to apologize first."

"For what exactly?"

"For Seol and her followers to attack your people without cause. It was incredibly rude. She might have done it for my sake, but I never wanted anything like that."

"Why are you apologizing for her actions?"

"It's my woman's wrongdoing, so I think it's only right that I apologize. I hope you accept my apology."

Lee Geomhan's demeanour was very polite, yet dignified.

Pyo Wol thought this demeanor suited Lee Geomhan quite well.

"I accept your apology. But it doesn't seem like you're here just to apologize."

"Always quick on the uptake."

Lee Geomhan nodded as if he expected Pyo Wol to catch on quickly.

"What's going on?"

"I came to give you a notice."


"I intend to take over the Silver Lotus Hall from now on."

"Why do you want to inform me of that?”

"Because you have many acquaintances in the Silver Lotus Hall."

"So by informing me in advance, you're trying to prevent me from intervening."

"Exactly. You grasp things quickly. It's nice not to have to explain everything in detail.

"Why do you want to take over the Silver Lotus Hall now? You've been watching it all this time."

"That's why I'm telling you now, I've watched enough.


Perhaps his throat was dry, Lee Geomhan poured tea into his cup again.

Pyo Wol watched his actions silently.

Having wet his throat with tea, Lee Geomhan resumed his conversation.

"Answer me honestly, do you think that the Silver Lotus Hall can defeat the Golden Heavenly Hall with its current strength?"


"You can't answer, can you? I wanted to refrain from interfering as long as possible, but the current method is by no means a match for the Golden Heavenly Hall. . Above all, the gap between the two leaders is too different."

"Are you referring to Yong Ha-sang?"

The current leader of Silver Lotus Hall was Yong Ha-sang, the Little Tyrant Dragon of Dragon Mountain Manor.

Yong Ha-sang had a very combative nature.

Instead of meticulously planning and advancing, he would rather move his forces spontaneously according to the situation.

Because of that, the damage to Silver Lotus Hall was increasing exponentially.

Namgung Wol and Jo Seolpung tried to put the brakes on Yong Ha-sang's unilateral actions, but it wasn’t enough.

"If he continues like this, the Silver Lotus Hall will soon fall."

"Do you think things will be different if you become the master of the hall?

"They would be."

"How so?"

"You'll see when the time comes."

Lee Geomhan replied with a confident look.


"Why the sour face?"

"I hate that phrase, 'you'll see when the time comes'."

"Is that so? But I can't help it. I haven't shown you anything yet."

"I wish you success."

"I'll take that as you won't interfere."

"Think as you like."

"I know you're going to refuse, but I'd like to ask one last time."

"I'll say no in advance."

"Do you know what I'm going to say?"

"It's obvious. You'll ask me to join or assist you."

"Just as I thought...."

Lee Geomhan couldn't hide his admiration for Pyo Wol's nonchalant reply.

Even though his words seemed casual, there was substance in Pyo Wol's statements. He understood Lee Geomhan thoroughly.

People with such keen senses and quick-thinking were rare in the Kangho. That's why it felt even more regrettable.

If only Pyo Wol would join him, navigating through this turbulent era wouldn't seem so challenging.

However, Lee Geomhan cleanly cut off any lingering attachments.

From the start, Pyo Wol was not someone who suited his temperament or would serve under anyone else.

Even if he was under his command, it was certain that he wouldn't be able to control him properly.

Moreover, they already had a history of conflict.

Back then, he thought he had the upper hand, but now, he couldn't be sure of the outcome if they clashed again.

Turning Pyo Wol into an enemy was not an option, at least for now. That's why he had sought him out personally.

To hear from Pyo Wol himself that he would not interfere.

With his last attachment shed, Lee Geomhan stood up from his seat.

"I should be going. We'll meet again in the future."

With a bow, Lee Geomhan left the inn.

He could feel Pyo Wol's cold gaze on his back, but Lee Geomhan didn't look back.

Outside, he saw Namgung Seol and the martial artists of Snow Flower Swords who were waiting.

The Snow Flower Swords seemed ready to storm into the inn at any moment.

Lee Geomhan looked at them with a cool gaze.

He knew well that they were loyal to his lover, Namgung Seol, but to his eyes, they seemed pitiful.

Lee Geomhan turned his gaze towards Namgung Seol. Then, in a soft voice, she spoke.

"Did you meet him?"


"How was it?"

"Everything went well."

"Is he still inside?"

"What are you thinking?"

"He's too dangerous."

"And so?"

"We need to eliminate him now."

A fierce killing intent was evident in Namgung Seol's eyes.

Lee Geomhan let out a sigh.

"Phew! I just negotiated with him, and now you're suggesting we attack?"

"He has won over the Assassin Guilds."


"Don't you understand what that means? It means that all the assassins in the Assassins' Guild are under his command. Can't you see how much of a threat that is?"

"I'm well aware."

"Lee Geomhan!"

Namgung Seol raised her voice, but there was no change in Lee Geomhan's expression.

He spoke calmly.

"We already failed once."

"But it's different now. He's alone. There's a good chance we can succeed. If you don't want to help, just stay out of it. I won't tarnish your reputation.

"That's not the point."

"Then what is?"

"I mean that you will fail again."

"But it's different this time!"

"It's no different. If you go in there now, you'll die."

"Lee Geomhan!"

"He is not the same man he was before. Even I am not sure I can subdue him now. That's why I negotiated with him. Do you understand?"

"So... is he that powerful?"

Namgung Seol looked at Lee Geom-han with disbelief.

Lee Geomhan nodded with a firm expression.

"I've seen it with my own eyes."

"How could that be..."

"As the saying goes, 'Three days apart changes a man enough to warrant a second look'. Pyo Wol is such a man. Don't rashly provoke him and invite trouble."


Namgung Seol let out an unconscious ‘Hmm’, revealing her shock.

She had never seen Lee Geomhan hold his opponent in such high regard, not even Jang Mugak, whom everyone else regarded as his nemesis.

"So are you suggesting we just leave him be? Even if he might come back to haunt us someday?"

"That's a problem for another day. Right now, our focus should be on acquiring the Silver Lotus Hall."

"Have you decided?"

Namgung Seol's eyes lit up at his words.

She had relentlessly insisted Lee Geom-han should secure control over the Silver Lotus Hall, but every time, he had replied that the time wasn't right. But now, for the first time, he agreed with her suggestion.

"It's time to start."

"How should we proceed? Should I take the lead and stir things up?"

"No need for that."


"Overthinking such things only backfires. It's better to face it head on.

"A frontal breakthrough? Are you serious?"

"When have you ever seen me bluff? I mean it."


"Do you trust me?"

"Of course."

"Then, trust me all the way and follow me. I will show you. My real power."


Namgung Seol nodded. Lee Geomhan was a man who did not move easily, but when he did, he created a storm

She fell in love with that aspect of him and decided to live for him.

As the storm named Lee Geom-han prepared to surge again, there was only one thing she could do.

Just quietly follow him.

Lee Geomhan would take care of the rest.

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