Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 63



Obsession and joy close to madness.

Shirone felt chills.

Everyone had forgotten about sleeping for several days. They were all immersed in their work.

When calculated, their average time spent asleep daily seemed to be only about an hour and 40 minutes.

Even on days Shirone would study real hard, the amount of workload did not compare.

Strangely, however, he did not feel as tired as before. It was as if his pain had been numbed.

'Normally, they forget work and act all lazy, but when they actually decide to set their mind on something, they get really hung up on it almost to the point that it's scary.'

“Nade, are you tired right now?”

“Nope, not at all. Actually, am I? I don't know. I'm still up, so I guess not.”

“Me too. Yiruki is working too, so let's make a script first. We have to decide what to write on the poster as well. It will take time to make and design these tiny things.”

“Oh, should we? Then let's put up the poster first tomorrow.”

“Would that be okay though? We are not even at the stage of predicting the workload yet.”

“We'll have to take the risk. It's better to announce things as soon as possible. I don't want to make it obvious that we're trying to hurry things up. Since we're fighting a psychological war, shouldn't we take this into account?”

“You're right. Then I'll make whatever we have to write on the poster, you think about the design.”

The two laid paper on the table and started making their poster.

It was late at night, but their minds were still clear.



The next day.

Towards the end of lunch time, a poster for a presentation of the Supernatural Psychic Science Research Group was posted on the notice board.

Most of the students were puzzled.

Even the name of the research group was unfamiliar to them because the group had not engaged in official activities. 

In particular, the poster was so absurd it made them laugh.

In the poster was a picture of the magic academy that was altered so that it looked dark and gloomy. It looked like a circus poster.


Supernatural Psychic Science Research Group's Surprise Presentation!

Shocking revelation! Those who wish to know of the secrets of the soul, gather at the 7th Lecture Hall.

“Psychic Science? What is that? Are they talking about stuff like ghosts?”

“I guess they really have nothing to do. Who the heck are these stupid kids in this research group?”

A girl pointed to the bottom of the poster.

“Hey guys, look at this.”

The students who confirmed the list of members of the Supernatural Psychic Science Research Group were shocked to the core.

“It's our upperclassman, Shirone! How did this happen?! Is there someone with the same name in the academy?!”

“As if. It's really our upperclassman Shirone. There's also our other upperclassmen Yiruki and Nade.”

“But that's it? Just three? Are they doing this for the performance evaluation? Even so, this is too much.”

While one half of the students were still in a doubt, the other half simply found it funny.

“When is the presentation? Should we give it a go?”

“Because it's Senior Shirone, I'm curious.. Are they really going to reveal the secrets of the soul?”

“Kekeke! We'll know when we get there. Anyway, it sounds fun.”

Either way, the students didn't take it seriously. To them, it was like going to a theatrical performance rather than an academic performance.

On the other hand, those working in the dark, similar to the Supernatural Psychic Science Research Group, viewed the situation seriously.

They gathered away from the public eyes and whispered.


– How did this happen? A presentation from the 'Supernatural Psychic Science Research Group?'

– According to our spy, it seems that Ms. Siena and they were at odds with each other. They must be going toe-to-toe with each other, but can they really do anything? They're not the previous Super Psychic Group that we knew of. The glory days are over.

– We can't be certain. Yiruki is a savant and Nade's skills shouldn't be taken lightly, either. Shirone, the new member, was also the reason Black Magician disbanded. I don't think it's gonna end this easily.

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