Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 62


Shirone explained by drawing on a piece of paper.

When no replies returned after hearing what he had to say, Shirone lost his confidence and hurriedly added.

“Other than this method, various traps can be installed as well. For example, if you use keywords…”

Yiruki shook his head.

“No, it'll be fine. It's not only good, but those are necessary elements.”

Nade agreed.

“Yeah. This is quite subtle. You're using the presentation as a tool.”

As the structure was established, the three began to plan detailed operations.

“The only problem is this. How do we present a ghost?”

The technical part was up to Nade.

He rose from the sofa and cast Lightning Shadow which created another Nade made up of electricity.

“We can make a ghost shape like this. But no one will be deceived by an unmoving ghost. That is the part I'm worried about.”

Yiruki nodded.

“We can think from there. How can we make the afterimage move?”

“This is what came to mind right now. Quickly linking together Lightning Shadow…”

As Nade moved, the afterimage was taken in each frame of Nade's movement, giving the impression of walking.

“I see. So you're saying we can use optical illusion to make it look real.”

“Right. However, magic has its limits. Moreover, I can't increase the number of individuals at my level.”

Shirone asked.

“What if we were to use a mechanical device?”

“Easier said than done. Even if we do make a device, there is a mountain pile of stuff to consider. The biggest problem is, what if people aren't fooled even after we implemented the movements? If we really want to make them believe, we need it to be responsive to external stimuli.”

Yiruki racked his brain for a while and said.

“How about… Predicting people's reactions ahead of time?”

“Predicting their reaction?”

“We will adopt the Complex System Theory. We analyze the public's behavioral patterns and program them. It's a way to create the illusion that we're actually getting feedback. Problem is that's it's a huge amount of information. We need a medium and control system to deliver the information.”

“Hmm. Transmitting information. There certainly are limits to my electric ability. Then… Ah!”

Nade turned to Shirone.

“Photon Output! We have Shirone's photon output!”

“Aha! With photon output…”

Shirone thought there was a possibility. It was a magic he learned to take the Targeting exam, but in the magic society, the research on transmitting information through photon output was in full swing.

“Now it's sorted then. Nade will create a hologram device. I will make the program that will go into the device, and it will be Shirone's photon output that will send my program to the device. It probably requires a huge output, can you do it?”

“I have to. It's a one in a million opportunity.”

They finally saw a ray of light in the darkness. Nade was thrilled just to have hope for something he thought was impossible.

“We can do it. We can protect our research group. Of course, assuming there will be no accidents.”

“The academy will be in a fuss if we succeed, right?”

“More than that, actually. I think the academy will be in an uproar. I'll bet my money on that. Besides, I think it'll be so much fun. Kekeke. I'm already looking forward to the teachers' reactions.”

Yiruki and Nade turned to look at each other and gave an evil smirk. With the existence of the Supernatural Psychic Science Research Group on the line, an unprecedented event in the history of the magic academy was occur.

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