Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 64


However, even Class 2 upperclassmen were only supporting roles compared to the man who just joined the line.

A beautiful man dressed up in ready-made clothes with hair neatly pulled back stood there, smiling.

He was Fermi Ardino of Class 1.

Once more people noticed he was there, the sound of talking diminished.

Sharelle also whispered with a serious look.

“It's understandable that we are here, but isn't it strange that people from Class 2, not to mention Fermi, are attending?”

“They're not here because of Shirone. What do you think the upperclassmen who just arrived have in common?”

“Hmm, I don't know, hard to get close to?”

“Exactly. Those guys… They're probably members of groups that work in the shadows. Similar to Black Magician. Though they are on a whole 'nother level compared to them.”

“Ah, that's right. I heard the research group that Shirone joined is quite notorious. However, I really didn't expect Fermi to come. I don't know about the others, but I know he's really popular. He's even kind.”

“I find that even worse. I feel like he's always up to something. Anyways, let's just ignore them. There's no such thing as upperclassmen or lowerclassmen in the Advanced class.”

The 30 students in the Advanced Class were all equal competitors.

Each year, 10 Advanced Class students would graduate, and classes were organized according to exam scores. Therefore, the current classmates were those who did not make the top 10 in last year's graduation exam.

The reason why they couldn't just be regarded as failed-to-pass students was because they were at the top of the pyramid. The higher one went up the pyramid, the smaller the difference in skill. If you were a Class 1 student, there was little to no difference in terms of skill to categorize who was more superior or inferior. 

In addition to basic skills, there were numerous variables such as their condition on that particular day, the existence or nonexistence of strategy, compatibility, concentration, choice, etc. That was what determined who got to graduate.

The students were absolutely shocked that the Rank 1 of the magic academy had come to watch a Class 5 presentation.

As word of Fermi's appearance started to spread, by the time the presentation was about to start, there were more students than there were seats.

Finally, the door to the lecture hall opened and the students rushed in.

The first row was for the instructors, while the students filled up the seats in the order they came in.

Amy had arrived early, so she got to sit close to the stage next to Sharelle.

“What in the world are they going to show us for it to be this big of a deal.”

No matter how hard she thought about it, it was strange for it to cause this ruckus.

Not only were there outstanding talents from the Advanced class, but also the number one…

'This isn't a simple presentation.'

In the midst of the tense atmosphere, Amy waited for Shirone to come out.

The lights in the hall went out.

A single spotlight descended into the dark room

The spotlight moved across the stage holding everyone's attention. It captured the boy standing in the center, then returned.

“Good evening, everyone. Thank you for coming to watch the presentation presented by the Supernatural Psychic Science Research Group. I am Nade, the president of the research group. Today, we would like to demonstrate the subject of the soul. Let's begin the presentation.”

The spotlight went out and the sound of applause died down.

The stage brightened like the beginning of dawn, and the scenery of a gloomy mountain began to show itself against the curtain behind the stage.

“The children have prepared a lot.”

Alpheas smiled contentedly.

There was only one reason why he visited. He was too curious to miss out on this event.

On the other hand, Siena was not too impressed.

It was a nice strategy to use a hologram device, but if the substance of the presentation itself was poor in quality, everything was in vain.

Nade spoke at the edge of the stage.

“520 years ago at this exact location, before the Alpheas Magic Academy was established, there was a small Hwajeonmin Village. It was a period when people who lost their country to a devastating war of conquest wandered aimlessly. Today, we would like to tell you the story of a woman who came here to this Hwajeonmin Village to escape the war.”

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