Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 61


Nade encouraged Shirone.

“Try it, try it. From what I heard, it's like projecting a body image while in a state of having no self. After that…”

“I know what it is. Give me a minute. Let me concentrate.”

Shirone closed his eyes and felt the sensation of his body while his friends kept their mouths shut.

'No self right before entering the Spirit Zone… Then awaken the entire body's senses with insight while projecting the body image!'

“Eeuk… Eeeeuukk! Oh no… It's getting harder!”

Yiruki tried to hold back his laughter and said.

“You simpleton, you think it'll actually work? The Spirit Zone and Schema are polar opposites.”


Nade couldn't hold back his laughter.

Shirone looked back with lasers coming out from his eyes.

“You-! Fine, I'm not doing this! Switch!”

Eventually, the three decided to take turns carrying Siena on their back.

However, Nade didn't last half the distance of Shirone's while Yiruki couldn't even take over ten steps.

Very soon, it was back to Shirone's turn. He carried Siena on his back with trembling arms and gave them a ridiculous look.

“Hey, don't we look so pathetic right now?”

“Shirone. It's rude to say something that you should just store inside your brain. No need to lower our self-esteem more than you need to.”

At the end of Nade's words, the three all shut up.

By the time they neared the academy, Shirone suddenly spoke.

“Hey, why don't we… Just stop doing that.”

“What do you mean by 'that?' What are you talking about?”

“You know, the deal with Ms. Siena about what happened today.”


To be honest, Nade also had a guilty conscience. However, it wasn't like they could just give up. Their research group was at stake.

“But there's no other particular way. Did you come up with a plan to protect the research group?”

“No, but this is a whole different thing. Today… must have been a very sad day for Ms. Siena. I don't know the details, but I feel that it is.”

After seeing things from their teacher's point-of-view, their expressions became solemn.

Saying your farewells to a precious loved one who sacrificed their eyes for you wouldn't just end with a bottle of alcohol.

“Yeah, I know. I really do. But for me, the research group is important. I don't know about you guys, but I inherited this position directly from the former president. The fact that the research group is getting disbanded because of me…”

Yiruki also agreed.

“I understand your position. The decision is yours. We are only members.”

Nade sighed.

“I wouldn't be like this if it were anything else. Quite frankly, Ms. Siena is a hard type to deal with. She doesn't have any weaknesses. She has a tough personality, she's meticulous with student management. She's even telling Shirone to leave since she's worried about Overflow. We have to play a little dirty to win against someone so guarded on all sides.”

'These little rascals…'

Siena, who was listening while hanging on Shirone's back, choked up.

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